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Recibimiento de la Barra Terrorizer a los Jaibos Tampico Madero de la primera division A de Mexico.
18 Jan 2007
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One the most unbelievable mystery relating to 9/11. Q33NY was flight number of one the two planes. Copy and past it in Word with a special font, and see what happens... simply unbelievable.
27 Feb 2008
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Barack Obama was indeed a member of a Socialist Party called the "New Party" in 1996, it was irrefutably confirmed again. The New Party was evidently a "piggyback" party for some candidates, whereby they could take advantage of the support of Socialists, on some occasions having "dual membership" with another party. Obama was one such candidate, who sought out the support of Socialists by being a member of the party. Obama's predeliction for saying he's one thing whilst being another has caught up to him again. New Party Socialist ACORN Barack Obama Washington Hussein Muslim elections news analysis grassroots Barry Soetoro religion commentary documentary gotcha! Islam law outreach political commercial Communist Socialist Washington history Christian Gotcha! TV vote 2008 Palin John McCain senator Sarah Palin Joe Biden FOX scandal financial collapse
29 Oct 2008
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28 Aug 2009
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So here is a LetsTute initiative, a chance to send a message of peace to the whole world. Write a letter expressing your feelings to the terrorists "WHY DO WE SUFFER ??" Subscribe To 'V2Lead' For More Updates on "Upcoming Contest" ******* Stay Tuned To Our "Facebook Page" *******www.facebook****/letstutepage Music Credits: King of Peace by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (********creativecommons****/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: *******www.twinmusicom****/ Objective : • to bring out a leader in you.. to shape up leadership qualities in you • to encourage you to think.. to create-‘whyness’ in you… • to think for society and other beings • to develop your ability to ‘express yourself ‘ and write what you feel • to touch the humanity in you • to help you take quick and right decisions in tough times • to encourage you to develop a positive attitude and increase your confidence level • to be fair and just to be honest • to acknowledge your duty to give back to society/nature About LetsTute : LetsTute is a not for profit organization . All our content is available on http:/www.letstute**** Nil Cost
26 Oct 2016
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