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Classic Game Room reviews GYRUSS for the Nintendo Entertainment System from 1988 published by the Ultra label of Konami! Originally released in 1983 for the arcades, Gyruss is an amazing space ship shooter that is completely different from the modern SHMUP genre that we know today. You don't fly your bottom heavy, tubby spaceship horizontally or vertically, you fly in circles! This release of Gyruss is really slick with polished 8-bit visuals and that 80's NES Konami sound. This CGR review of Gyruss on Nintendo Entertainment System has gameplay from the NES version of Gyruss on the Ultra label game cartridge for N.E.S. Nintendo Entertainment System. Watch Gyruss game play against enemies and end boss battles!
28 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews WEB WARS for Vectrex from 1983 by GCE. Web Wars is a game that has some elements in common with Temptest and Gyruss. Sharp and smooth vector graphics transport the player into the Web of Fantasy to fight the Cosmic Dragon and collect creatures for a trophy room. This CGR review of Web Wars for Vectrex has gameplay from the Web Wars cartridge showing the overlay and vector based graphics in action. Web Wars game play is fast and intense as you pilot the Hawk through the Web of Fantasy and shoot enemies while also capturing creatures with a capture rod.
31 Jul 2012
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Freerunning competition
26 Dec 2012
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anonymous communicate
21 Feb 2017
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WW2 footage - Tunisia - Allied air raid 88mm guns,FW190s in action Part of German Newsreel from 6th of February 1943 a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 cold hot iraq iran israel hezbollah idf jew arab food war angelina best trick world memento techniques piano wrote song ever speech during show match score game past future present time star trek relax relaxing soothing calming vs more want wrong right left forward backward now katrina disaster stargate emmy animal awards microphone mic speaker award ambience mortal immortal skin power lower higher low high dense shallow brass eye jam day today shower cloud rain thunder lightening snow sleet slide ice blizzard nyc new york boat sea ocean weather wand cast magick wicca love hate insane jihad happy angry poker upgrade AMD intel korean break dancing video pop locking howard stern family guy and extra, commercial, family guy, south park, simpsons, youtube demon threat emo diy ethics afi sound music video mtv dead rabbit bugs bunny chair crazy desc description diablo date prank accident cruel fall death animal horse island survivior trailer movie tom and jerry drake josh spanish brazil bus uncle argentina bob burnquist tony hawk captain crunch macdonalds mcdonalds spam xbox 360 wii weird guitars drums drum solo bass band punk sex joke beach waves surfing skating ice matt stone trey parker worst video yt unique enigma jay leno dell computers easy because macaroni and cheese black people famous watermelon chicken search most viewed only real game play also snowboarding mountain fatal plane die crash fire explode explosion gun weapon m16 m4 assault rifle carbine machine processor created driving wreck wallride kickflip project physics realistic flip trucks truck punch fights ps3 playstation three threesome naked intercourse woman show tv live news mistake short movie tribute monty python jesus allah religion religious psychic uri geller acorah white color ghost ufo fade supernatural paranormal enter exit fight braindance historic rare care hypnotic astral ben mike peter samuel snakes lakes open close master slave first last final recent new old blue yellow red pink orange bam margera grenade pokemon smosh naruto simpsons groening kicker nike promotion short mad angry wrestling pro tv andy milonakis fallujah iraq looney toons tex machina coca cola greenday green day myspace movie markleung napoleon dynamite college uncle rico kip eggtea tag pop paris tasha nigger neversoft project 8 rail hippo shoes theater seet airplane 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 oops cops arrest nintendo revolution dANCE EVOLUTION funeral cocky chinks dell boarder stroodles imps axe d&d dungeons dragons bush president tool music video erols shot team griffin chris all american rejects nirvana slayer guns n roses maddox japan pearl jam nofx anti flag less jake sponsered blunt gg allin fuck yeah fantastic fracture arm leg nose skull brain brains good charlotte hurly punk fake smart wow world of warcraft underground band pantera danzig misfits dk baked potatoes boogles elvis presley rock metal speed thrash suicidal poopie cake licking contest tendencies gorillaz alice cooper linkin park john mayer jimmy eat world foo fighters beck aqua korn bad religion a.f.i. cypress hill x-japan cradle of filth david grey smashing pumpkins icp deftones weird al yankovich harry potter sequel steven parks drop episode xxx fetish unbelievable faces of death hockey mike jones pirate newegg limewire willy wonka mario ds metroid zero resident guy evil god win lose sport galloway labour tory conservative liberal BNP UKIP green party independant soccer wolrd world cup insane clown posse ICP parody recut lion king disney aladdin beautiful girls sleep lick looney lezbians pussy cat home familyguy bikes motorcycle crashes rolls dies guy spyder paintball blood tippman iron maiden judas priest maple story tree hippy runescape runeword kal silkroad online answers rock n roll george bush beatles great wall of china danny way daniel dog cat kitten spider bite poison legs beer alcohol wine comedian joke nick ryan sheckler worldcup world steve irwin death footage barb stingray diving coast reef port stab sting cup frog legs advertisement foot washington crease comic rejected comics cartoon funny hillarious myspace aim whore bdsm tags funny cool amazing the access bill clinton phonecam azn asian beatbox beatboxing cunt beat box boxing diddy TV spice hugo chavez ass marco tempest lynx pk actroid fembot powers alanis numa torture amazing caught tape fresh blog fake plastic alien area 51 ufo x files mulder scully skinner cigarette smoking man chain cancer disease fit UK England Great Britain polka pollka horrorfest ending naruto clip kissing tongue swap cigar lol OMG LOLZ Teh Meh ROFL ROFFL IMO science urban
19 Feb 2007
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A tempest of siblings, business and fame engulf Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner and paparazzi fave Kim Kardashian as their huge Hollywood families collide. Premieres Oct. 14 at 10:30 p.m.
10 Oct 2007
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Check out this clip from the premiere of Keeping up With The Kardashians! A tempest of siblings, business and fame engulf Olympic decathlete Bruce Jenner and paparazzi fave Kim Kardashian as their huge Hollywood families collide. New episodes Sundays at 10:30 p.m on E!
15 Oct 2007
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Tempest Keep: The Eye
12 Nov 2007
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Hi guys!!! So I present you my first video on Metacafe. It's an improvisation of piano I make today. I call this song "After the Storm" because I make it after a big tempest in my little town. So, put up the volume and listen! PS: Sorry for my english, I'm french :) If I make some mistake, please tell to me!
28 Oct 2008
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Paul Duffield, a UK anime artist who is known for his work in Manga Shakespears (The Tempest) visited SMK Taman Connaught on 24th January 2008. He gave a talk on Manga Shakespears and introduced his work of art to us. All thanks to British Council Malaysia for bringing him to our doorstep.
22 Apr 2008
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Author Zane Grey was the inspiration for over one hundred Western Films and Mark of the Avenger is one of the best films based from Grey’s novels. It’s unusual in that the hero, played by the rugged Douglas Dumbrille, is no goodie-two-shoes but a man with a checkered past who has turned to crime. An outlaw from his home town where he’s wanted for a murder he didn’t commit, Dumbrille sneaks back in to town to see his daughter, who he discovers is hopelessly caught up in the sinister plots of bad men. What follows is a whirlwind of gun slinging action as Dumbrille makes to straighten everything out by any means necessary. Mark of the Avenger is a tempest of classic Western mayhem.
28 Apr 2008
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Space Bugs - Google Android Game - By TaykrOn Game SpaceBugs is a shoot'em up with perspective on you move 2 ships at the same time. The game with a OLD School gfx is a mix of Gyrus/Tempest and Xenon 2/Tyrian 2000. FEATURES: - 8 Final Bosses - 8 Planets and over 50 levels - 4 Gameplay modes : History, Evolution, Survival and Boss Mode - LevelUps System in Evolution Mode. - Move Two Ships at the same time with an intuitive control - More than 5 hours of gameplay - Buy/Shell items and weapons and improve your ship - Submit your records online! Visit the link for more information: *******www.taykron****/games/mobile/spacebugs/spacebugs.html
15 Apr 2008
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SpaceBugs is an Android SO Game shoot'em up with perspective on you move 2 ships at the same time. The game with a OLD School gfx is a mix of Gyrus/Tempest and Xenon 2/Tyrian 2000.
17 May 2008
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for details! Here is my review of and EXCLUSIVE bonus offer for The Age of Conan Ultimate Leveling Guide. This age of Conan Walkthrough will guide you how to level from 1 to 80 much quicker than any other power leveling guide on the market. Also included is: assassin class guide Barbarian Class Guide Bear Shaman Class Guide Conqueror Class Guide Dark Templar Class Guide Demonologist Class Guide Guardian Class Guide Herald of Xolti Class Guide Necromancer Class Guide Priest of Mitra Class Guide Ranger Class Guide Tempest of Set Class Guide
6 Jul 2008
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*******www.pcmech****/giveaway/ This is the computer case that I will be giving away. It is the Nzxt Tempest Steel Midtower. For details on how to win this case, visit: *******www.pcmech****/giveaway/
17 Sep 2008
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In his Four Letters addressed to the Jewish people, Julian recognized their dire situation and appealed to them to join him in his campaign. That's a vast difference from the Persian ruler Cyrus, who had only allowed the Jews to rebuild the Temple; Julian virtually ordered them to do so, and perhaps, upset by their initial hesitation, appointed Alypius, a pagan native of Antioch and his best friend, to supervise the work. The news was, no sooner spread abroad than contributions came in from all hands. The Jewish women stripped themselves of their most costly ornaments to contribute towards the expense of the building. The emperor also, who was no less impatient to see it finished, in order to encourage them in the undertaking, told them he had found in their mysterious sacred books that this was the time in which they were to return to their country, and that their temple and legal observances were to be restored. He gave orders to his treasurers to furnish money and every thing necessary for the building, which would require immense sums: he drew together the most able workmen from all quarters, and appointed for overseers persons of the highest rank, placing at their head his intimate friend Alypius, who had formerly been Pro-prefect of Britain; charging him to make them labour in this great work without ceasing, and to spare no expense. The Jews were doubtless divided between those who believed that Julian was a saviour and those who remembered Rabbi Simon Ben Eliezer's warning against the youthful enthusiasm of the second generation after the Bar Kochba disaster: If children tell you: Go, build the Temple - do not listen to them. All things were In readiness, workmen were assembled from all quarters; stone, brick, timber, and other materials, in immense quantities, were laid in. The Jews of both sexes and of all degrees bore a share in the labour; the very women helping to dig the ground and carry out the rubbish in their aprons and skirts of their gowns. It its even said that the Jews appointed some pickaxes, spades, and baskets to be made of silver for the honour of the work. But the good bishop St. Cyril, lately returned from exile, beheld all these mighty preparations without any concern, relying on the infallible truth of the scripture prophecies: as, that the desolation of the Jewish temple should last till the end; and that one stone should not be left on another; And being full of the spirit of God, Cyril foretold, with the greatest confidence, that the Jews, so far from being able to rebuild their ruined temple, would be the instruments whereby that prophecy of Christ would be still more fully accomplished than it had been hitherto, and that they would not be able to put one stone upon another, and the event justified the prediction. Till then the foundations and some ruins of the walls of the temple subsisted, as appears from St. Cyril: and Eusebius says, the inhabitants still carried away the stones for their private buildings. These ruins the Jews first demolished with their own hands, thus concurring to the accomplishment of our Saviour's prediction. Then they began to dig the new foundation, in which work many thousands were employed. But what they had thrown up in the day was, by repeated earthquakes, the night following cast back again into the trench. And when Alypius the next day earnestly pressed on the work, with the assistance of the governor of the province, there issued, says Ammianus, such horrible balls of fire out of the earth near the foundations, which rendered the place, from time to time, inaccessible to the scorched and blasted workmen. And the victorious element continuing in this manner obstinately and resolutely bent as it were to drive them to a distance, Alypius thought proper to give over the enterprise. This is also recorded by the Christian authors, who, besides the earthquake and fiery eruption, mention storms, tempests, and whirlwinds, lightning, crosses impressed on the bodies and garments of the assistants, and a flaming cross in the heavens, surrounded with a luminous circle. The order whereof seems to have been as follows. This judgment of the Almighty was ushered in by storms and whirlwinds, by which prodigious heaps of lime and sand and other loose materials were carried away. After these followed lightning, the usual consequence of collision of clouds in tempests. Its effects were, first the destroying the more solid materials, and melting down the iron instruments; and secondly, the impressing shining crosses on the bodies and garments of the assistants without distinction, in which there was something that in art and elegance exceeded all painting or embroidery; which when the infidels perceived, they endeavoured, but in vain, to wash them out. In the third place came the earthquake which cast out the stones of the old foundations, and shook the earth into the trench or cavity dug for the new
2 Oct 2010
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