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Terry Austin of MarketLive speaks with Shop**** TV at the 2007 Shop**** Annual Summit in Las Vegas.
24 May 2008
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Watch Part 1 here: ******* Don't forget to subscribe for more superhero videos ******* Also check out Marvel Comics channel: ******* Days of future past "Days of Future Past" is a storyline in the Marvel Comics comic book The Uncanny X-Men issues #141-142, published in 1981. It deals with a dystopian future in which mutants are incarcerated in internment camps. An adult Kate Pryde transfers her mind into her younger self, the present-day Kitty Pryde, who brings the X-Men to prevent a fatal moment in history that triggers anti-mutant hysteria. The storyline was produced during the franchise's rise to popularity under the writer/artist team of Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin. The dark future seen in the story has been revisited numerous times, and was adapted into the 2014 feature film X-Men: Days of Future Past. In 2001, fans voted the first issue of this storyline the 25th greatest Marvel comic. The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe: Alternate Universes 2005 gave the numerical designation for the original "Days of Future Past" timeline as Earth-811 in the Marvel Multiverse.
10 Nov 2014
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