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ISKCON is an organization whose aim is to promote and propagate Lord Krishna’s teachings. It works for the welfare of the society. The teachings of ISKCON are based on the ancient Vaishnava scriptures. According to ISKCON teachings - you can free yourself from the miseries of this world and attain a state of bliss, if you chant’s sacred mantras of God.
2 Nov 2017
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Best & Top Spiritual Healer in Toronto, Canada Our Genuine astrologer Vikram ji is Very Famous Spiritual healer in Toronto, Canada. He has been providing best Spiritual healing services in Toronto, Canada since so many years. He had helped so many people in a couple of years. Top Spiritual Healing & Genuine Spiritual healing services made him best Spiritual healer in Toronto, Canada. Spiritual healing is one of the best methods of Astrology to get out of stress and depress. He is Famous astrologer for: Spiritual Healing in Canada, Spiritual Healing in Toronto, Spiritual Healer in Toronto, Spiritual Healer in Canada, Best Spiritual Healing in Toronto, Best Spiritual Healing in Canada, Indian spiritual healer in Toronto, Top Spiritual Healer in Toronto, Top Spiritual Healer in Canada Famous Spiritual healing Services in Toronto, Canada-Astrologer Vikram Ji Different types of principles are available in Astrology to perform Spiritual Energy Healings. Different kind of spiritual energy healings are performed in the forms of worships in famous temples like Varanasi in India. The Worships and spiritual Energy Healings are performed by skilled Astrologer Vikram ji (Brahmins or Priests). The worships being performed in Varanasi are available to see online through Skype Video Chat for The person who is taking the spiritual energy healing services or the person can come to India to participate in worships directly. The spiritual person knows that he is not the physical body. He only focuses on the refinement of mind and soul. He should have a Guide for this purpose. The Guide is a person who has the ultimate goal of becoming the powerful soul. It will teach you some procedures like mantras, meditation and doing yoga, etc. Contact Our Astrologer Vikram ji for Best Spiritual healing services and sort all your Personal and Professional problems out.
17 Nov 2017
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Travel to Italy and visit the region of Campania known not for the Ancient Romans but for the best preserved ancient Greek Temples of Paestum television videos on-demand at www.WebVisionItaly****. Brought to you by the Italian Broadcasting Company, the only Italian television network in English, your video camera into traveling in Italy.
7 Dec 2006
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Temple that I have visited last years.
6 Jan 2007
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A beautiful temple constructed in 1567 AD every pillar in this temple was created to make music different sounds... Hampi, India
23 Jan 2007
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Taprom Temple, 12 century, Takeo Province, Cambodia
25 Jan 2007
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bells of Honennin(japanese buddhisit )-temple water sound and classical music, too
8 Feb 2007
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Man Mo Temple - Famous temple in Hong Kong
20 Feb 2007
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This video shows a short but very beautiful look at the amazing temple grounds of The Golden Pavilion Temple in Kyoto, Japan. Completely filmed and edited in by Rob Pongi. See more at www.RobPongi**** Copyright (2005) by Rob Pongi.
8 Mar 2007
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In the hills in the northern part of Taipei there is a small temple covered almost entirely with seashells. This is a short video from a visit to the temple. More at www.MatthewHooper****.
21 Mar 2007
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Forest Monastery Thailand. Called also Tiger Temple
22 Apr 2007
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I've been riding around Taiwan for years on an old bicycle Rhett sold me 8 years ago. I like going to temples because I can stop and wash my face off because it does get hot in Taiwan
16 May 2007
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Human Mobile Stage 7 _ Chung Oi Chau Ka Lion Dancing _ In front of Tin Hau (Sea Goddess) Temple
20 May 2007
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Human Mobile Stage 8 _ Chung Oi Chau Ka Lion Dancing _ at Tin Hau (Sea Goddess) Temple's Playground
20 May 2007
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