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Engineering Hindustan ( *******www.engineeringhindustan**** ) is a 35-year old company specialising in the manufacture, and export of electromagnetic clutches & brakes (wet, toothed, multi-disc), stationary field, dry type, machinery spares, friction materials and telescopic brushes. Our product range includes ac/dc brakes, mechanical clutches & brakes, hydraulic clutches & brakes, clutch plates, machinery parts, friction products, roll brake linings etc. Simply put, we are one of the biggest name in manufacture of motion control equipment.
5 Aug 2011
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This is a video shows a few picture of Hubble space telescope, the one that change our vision to the universe.Thanks for watching.
19 Sep 2011
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18 Mar 2012
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The Hubble telescope introduces us to our first ever watery exoplanet! Google is stealing your private information! Netflix is cutting prices! Watch this week's Geekbuzz for excitement, adventure, and news of the discovery of our first super-hot waterworld.
27 Mar 2012
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Greetings dear brothers and sisters, wELl, here is a video that reveals that Jesus Christ is the way to GOD the father in heaven, for i know there are some of you that are unsure, and are in need of proof of Jesus. I will therefore reveal unto you the creations of he that endureth forever. Upon the moon he has left his signs for you to see, and yes indeed i shall tELl you that he signs his works with his initials, J.C, in a form that is akin to hieroglyphics, picture writing, medounetcher, GODs words. Aristarchus through my tELescope seems to be a pyramid type structure, appearing as the brightest crater on the moon, apparently so bright and shiny because of the light of the sun reflected upon one side of it, or maybe it is the material located there that is of a whitish colour that is highly reflective, whilst the other side is darker, a golden yELlow colour that shows a head, hair and a face in side profile, and bELow an arm, from the shoulder down to the ELbow that bends up and around, to an hand near the face, this side produces the (J) whilst the other side of the pyramid, the shiny side, is the (C). When the image is rotated as shown in the video, you will see the square shape of it, and understand why i say it seems to be, a pyramid forming a depiction that declares the initials of JC. The latter part of the video shows three pyramids in a row, at another location on the moon, the largest one has an eye in front of it, the middle one is a shoulder, and the smallest is an hand, JC sat there between the line, his lower body bELow the line in side profile in a sitting position. A sphinx is seen with the face of a man at the base of another larger depicted pyramid that encompasses the whole of the area of the photograph, within it a face can be seen, the eye of which is within the loop of the J. Open thine eyes and see, creation is clearly in front of thee. A letter J is the nostril of the nose and at the other end of the line a C. The words of GOD are depictive. Pi = 3.infinity, and when written resembles JC.
8 Nov 2012
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9 May 2013
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Celestron has been in business for over 40 years, making telescopes. They're now promoting the new TV show "Cosmos" on Fox, with telescopes such as the Cosmos 90GT Wifi telescope. *******www.celestron****/
21 Jan 2014
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The 73' Hydrascope Telescopic Crane will have it's own bespoke, computer controlled tracking vehicle and continues all the design principles it's smaller counterparts have established.
26 Oct 2016
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The 73' Hydrascope Telescopic Crane will have it's own bespoke, computer controlled tracking vehicle and continues all the design principles it's smaller counterparts have established.
26 Oct 2016
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Turn an ordinary webcam into a telescopic spy device for about $40.
28 Oct 2016
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The best telescope you ever seen Please See my YouTube channel (( live Polarex ))
18 Apr 2017
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Pictures from Hubble
3 Dec 2006
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Scientists discovers new objects clearly in space.
12 Apr 2008
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12 Jan 2009
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I am wondering how I use this and I know that there are quite a bit of people who might know how to use correctly and I'm also wondering is the thing really a refractor or reflector because I saw a reflection but no refraction. Will anyone help me because I would like to know how to use it as soon as possible
28 Dec 2009
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Hubble Uzay Teleskobu atmosferin dışına yerleştirilmiş bir robot teleskoptur. Deniz düzeyinden 593 kilometre yukarda dairesel bir yörünge çizer. Yörüngesel dönüşü 96-97 dakika sürüp, hızı saatte 28 000 km.dir. Edwin Hubble’ın anısına adlandırılan teleskop, NASA ve ESA’nın ortak projesi olarak 24 Nisan 1990 da yörüngesine oturtulmuştur. Silindir biçimindeki Hubble 11 ton çekmektedir. Uzunluğu 13.2 m olup, maksimum çapı 4.2 metredir. Teleskop 0.1 saniyelik açıda yüksek çözünürlükte resimler elde etmektedir.
5 Apr 2010
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