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If you’ve never seen a carwash blunder of this sort, what have you seen? Watch as a clueless blonde woman washes the interior of her car, and what’s more, she seems so sure about what she’s doing!
7 May 2018
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A tornado, a hurricane, a tornado so close, it's amazing and terribly beautiful! #tornado #tornado #hurricane #storm #storm #squall #amazing #beautiful #incredible
24 May 2018
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Not only the cops even a kid can see through his terrible plan and shitty acting skill. He should quit scamming and choose another profession.
13 May 2018
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Give or take a few seconds here and there, this could have escalated into a terrible accident quite suddenly. The snowmobile and its rider got very, very lucky to have escaped the crevice formed just behind the vehicle as it passed.
14 May 2018
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What looks like a promising attempt at a backflip fails so terribly, you won’t be able to suppress an involuntary flinch. No pain, no gain; we all know. But what gain could possibly be worth that excruciating pain?
16 May 2018
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20 May 2018
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OK, let me clear up a couple things. Steven is allowed to have his own opinion and not like the film. OK? OK. All I'm saying is you can't say "it's a bad film, because I haven't been keeping up and I'm confused." I also would like to go on record saying I haven't seen Infinity War yet. My words and opinions are not a positive review of the movie and I am not trying to say it's good. For all I know it could be terrible and I'll be coming back in a couple of weeks saying "don't waste your money on this." OK? OK. All I'm trying to do is explain that a movie doesn't fail because it does exactly what it set out to do; be a mindless cross over movie for all the MCU characters so far. If Steven said something more about how everyone was brought together, or the chemistry everyone has, or the special effects and action choreography, then I'll let him get away with saying "this is bad, don't watch it." However, all he said was "this sequel expects you to know all the foundational ground work laid out in the previous films [like every other Avengers movie], and since I'm starting from the end I'm going to say there isn't any foundation." That's what I'm calling him out on. #avengersinfinitywar #blackpanther #stevencrowder #louderwithcrowder #spidermanhomecoming #maryjanewatson #marvel #pokematic #response
28 Apr 2018
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I'm numero uno. That isn't an emergency. If that goes on the case in point is about to come to a terrible end. It's just fear which makes you run. How can women get hold of economical transaction deals? I gave them trouble. Here is the question - what it do you imagine you would have in that situation? if you are trying to that artifact from this.
10 May 2018
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Therefore, when users face any of the above or other Router technical issues, then no need to panic in the terrible situation. The user can straightaway reach out expertise by a ringing call to Router Customer Support Number to troubleshoot an error in a robust manner.
16 May 2018
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Are you worried that you might spill your coffee on the way to work or college and it will be a terrible mess? Do you hate lukewarm coffee? Then you should definitely invest in one of our spill-proof travel coffee mugs, which keeps coffee warm for hours. Get your exclusive travel coffee mug at Mugdom!
17 May 2018
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Riding a motorcycle can save a lot of time & make your journey smoother. A sudden breakdown of it, in the middle of the road can stop your busy life. Only a vehicle towing service provider can help you in this terrible situation. Our company ‘The Calgary Towing’ is famous for rendering towing services. We are able to tow your motorcycle in a safe manner, without wasting your time.
25 May 2018
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I'm not sure if this is from an Idol show or whatever, but this girl is a terrible singer. The best part is that she thinks she's the best ever. Wow.
30 Apr 2006
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