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Dedicated to providing a professional, reliable and friendly service, With 10 years’ experience in the in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment industry. We provide electrical safety tests to all portable appliances in all types of businesses. Upon completion all clients receive a full detailed asset list via email and an official signed electrical appliance testing Certificate.
The Lifetime Original Movie Girl, Positive is the story of Rachel Desperate Housewives Andrea Bowen, a high school senior, whose world is thrown into a tailspin when she tests positive for HIV. In trying to deal with this frightening news, Rachel finds an unlikely ally a substitute teacher Jennie Garth who has secretly lived with HIV for years. Unfortunately, secrets have a way of getting out and both women soon learn that gossip, like disease, can spread swiftly. Girl, Positive premieres Monday, June 25, at 9PM ETPT on Lifetime. In this clip from the Lifetime Original Movie Girl, Positive, Rachel Andrea Bowen tells her high school teacher, Sarah Jennie Garth, about having unprotected sex with her neighbor, Jason Eric Von Detton, at a party.
22 Jun 2007
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See what happens when a Mercedes crashes into a Smart. This will make you think.
5 Jun 2006
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Bruno Kammerl built the biggest waterslide on earth and the test run was more than successful :-) Watch it!
5 Aug 2009
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How you too can lock in your $22,000 + monthly from 3 insanely simple steps
20 Sep 2010
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Learn how to make the coolest and most professional cheat sheet ever. Warning : this video is for educational purposes. we are not responsible for any damage caused by cheating at school !
3 Dec 2007
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Mold Testing & Inspection Denver - Mold Removal & Remediation is comprehensive, encompassing mold remediation, mold odor removal, as well as cleaning and sanitization.
Misleading Thumbnails. Don't make them. Wikicafe is here to help.
26 Jun 2008
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Arabic Girl Test A Breast
16 Nov 2007
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10 Mar 2008
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He power of one DieHard Platinum battery powers 24 cars without batteries, the man that invented electronic music, and his lights and keyboards. Bring on the groupies.See more torture tests at *******Www.Diehard.Com.Hear The Pleasure Principle album in its entirety live this fall: *******Www.Garynuman.Co.Uk *******Www.Diehard.ComT
22 Jul 2010
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From her sexy YouTube clip, 2008 Cyber Girl of the Year Jo Garcia tests out the new Wii Fit. *******www.playboy****
18 Oct 2008
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*******www.FreePostCardMoney**** On Jan 7 Hans and I conducted the first round of tests for the Tweet Race Prototype at the Glenview test center. After months of development work, we were finally able to get Twitter and vehicle to communicate directly. And we got it on film!
19 Jan 2011
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*******www.FreePostCardMoney**** On Jan 7 Hans and I conducted the first driving tests for the Tweet Race Prototype. Watch how we maneuver it into a parking spot right next to a brand new SLS AMG -- using only Twitter. Everything went according to plan. But it was a VERY close call.
19 Jan 2011
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