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Battle Scene Productions The War on Terror
10 Mar 2010
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The Terrible Terror may be small, but they pack a punch. Listen out for the hissing sound!
18 Mar 2010
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9/11 EUROSPACE Endgame Filthsteps [Terrorism Mixx] ...nothing special, just some mix from the latest: 9/11 EUROSPACE Endgame Filthsteps ; see also: *******krunchd****/ewing2001_ffeed Backups and Mirrors from ewing2001 friendfeed resesarch *******nicohistory.webnode****/ The end of U.S. Electronic Space Defense ? - More clues on Obama Cabinet fronting for EUROSPACE Business ; ******* *******friendfeed****/ewing2001 New Quality of Orwellian Fake-Al Quaida in Russia? ******* EUTELSAT, "UK Space Agency" etc...-the rising power of eurospace electronic defense- and media hubs ******* RoboTrading/AlgoTrading: Hundreds of High-Frequency Trading Professionals have first public Meeting... "...Monday April 5th, 2010, 6 PM - 9 PM, 52 Walker Street, NYC..." ******* Media Scientist Nico Haupt on Jim Fetzer Show ******* TOP 70 Most Interesting 'Power Structure' Companies and Institutions [ewing2001 ; compiled August 2009] ******* nicointelpro awards of the [post 9/11-]2000s decade: ******* ******* for newer projects, please check out: *******soundcloud****/ewing2001 *******tinyURL****/cloudbook001
2 Apr 2010
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Terror in Moscow or legal nigelizm Dmitry Medvedeva?
3 Apr 2010
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*******www.jeremiahfilms**** September 11th, 2001 will be remembered as the day terrorism invaded the shores of America. In this revealing video, you will travel around the world from "ground zero" in New York to the mountains of Sudan where millions continue to be slaughtered through terrorist acts. Does the religion of Islam actually encourage terrorists? What freedoms do we stand to lose in the war on terrorism? Will the pursuit of peace and safety lead to global destruction? Must viewing for all concerned with the future of our freedoms.
22 Apr 2010
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Raid di camorra: il terrore nel video shock
23 Apr 2010
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Anti-Terrorism Honor System (Comedy Humor)
28 Apr 2010
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Aqui la pelicula de terror sobrenatural!! Al fin!! jejeje bueno muchisimas gracias a todos los que mandaron sus voces y sobretodo a los que participaron!! =D ATENCION EN UN PAR DE VECES PUSE SUBTITULOS DEBIDO A UN PROBLEMA CON EL AUDIO =D Sinopsis: Dos chicas descubren una leyenda en internet......... Si dices tres veces la palabra "Sobrenatural" Frente a un espejo, veras cosas sobrenaturales, ellas lo intentan y ahora tratan de ver como salirse de eso.... No te la pierdas!! #30 - Más discutidos (este mes)) - Cine y animación #98 - Mejor evaluados (este mes)) - Cine y animación
4 May 2010
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Freddy Krueger är tillbaka i ”Terror på Elm Street”, en modern version av skräckfilmsklassikern. Ett gäng tonåringar i förorten har en sak gemensamt: de jagas alla av Freddy krueger, en förfärligt vanskapt mördare som jagar dem i deras drömmar. Så länge de håller sig vakna, så kan de skydda varandra… men när de sover finns det ingenstans att fly. Iklädd Freddys kännetecknande filthatt, röd-och-grön-randiga tröja och fyrbladade handske är Oscar-nominerade Jackie Earle Haley (”Little Children”, ”Watchmen”). Tonåringarna som terroriseras av Freddy Krueger spelas av ett gäng unga skådisar, bl a Kyle Gallner, Katie Cassidy, Rooney Mara, Thomas Dekker och Kellan Lutz. Filmen är regisserad av den prisbelönte musikvideo- och reklamfilmsregissören Samuel Bayer (Nirvanas ”Smells like teen spirit”, Green Days ”Boulevard of Broken Dreams”) som nu gör sin långfilmsdebut.
8 Jan 2013
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Möt Freddy Krueger på nytt! Läskig scen ur den nya versionen av tidernas skräckklassiker "Terror på Elm Street".
17 May 2010
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Freddy Krueger är tillbaka! Spana in den här läskiga scenen ur nya skräckfilmen "Terror på Elm Street".
17 May 2010
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Gas Station Customers Terrorized By Gunmen (CCTV)
25 May 2010
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New exciting mystery thriller by Lenny Emanuelli Charlie Johnson, a man suspected of killing a local merchant, reluctantly teams up with a television street reporter, Sherry Mann, trying to prove, he is innocent which takes them both deep into the world of an organized Asian street gang, who is on the verge of making their biggest stride, in their drug business. *******www.eppublishing**** Publishing books with a purpose At the Crossroads of Terror helping raise donations for RAINN****
27 May 2010
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In the second installment of Ghosthunting and Milkshakes, Alex, David and Aaron head to Round Rock, Texas, to visit The Mansion of Terror Haunted House during the off season. The Haunted Attraction serves thousands of people during the Halloween season but rumors of ghosts abound from the folks who work there. Then the team is back in Austin, for Milkshakes at Amy's Ice Cream on South Lamar. Distributed by Tubemogul.
1 Jun 2010
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Dylin Prestly Video: Anti-Terrorism Honor System (Comedy Humor)
10 Jun 2010
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11 Jun 2010
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