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Test Your Eye Color Blindness TestWhat do your see ?
10 Jul 2008
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Use this optical test to see how fast your eyes can adjust to changing colors. Right now, there are two tests. Each test was carefully selected, ie what colors, radius of the circle, etc. It's pretty interesting. Some people will notice a small period where there eyes don't adjust immediately. Some won't. See where you stand. Your eyes are extremely complex organs! Do some research on them and you'll find a lot of interesting facts. © 2008 – 2009 LSKENGR407
5 Mar 2008
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MAKE SURE YOU VIEW THE FIRST VIDEO! This one is a little bit different. See if you are able to focus on the dot with a sharp change in background. Keep your eyes on the dot! Don't look elsewhere even when the background changes. Also determine how long it takes for you to see the actual background of the color once it changes (keep focused on the dot!). Go back and view it again to see how you did and to see what the color was in case you missed it. The better your eyes, and health, the less of an effect you'll see. Try it every few days to see if you're getting better. Once your brain remembers the combination in both videos, you may no longer see an effect!
16 Jul 2008
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Test your eyes and mind with these little tests ... have fun with it !!
31 Jan 2008
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It’s time to test your eyes. Out of these 14 on the paper 3 are paintings, can you find which 3? If you can’t just wait for the ending.
9 Nov 2017
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