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GAU-8 Test Fire
14 Apr 2009
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This is a short video of a test of our miniature electrothermal cannon. The cannon runs purely off of electricity. Instead of using explosives or compressed gasses to launch a projectile; it uses the hot plasma generated from an electrical short to launch the projectile. The hot plasma exits the barrel in a focused stream and will punch holes in light weight materials withing a foot but it quickly dissipates. The sparks consist of burning steel ablated from the electrodes. Although this device is currently crude and inefficient, it has none of the limitations of gun powder primarily that of maximum muzzle velocity. For more crazy projects visit www.HardDriveZapper****
1 Apr 2008
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This is the test firing of NASA's new Methane rocket, which could be the key to deep space exploration, because methane is very prominent in space, and could be easily harvested, reducing launch costs.
27 May 2007
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A soldier is test firing an At-4 anti tank guided missile and it accidentally misfires. Thankfully everyone seems to be ok.
5 May 2008
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Here is a test fire for he glock 17 Tokyo Marui Airsoft replica. Its gas operated, and shoots 6mm .2g plastic pelletes. If any of you want a detailed review just give me a reply
21 Oct 2007
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TOKYO — The long-range Taepodong-2 was part of a barrage of seven missiles test-fired by North Korea on Wednesday. They all fell harmlessly into the Sea of Japan, but South Korean officials said the long-range missile had malfunctioned, suggesting it was intended for a more remote target. There gonna fire on off to Hawaii!! Crazy dudes those Koreans, but there not all that bad: ******* now that's a nifty device!
24 Jun 2009
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The Navy rolled out the first Surface Warfare Mission Package (SUW MP) for the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) in a ceremony on July 11 at Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren, Va. Rollout included the first modularized gun system capabilities demonstration of the Mk 46 30mm gun. The Mk 46 30mm gun system is a two-axis stabilized chain gun that can fire up to 200 rounds per minute. U.S. Navy (Released)
5 Aug 2008
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Barbur missile's range extended to 700 kilometres Thursday July 26th, 2007 Pakistan test fired its weapon in an undisclosed location. A military statement said it would 'consolidate Pakistan's strategic capability and strengthen national security.' The new range is enough to reach India's capital New Delhi. Under a deal Pakistan negotiated with India in 1999, each country must warn the other of ballistic tests, but not cruise missiles. Relations between the self-declared nuclear powers remain tense. They have fought three wars since being separated at independence in 1947, and are deadlocked over Kashmir. But neither has tested any underground weapons since 1998. The missile launch comes a day after India's cabinet approved a civilian nuclear deal with the U.S. If approved by the American Congress, India would get unprecedented access to American nuclear fuel and equipment to meet energy needs. Pakistan had wanted a similar arrangement with the U.S. But when Washington hesitated, China stepped in to help build 2 reactors. Still, Pakistan and India serve as staunch American allies. Neither country has signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Watch the missile launch as recorded by Pakistani military cameras. --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
25 Aug 2007
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This was one of the fist motors I made after I decided to melt the fuel instead of packing it. It worked good but there was still some casing designs I had to go over.
20 Sep 2007
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Me test firing my Romanian AK-47 in a popular shooting spot NW of Holdridge, Nebraska, USA. I know.. a little campy with the Russian National Anthem, but I had to spice it up a little.
14 Oct 2008
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Rockets and Missiles is an in-depth look at the hottest weaponry in the United States, arsenal. From the laser-guided anti-armor Hellfire to the nuclear-tipped Air-Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM), this program contains incredible, never-before seen footage of actual test-firings against a wide range of tatgets on land, sea, in the air, and even space. These weapons are currently deployed in hot spots around the world, and will decisively determine the outcome of today's warfare. With 40 minutes of intense action footage, Rockets and Missiles is a first-hand account of the most powerful weapons in the history of mankind.
19 Sep 2008
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15 Jun 2010
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