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1:42 Click Here if your ready! Its Real! Anyone can do this! Check it out then.. Call me.. (Nwo) (illuminati) (Creatures) (Nephilim) (Real Ghost pictures) (Ufo) (Nibiru) (gliese 581c) (Alien abduction attempt) (Reptilian) (Androids) (Humanoids) (ILLUminati) (Strange Creatures) (Shadow Government) (NWO Conspiracy) (Nibiru 2012) (USOs) (Aliens) (Life on Mars) (Mars) (Ghost Pictures) (UFO) (Gliese (end of the world) (Ufo sightings) ghost) (Dooms Day) (The Rapture) (Mayan Pyramids) (Sumerians tablets) (Emerald (Annukai) (SaintBirgitta) (Sounds from Hell) ufo reptile ufos alien aliens cia ovni ovnis coverup Icke phoenix lights nasa covert astronaut flying saucer scientific military reptilian reptilians paranormal reptiles demon demons possession morph annunaki alien grey shapeshifters archangel ufo Icke conspiracy orbs orb ancient astronauts paranormal supernatural new world order nwo conspiracy illuminati Tapes of real Nasa UFO sightings. Really crazy. UFO filmato in italia. UFO in italy ALIEN GIANT NEPHILIM OF SIZE 170 FEET FOUND AND EXPOSED BIBLE WORD FALLEN ANGELS HYBRID PARANORMAL SUPERNATURAL UFO alien corpse body ufo haiti crash scary scariest video ever roswell new mexico area 51 illuminati new world order skull and bones bohemian grove bush cheney freemason NWO new world order bush USA rfid mark war bilderberg bilderburg illuminati skull and bones trilateral 666 beast satan ufo sightings alien nasa australia astronaut space shuttle history channel conspiracy ufo italy italia misteri alieni alien real cropcircles wtc7 1111 UFO arecibo reply message alien 2012 jaime maussan consciousness spiritual 911 9/11 star beings Real Giants Alien UFO 2012 paranormal scary horror ghost spirit demon grey supernatural hell mutant prophecy doomsday Real Giants Alien UFO 2012 paranormal scary horror ghost spirit demon grey supernatural hell mutant prophecy doomsday Nibiru Giants Floods 2012 Planet UFO Aliens Truth Unknown Strange Amazing Annunaki Nephilim Andros Enigma This is the last episode in my series of 3 videos about Nibiru or Planet X. View and learn, the truth shall be known. No more half truths and lies from the high ups in power! All your answers are in this final video, answers to many questions posted to me by my fellow youtubers. To those who believe & understand stand strong with me for this truth! For those who needed more proof, view and see this truth. As for those who are Blind to this truth because they live a life of lies anyway and never wish to change, see you on the flip side. You will be the ones with you heads in the sand and butts in the air. The ones saying Oh my GOD it is real, is that Nibiru? To you I say Peace be with you, though you may find no peace. To all my fellow human beings, Peace be with us all, live life nephilim enoch giants ancient history paluxyriver huminoid thebible bible noah noahsark annunaki theflood deluge flood Nephilim Evolution Illuminati Alex jones UFOs extra terrestrial God Bible jesus Serpent People Ghosts mystery real scary pictures and spooky sound effects ghost pictures spirit paranormal supernatural fiction attack surveillance camera security 666 6.6.06 ghost demon spirit devil supernatural spooky scary horror
8 Mar 2009
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Anno 2139 - Terrestri ed alieni convivono pacificamente, ma fino a quando può durare questo pazzo amore? Dal 7 dicembre Stefania Rocca, Emilio Solfrizzi, Neri Marcorè e Carlotta Natoli sono ... Tutti pazzi per amore.
9 Dec 2008
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The Dead Sea Scrolls found in a cave near Jerusalem revealed the Earth was visited with extra-terrestrial visitors. Most religions of the world agree in the concept of Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness, good angels and evil ones, good aliens and bad. My research has indicated there are various groups of aliens with different intentions, their motivations may be very different and they often appear to be fighting one another. "The Zadokite Document," discovered fifty years ago in an old synagogue in Cairo, confirms Genesis and mentions the landing of Spacemen, their giant offspring and immorality. "Because they walked in the stubbornness of their hearts, the Watchers of heaven fell, yea, they were caught thereby because they kept not the Commandments of God. So too their Sons whose height was like the lofty cedars and whose bodies were as mountains. They also fell."
13 Dec 2008
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Convert DVB-S or DVB-S2 to Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT) with this DVB-T headend... and watch everything with a single DTT decoder! Convert also from ASI-TS, analogue sources or DTT. Digital to Digital conversion: preserves 100% original quality. Designed for hotels, hospitals, etc.
28 Feb 2009
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RRsat Ranked Among Top Twenty Teleport Operators in All Three Categories The World Teleport Association compiles the Top Teleport Operator rankings by surveying teleport operators around the world on their facilities, services and business results. The Global Top Twenty ranks companies based on revenues from all customized communications sources and includes operators of teleports, satellite fleets and fiber networks. The Independent Top Twenty ranks companies based on revenue from all sources, but excludes companies whose core business is ownership and operation of a satellite fleet or terrestrial network. These twenty companies have a proven track record and commitment to innovation and providing value-added services. The Fast Twenty ranks all teleport-operating companies based on year-over-year revenue growth in their most recent fiscal years. About RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: RRST) provides global, comprehensive, content management and distribution services to the rapidly expanding television and radio broadcasting industries. Through its proprietary "RRsat Global Network," composed of satellite and terrestrial fiber optic transmission capacity and the public Internet, RRsat is able to offer high-quality and flexible global distribution services for content providers. RRsat's comprehensive content management services include producing and playing out TV content as well as providing satellite newsgathering services (SNG). RRsat concurrently provide these services to more than 425 television and radio channels, covering more than 150 countries. Visit the company's website for more information.
17 Dec 2008
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THE NUCLEAR FUSION The nuclear fusion is realized by photo-electric-magneto-thermal effect. The electronic cover is being removed by the “COMPTON” effect and the photons operate directly over the atomic nucleus. The electrical field accelerates the particles but their trajectory will be curved by a magnetic field except for neutrons which don’t have any electrical charge, but only magnetic moments. This iswhy the neutrons move straight ahead, parallel to the axis of the chamber. The electrons and the protons will move in spiral, but in opposite directions, as their electrical charges are opposed. The diameter of the spiral differs because of the difference of the masses. The bigger being the energy of the particle, the bigger being the diameter. The absorption of one atom of nitrogen and one of oxygen - predominant particles in the terrestrial atmosphere - takes place in the accelerating chamber. In the first stage, the electrons orbiting the two atoms are being bombed simultaneously by the photon fascicle and, as a result of this interaction, they are pulled out from their orbits and moved along spiral trajectories having the same direction that the electromagnetic fields has, and located on a peripheral orbit in the accelerating chamber. The loose electrons will appear inside the chamber providing the weak nuclear force. In the second stage, the atoms are ionized, generating in this way the powerful nuclear force. It consists in loose cuclei unwrapped from their electronic cover. The photons interact with the protons, pulling them out from their position. These protons will move in their turn on spiral trajectories in the same direction as that of the electromagnetic field, but opposite to the movement of the electrons. The loose protons will appear inside the accelerating chamber. In the third, the neutrons are bombed in their turn by the photon fascicle being spread in this way. They will move in the direction of the electromagnetic field. The existence of these loose neutrons marks the end of the process meant to create plasma wich, it’s well known, is being characterized as a mixture of loose charges. In the fourth stage, following the above mentioned process and by the directing the particles inside the accelerating chamber, the phosphorus is formed: an atomic structure composed of 15 electrons, 15 protons and 15 neutrons. An energy of 235 MeV is produces at the same time. Along with it we could obtain the union of the weak and strong nuclear force with the electromagnetic force. ENERGIE LIBERA - FREE ENERGY and
9 Feb 2010
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As well as the more alien looking people who come here there are also many races of human looking extra terrestrials. Some believe these to be the origional ancestors of man who came here long ago. Many sources claim that the humanoids of other star systems were abducted and their dna mixed with other species to form modern humans which were slaves to the reptillian race, the origional masters of Earth.
1 Mar 2009
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alessandro bonfanti videointervista giovanni marras-esperto di modi di vita NON terrestri - e argomento dell'intervista NIBIRU- in fantomatico 10ecimo pianeta che si dovrebbe vedere nel 2012.l'intera intervista
5 Mar 2009
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Cmdr. Gossner (William Shatner) resorts to desperate measures when the government shuts down his top-secret extra-terrestrial missions and his alien test-subject disappears. Includes a new interview with William Shatner! DVD Info:
5 Mar 2009
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Cmdr. Gossner (William Shatner) resorts to desperate measures when the government shuts down his top-secret extra-terrestrial missions and his alien test-subject disappears. Includes a new interview with William Shatner! DVD Info:
5 Mar 2009
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The story begins in 1957 in the star-filled skies above California's Mojave Desert. It is a special night for noted astronomer Ted Lewis, who is preparing a special dinner for his beautiful, adoring wife Lana to celebrate their wedding anniversary. In another part of town, Tammy, a waitress at small local diner with big plans for the future, looks out her window and is excited to see a shooting star, which she takes as a good sign for her dreams. But, what Dr. Lewis and Tammy assume is a shooting star, is really an alien spaceship. The fiery ball hurtles toward earth and crash-lands on a butte in the desert. The only witnesses are teens Dick and Penny who are necking in a nearby lover's lane. A tall, metallic alien named Urp emerges from the craft unharmed, alarmed to discover that the monstrous Ghota, who was also on board, has escaped. The menacing one-eyed creature's unquenchable appetite could mean the end of civilization as we know it. Urp is the only one who knows how to stop the hideous extra-terrestrial, but to do so he has to take over the body of Dr. Lewis and enlist the aid of Tammy, the only human in town willing to believe and trust in his mission. The local police - including Chief Dawson and Officer Vern - are confirmed skeptics and offer little help. Together, Urp and Tammy must hunt down the Ghota and neutralize it before it consumes all the local inhabitants and uses the human fuel to multiply and conquer the world!
11 Mar 2009
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Part (3) Joyu2012 - Be Ready for New Sun Jupiter. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- GF ignites Jupiter into our second Sun. This new sun rises after the March equinox. Be ready for it, to watch it, to believe it. You should be able to see it via NASA. If you don't, YOU SHOULD ASK NASA. It will not tan you. It will transform you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Content of part (3): ET-activity! The investigation. The facts. The front side of the sun. The NASA space probe SOHO. The telescope Lasco_C3. The problems. The huge and frequently lost of data. The mysteries. The coincidences. The explanations. The signs of extra terrestrial activity. UFOs near the sun. The event. The new sun Jupiter. Be ready for it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
15 Mar 2009
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0:23 - Samsung HPT5064 50-Inch Plasma HDTV - Offering a rich feature set and exceptional quality for its price, Samsung HPT5064 50-inch 720p plasma TV uses the company's latest DNIe enhancement circuitry to deliver outstanding brightness, contrast, and image clarity. Use it for home theater and use it for your PC--it's perfect for both. In addition to a standard-broadcast NTSC tuner, it also features an integrated ATSC tuner that can capture over-the-air digital broadcasts from local network affiliates (the set will still require a set-top tuner for receiving non-terrestrial HD broadcasts from channels like HBO or Discovery).
16 Mar 2009
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Clouds are an essential part of the landscape. Detaching themselves from the background of the sky and merging with broad panoramas on the Earth, they often give rise to beautiful combinations of colors and forms with them. Our gaze settles halfway between sky and Earth to enjoy a mixture of atmospheres, a little terrestrial, a little ethereal.
21 Mar 2009
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Idea: Harmony of a person's inner world as a part of the Universe's harmony Composition: The composition's concept arose when Nikolai Sednin worked over the project "Dee-art". The purpose of this practice is the rehabilitation of insane persons with the help of art. At the heart of the composition is the image of ovule, as symbol of creative energy and beginning of terrestrial life. Monad (Greek monas – unit) - is already the personality of each pupil of the artist. In the composition centre is the author of the project himself and the teacher. October, 2008 Artist – Nikolai Sednin Composer – Sergey Chechetko Editing – Anna Chernushenko
25 Mar 2009
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30 Mar 2009
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