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See this magical skills of this little one wherein the two-year-old simply walks up to the door to open it. Now that's an interesting power to have.
15 Jun 2017
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Is that for real? That is what he thinks of people?
9 Apr 2006
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My dog is a brilliant football player, at least that's what he thinks... At the end of the movie where he almost slides away because of his superfast reaction time...
6 Dec 2006
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Some churches require that the members give 10% of their income. Some churches go as far as to request their income tax statements. God, is not a person, nor a king, and requires no money. The best donation is from the heart as it comes from pure intention. Required donations are forced and are given hesitantly. If you'd like to give, give from your heart, but know that God (what people think is God) does not need your money. Be aware of where the money is spent. Is your hard-working money paying off lawsuits and scandals? Be aware.
10 Jan 2008
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*******www.NewAbundantLivingSystem**** Abundant Living System - Green Screen Works For Cash Gifting Join our Abundant Living System Community Training Center Here: *******www.AbundantLivingSystem.ning**** Believe it when I say it, “Cash Gifting and Abundant Living System are the new Phenomenon!” Think about it… Why are so many of the home base businesses not doing as hot right now? Is it because everyone is over all the hype of selling products and not getting results right away? That is what I think and its not just me its all over the internet. People are looking elsewhere right now because they are tired of ordering products, selling products, and all the promises that they hear when they join the certain home based business. It amazes me everyday when I receive an e-mail or call from someone who is the home based businesses industry and are looking to seek towards something else because their business isn’t converting as well as it once was. They are not having much success and without success, people will leave, that is why people are turning to Cash Gifting more and more each day. There are 3 main reasons why home based businesses are failing; Hype, Products, and Simplicity... People are tired of all the HYPED up programs that will give you results right away, only later to find out that they don’t get results. People are tired of getting promised one thing and getting another. People are getting smart and seeing right through all the HYPED up programs that promise you the best training and support only to find out that they are not trained at all. Left on their own to make their sells and how to market themselves as well as their products. Not the best way to start off if I may so say myself! Not only are people tired of the hyped up programs, but the hyped up PRODUCTS. They are tired of having to sell their products. Tired of trying to prove to people that they have the next and hottest product on the market etc… Now a lot of these products do work, but we all know that the products are just a front in exchange for the money. I mean think about it, do people join a home based business to SELL PRODUCTS, or to earn some extra cash or even to make this your career? This is why Cash Gifting and Abundant Living System are the way to go. We have taken out the middle man, which is the product, and went straight to the source, which is CASH!!! When joining a home based business you are promised that your product is the best new thing and how you will make all this money by spending a few hours a WEEK! You are promised that it is the easiest way to make money. Once again you find out later that you were lied to. You were spending WAY more then a few hours a week or even a day on your business dealing with transactions and paper work. It was not as simple as you were once told it would be. You found out that it was a lot more head ache then anything. Dealing with all the products, sells, transactions, and paper work was basically like working a second job, which is not what you signed up for. With Cash Gifting and Abundant Living System you will find that it truly is simple. If you can handle spending some time on marketing and branding yourself, answering a few phone calls or e-mails and making your website your own, then you can do Cash Gifting with Abundant Living System. Cash Gifting with Abundant Living System truly is the new Phenomenon. The above reasons are why so many are turning to Cash Gifting daily. There are no hassles. No products. No Hype. That is the beauty about Cash Gifting. It truly is simple for everyone. It is so easy to see why so many are joining the Cash Gifting trend. So when you are ready to join where the money is at, let me know and I will show you the way to financial freedom! To fine out more click the link below: *******www.NewAbundantLivingSystem****
19 Oct 2008
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This Business Online TV show brings expert advice from Nigel Edelshain, CEO, Sales 2.0, on why writing yet another proposal could well be a waste of your time. People write proposals, he says, because that’s what they think is required, or is being asked for. In this business TV show he looks at why people spend half a day producing a proposal that gets them nowhere, and what you need to know about getting out of proposal jail! See this show to find out: - What proposal jail is and how to spring yourself out - Why people are too focussed on the proposal and not the selling process - Why you need to focus on the selling - Why you should co-author with the decision makers - How doing the above creates a more ‘natural’ way to move through the sales process See more business news television shows and get even more of the best expert business advice from Nigel Edelshain at *******www.yourbusinesschannel**** Find out more about the very latest show releases, as well as other yourBusinessChannel news by visiting our blog at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/blog.aspx
23 Oct 2008
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It did really well, it got here as promised, but there were some serious problems along the way. I think the main thing you guys need to know is you need know is you to be able to track this order throughout its entire process. Its not acceptable to show in this modern day age and what you guys charge for this service, I mean there are plenty of other people out there, plenty of shipping methods available, but you have to be able to show more than; order sent to pharmacy, pharmacy sent order and then that’s it, you have to be able to show status in each process with time stamps you know similar to what a UPS or a FedEx service does, I mean you guys are offering a premium product so you need to be able to do this. So all in all that’s how it is, I mean we got do that and that’s what I think, you guys can do a lot better, and all in all it was good, it did arrive but I mean the other good thing that I was going to say is that the chat service is a really good idea, I really like being able to go online. They weren’t able to solve all my problems. They weren’t able to really give me any answers in regards to tracking because with your procedure there is no answers but it did work well for Chad and it did go ok when I called in but all in all the time to be able to get service and answers was too long so I think you need to improve that and all in all find a new tracking method that works so its smoother through and through.
25 Feb 2009
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Justin was told he was fat all the time in Japan, so he made a song and a video making himself into a character that epitomizes what he thinks he must look like in the eyes of the Japanese
18 Dec 2009
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The hot and voloptous Hollywood singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez has reportedly bagged the biggest deal of her life, at least that's what we think.She has reportedly getting a whooping $12 million deal to be the judge on popular reality tv show 'American Idol'.
23 Sep 2010
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‪*******www.gearhartlaw****/‬ "Pure genius". That's what we think of our clients. They just think they're in good company. With years of experience, extensive knowledge, and a distinguished reputation, Gearhart Law is committed to providing our clients exceptional service in the practice of Patent & Trademark Law. Improper patent and trademark protection can make a business venture take a turn for the worse. Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs to global companies. Our wide ranging and extensive patent experience will help you avoid costly mistakes and protect your ideas. We make the legal procedure accessible for our clients, we are supportive through every step of the way, and our unique "Gearhart Network" of contacts can help develop ideas from conception to mass-market production. If you have any questions please contact us at (908) 273-0700 or hellogearhartlaw****
14 Jan 2012
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Gilbert Leadership Conference 2012 Character. Service. Involvement Website: Video proFile™ page: *******www.videoprofile****/video/page/non-profits/gilbert-leadership-video/ of the things that most other schools forget about, but that A&M loves and so accepts is just the tradition of the freshman class... ... It’s about character and figuring out what do you put your priorities in, what personality traits when someone looks at you, what’s really important to you... ... It’s to honor David and to inspire people with David’s life, and to share his story... ...David was just a very good friend, and he was a very good friend to anyone who he was a friend to, which was, I mean it is a ridiculous amount of people who, look at the number of people that came to the service. Look at the number of people who have come up to you guys over the years and said, “I loved your son.” I think that was the thing, is he just was endearing. If you met David, he was a great guy. He really cared about you. He would sit down, have a conversation with you. - Leadership - Service - Integrity - Character - Servant Leadership - Involvement - Celebrating Character That first year after David passed away was hard. It was a hard year. ...We are excited about the future of the GLC. It’s beyond our simple minds... ... I’m so glad that I did because GLC, I can say with full confidence, has been the most impactful thing on my life since coming to A&M. ...What I would say to you now, a few years later, is that at A&M and also in the world, a name matters. The Gilbert name, on campus, means something different now, than it did. It means something. It means a lot. It means what David meant to us. We tried to put a little piece of that into the conference...You should tell people, “I didn’t know David Gilbert, but this conference is named after this incredible person. This is what we’re here to do.” ...we also want to impact the people that are here today to continue to take advantage of every opportunity that they have on this Earth, at A&M. Inspiring Service We cared so deeply about this conference, and we wanted it to go off without a hitch. You can just see how bad we just wanted it to be great...that’s why I’m here right now, and why I applied to be on staff for the conference, just because of what an impact it made on my life and and saying, “What do you do with tomorrow?” ...this really is one of the most incredible, I call it the best kept secret of A&M... ...So much about this conference is not about looking back at what we did. That is the grounding and that is important, but it’s instilling all of that in what is going forward... I went on the second conference as a delegate. After that, I was in charge of delegates. Last year, I was in charge of operations. Now I’m in charge of programming. Maybe next year, I’ll try to do development and cover the whole committee. ...I was a delegate on the second conference. I was a programs for the third conference... Now I get the honor of serving as director. I don’t know, I feel like everyone’s going to change history...if we’re doing this now, in college, what are we going to do in ten years...? ...Last year, I had a blast serving as programs coordinator with Thomas. This year I serve as a development coordinator with Allison. It’s my third year being involved, and it’s awesome. ...That’s exciting to be a part of, and to see that’s still going on. ...the cool thing is, they go ask freshmen as delegates, we touch on leadership, getting involved. That next semester comes around, they are getting involved. They’re becoming chairs of the conference. I remember being at the conference and thinking wow, I mean, I looked at these guys, I looked at the delegates, and I just I knew that this would never end. It would never stop. Encouraging Involvement ...the one thing it should be, is about helping freshmen find their passion early on......that’s what I love about A&M is the love that everyone has for the freshman class... that’s what I think the spirit of GLC kind of also incorporated a lot was to not forget about the freshman class, and not forget about people that can kind of slip through cracks... just, it gives you so many things because you don’t just go to school. I didn’t really learn that much in class, but I got a lot of experience to do a lot of things. That’s just a big part of who I am today... ...I remember after going on GLC, I was just blown away. It just blew my mind to hear David’s story. I had never heard anything or experienced anything at A&M. Granted I had been there for like two months. I had never, in my life, experienced anything like that.... By far, speakers are great, and they love them, but that’s not what they talk about when they get back. They talk about the Gilberts... ... We’ll get emotional. You all talked about it. I will get emotional. I remember Laura and I praying about it, and there was just a peace about it. We were amazed at what happened... ...hearing from the Gilberts, is by far, the coolest thing, I think, right now that the conference does and has to offer to the freshmen... I can’t put into words the impact that GLC has had on my life. Out of everything I’ve had the blessing and the privilege to be involved in at A&M, and things that equipped me to be a leader, I think that what I learned as a freshman as a delegate, what I learned last year as committee, and what I’m learning today, right now, as being on committee, are just as valuable as anything else I’ve done, if not more. ...It’s just one of those things that gets you a leg up, and helps you start having those interactions with people who have followed their passions. God began to lay on my heart the idea...a freshman leadership conference......inspired by David & his faithful legacy of leadership and service... Rachel Toppert Texas A&M, 2006 Father we are, you are an awesome God. You are a perfect God, a sovereign God. Father we just look back and the beauty of your provision is that we can look back and see what’s happened, and we know your hand is in this, and we just praise your name... Gilbert Leadership Conference Apply Now: ******* Character Service Involvement
16 Oct 2012
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I CHEATED ON SARAH... or at least that's what she thinks I did! Watch what she does at the end..! :(
31 Jan 2018
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