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PremiumTollFreeVanity is All-in-One, Business Marketing Platform, only kind in marketplace to deliver value to your business with • Premium Toll Free Vanity Phone Numbers (in-bound calling) • SMS/Text Marketing • Email Marketing • Coupon Generation and distribution • Loyalty Programs • Cross Channel Marketing • Campaign Management • Automation • Real Time tracking and reporting of Calls, SMS and Emails For More Details Contact: 1-THIS IS NUMBER / (1-844-747-6862)
14 Mar 2017
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Hello Youtubers, Digital Marketing is the whole new type of business promotion. Business promotion is communicating with the public in an attempt to influence them toward buying your products and/or services. You might communicate in person through direct selling or in a retail store, via the internet through a website or social media platform, electronically through email or text messaging (SMS marketing), just to name a few of the more popular business communication channels, but it's the intention to influence the consumer that defines promotion and sets it apart from other communication with customers and/or clients. The words promotion and advertising are often used interchangeably, but they're not the same thing. Advertising is one specific action you could take to promote your product or service. It's one type of promotion. Promotion, as a general term, includes all the ways available to make a product and/or service known to and available to purchase by customers. The word promotion is also used specifically to refer to a particular activity that is intended to promote the business, product or service. A store might advertise that it's having a big promotion on certain items, for instance, or a business person may refer to an ad as a promotion. Businesses also often create or buy promotional merchandise, products that often have been branded with a company's logo, to give away at events such as trade shows or as thank yous to customers.
15 Mar 2017
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"Zone" Lyrics Intro "The moons and the stars they could go so far, it's like everywhere we are they know who we are, all the diamonds and the rings and the flashy things I just wanna live my dreams, live life and sing verse 1 sometimes I just wanna go sometimes I just wanna blow sometimes I wanna disappear pack my bags get outta hear because I rather be alone sometimes I wanna reach the stars sometimes I just wanna chill on mars at times i'll grab a bag of leaves of that sticky icky green and my mind would go so far and that's why I turned off my phone and that's why I rather be alone and I won't care what people say ima let the haters hate jelousy won't lead me on so i'll just go hard ima live this dream letting life get by ain't the tip for me so im zoning on and on and on everywhere I go this the life I chose. Chorus I don't know where this life will take me but I just wanna go (go,go,go) and I hope they remember to keep me in my zone as I'm zoning on and on and on and I'm zoning on and on yeah buddy I'm zoning on and on and on yeah I'm zoning on and on Verse 2 I found pain in every heartbeat ima need a life support while on the road to riches I flew out the car seat dark nights that haunted me reminds me of elm street the moonlight shines in my hotel suite sometimes I just want to be alone no text messages or calling on the phone and if she do after the beat leave it at the tone my composition more than simple like the Margion i'm in my zone but lately drunk off this hour glass my time is wasted procrastinating now is later but nothing's sweet being you is the only person you could ever be seeing you is the only person I could ever see no coincidence that little bo pete had lost his sheep time flies by but mine has flone I buy a lot of time I need some time on my own Chorus Repeats as the first.
15 Mar 2017
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A customer texting service has announced the launch of a new mass texting module for auto dealership remarketing, making it the only two way texting platform that offers a mass text messaging feature. Called Sales TextChat, it was created as a way to help clients improve their business and succeed in their local marketplace. Sales TextChat has over 10 years’ experience with business to consumer texting, and its products have reached over 10,000 businesses worldwide, ranging from text and web chat services to SMS marketing platforms. The company boasts an elite team of over 50 in house texting proficient programmers and testers, with a number of patent pending technologies. Contact Info: Name: Roy Revill Organization: RY Enterprises Phone# 845-616-4127 or Text ROY to 69696
19 Mar 2017
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Send free sms / text messages online without having to register or anything. Does not cost a thing and can send as much as you like and you get status reports on your text message
14 Feb 2007
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the fastest way to create a logon text message in the user login screen.
14 Feb 2007
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June 2007 (Medialink) -- America is in the midst of text messaging mania. More than just a popular means of communicating, text messaging can also be the best way to contact someone in times of emergency, such as when severe weather strikes or when critical information needs to be passed along quickly to a large group of people. They’re also an invaluable child safety tool, as text messages are an integral part of the Wireless AMBER Alerts™ program. Moreover, 94% of all text messages are opened and read, something that is crucial in light of the recent tragedies at Virginia Tech and in tornado ravaged Greensburg, Kansas. Produced for CTIA-The Wireless Association®
19 Jun 2007
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Just enter your friends cell number, subject, message and Google will send your text message instantly. Completely free of charge. You can prank your friends because its anonymous, which means that your friends will never know who sent them the text message! or not.
16 Aug 2007
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Animated Talking Text Message sis a fun program to use that lets you send messages via verizon cell phone or from your computer to computer. It is very fun, it will let you say what ever you want and you may chose different characters to say the words. It is a fun animated messenger that is sure to wow your friends.
11 Dec 2007
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An easy way to add cell phone text messaging to your website for free. sms, gateway,
28 Dec 2007
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Send a text message, from a mobile phone to a landline phone. You can have so much fun with this. Give it a go.
19 Jan 2008
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This video tutorial will walk you through setting up a contact form that alerts you by text message (sms) when you have a new email. It's easy to setup and it's free. A user fills out a contact form like usual on your website and when they click submit, you get an email from the user and an alert to your cell phone.
16 Jan 2009
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This will show how to send a free text message from your ipod touch.
12 Mar 2008
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Here's a free web application designed for you to VOICE you r email, text message or even an sms message. Simply dial their number, Jott to whomever, say what you want and JOTT takes care of the rest. You can find out more information here.....
21 Mar 2008
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CECT A380i, SMS-Text Messaging. More info on
22 Mar 2008
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CECT A380i, SMS-Text Messaging. More info on
28 Apr 2008
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