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Well, the only sound terrible sound in the whole world which will please your ears and a sound which would not say no to listen again and again.
8 Oct 2017
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This is Macy Gray and its not what you were expecting. This show at Finnis beach Club was so horrible that the club had to refund all the money to the audience.
25 Sep 2017
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How to Prevent Liver Cancer|drinking and liver cancer Liver cancer is a terrible disease. It does not just affect your liver, but also the way your entire body works. Liver cancer is often caused by chronic alcohol abuse as well as exposure to hepatitis B or C, so it is important to understand how to prevent contracting these types of hepatitis when considering liver cancer prevention. While it’s true that liver cancer is a life-threatening condition, there are some things you can do to help prevent yourself from getting it in the first place. Some lifestyle and dietary changes may be necessary to help you avoid liver cancer. 1 Quit smoking. If you smoke, you should quit. If you don’t smoke, continue to stay away from cigarettes. This is an important step. Avoiding cigarettes is crucial, not only to prevent liver cancer, but smoking cigarettes negatively affects your whole body as well.[1] Try to quit smoking by reducing your cigarette consumption a little bit every day or by using cessation aids like nicotine patches. If you have trouble quitting smoking, contact your doctor for more support. If you don't smoke, stay away from people who do. Second-hand smoke is bad for you and can lead to increased risk of liver cancer as well. Watch the level of alcohol you ingest. Over time, drinking large quantities of alcohol can lead to cirrhosis, or scarring, of the liver which can contribute to liver cancer. Try to avoid drinking too much, specifically over long periods of time. Binge drinking (having more than five drinks in one sitting) is especially damaging to your liver. Consider completely eliminating alcohol to minimize the impact it may have on your liver.[2] To maintain your health, women can drink up to one drink per day and men can drink up to two drinks per day
27 Sep 2017
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Ideas for giving, how to decorate a cottage with a garden bogeyman. It's a good idea to use a garden scarecrow as an ornament for a holiday village,
5 Oct 2017
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Sinopsis: Lara Croft es una joven arqueóloga inmersa en su primera expedición. ¿Su objetivo? Terminar el trabajo que su padre comenzó: encontrar el reino perdido de Yamatai y así honrar su nombre. Sin embargo, el 'Endurance', el barco en el que viaja junto al resto de su equipo, es destruido durante una terrible tormenta, dejando a los supervivientes náufragos en una isla aparentemente desierta. Poco después, Lara aparece sola en una isla y es capturada por un extraño; lo que convierte su primera expedición en una lucha por sobrevivir. 'Tomb Rider' es una adaptación del videojuego homónimo de 2013 dirigida por el cineasta noruego Roar Uthaug y guionizada por Geneva Roberstson-Dworet. La ganadora del Oscar Alicia Vikander interpretará a la joven Lara. Otros actores confirmados son Dominic West, en el papel de Lord Richard Croft; Walton Goggins, como el Padre Mathias Vogel; y Daniel Wu como Lu Ren.
22 Sep 2017
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Synopsis: Lara Croft is a young archaeologist immersed in her first expedition. Its objective? Finish the work that his father began: find the lost kingdom of Yamatai and thus honor his name. However, the 'Endurance', the ship in which he travels alongside the rest of his crew, is destroyed during a terrible storm, leaving survivors shipwrecked on an apparently deserted island. Shortly after, Lara appears alone in an island and is captured by a stranger; which turns his first expedition into a struggle to survive. 'Tomb Rider' is an adaptation of the 2013 video game of the same name directed by the Norwegian filmmaker Roar Uthaug and scripted by Geneva Roberstson-Dworet. Oscar winner Alicia Vikander will play the young Lara. Other confirmed actors are Dominic West, in the role of Lord Richard Croft; Walton Goggins, like Father Mathias Vogel; and Daniel Wu as Lu Ren.
23 Sep 2017
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Recent floods in August 2017 have devastated South Asia terribly, resulting in a great loss to India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Termed as worst crisis in decades, these catastrophic floods killed many people and animals (both livestock and endangered species), leaving millions homeless and have also hit infrastructure, agriculture, among various other key sectors of the respective countries. 35 districts in Nepal were badly affected, one-third of Bangladesh was under water and six Indian states were affected.
26 Sep 2017
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I'm not sure if this is from an Idol show or whatever, but this girl is a terrible singer. The best part is that she thinks she's the best ever. Wow.
30 Apr 2006
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Video filmed by friends and edited to NIN's Terrible Lie
19 Oct 2006
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F1 terrible crash
22 Aug 2007
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Terrible accident :)
22 Aug 2007
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Rock band Them Terribles is a finalist in MTV2’s Dew Circuit Breakout contest. They show you that all you need are a good set of pipes, an acoustic guitar, and able hands to clap with to be awesome. Go to dewcircuit.mtv2**** to VOTE NOW!
14 Nov 2007
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