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This was Juliet's 17'th birthday. Our friend Jon and I planed to scare Juliet to death! Hahaha watch this! P.S. If you're wondering why I was singing "oops I did it again" by Britney Spears, is because I needed Jon to hear us coming. I know...weird way of doing that. Feel free to comment and rate. It's not that funny though haha.
7 Aug 2009
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This vid isn't that funny, it's more based on "dark humor". Enjoy! This video occurred in the ending years of the Clone War. The Separatists Trade Federation Droid Control Ships ion cannon was strong enough to shut down the entire Star Destroyer. This Star Destroyer was still new to the Republic and was a prototype. This Star Destroyer's only crew was a Security Clone Trooper where he signed up on testing the prototype even though he have no piloting experience. So the only job was to move the Star Destroyer through space, no battle stations. So, this explains why did the Star Destroyer got so easily destroyed by the Droid Control Ship. The voice was done by me but amplified by a voice changer, so my voice sounds really deep. Hope youll enjoy it! Subscribe and Rate it! Statistics on April 7: #9 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Comedy - Hong Kong #81 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Comedy - Hong Kong #19 - Top Favorited (This Month) - Comedy - Hong Kong #22 - Top Rated (This Month) - Comedy - Hong Kong
6 Sep 2009
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day later still vomiting, wish I had got the first nights on film, but it really wasn't that funny at the time. This on the other hand is hilarious.
5 Oct 2009
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Fox and Burger King rag on the Cowboys and Jessica Simpson. Not really that funny; wonder if they regret running now.Well guess they did; both have apologized for this vid. *******content.usatoday****/communities/thehuddle/post/2009/10/fox-burger-king-apologize-for-cowboys-cartoon-skit-mocking-jessica-simpsons-weight/1
10 Nov 2009
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Last Chaos - Best Friends by Toy Box. my attempt at making a funny vid. ok i know i'm not that funny ok. thats why i didn't become a comedian. i'll be broke. i wait, i'm still broke.
14 Nov 2009
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15 Dec 2009
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Another Hit song from Akon's awesome debut album, "Freedom." Check out my channel for all of Akon's new songs from his masterpiece 2008 album, "Freedom." LYRICS: [Akon] rubbin' on that Italian leather them Konvict jeans on ay yo Weezy you ready yea [Chorus] I get it in til the sun rise doin 90 in a 65 windows rolled down screamin out ay ay I'm I'm so paid number 1 hustler gettin' money why you wanna count my money I'm a hustler don't need nann one of y'all see I'm so paid I see police on the crooked I doin a 100 on Interstate ninety-five my shorty leanin, blastin that do or die pushin that motherfuckin wood cuz we certified got a system that'll beat and knock your wall off got a pump under my seat, the sawed-off got a bunch of goons hope they never call off and my snipers sittin on the roof already saw y'all ain't too much to put a strain on me thats the reason why I have to put the blame on me rather have them dolla' bills rain on me than to let them haters come and make a name off me thats why [Chorus] I get it in til the sun rise doin 90 in a 65 windows rolled down screamin out ay ay I'm I'm so paid number 1 hustler gettin' money why you wanna count my money I'm a hustler don't need nann one of y'all see I'm so paid I'm the boss it only takes one call for a driver to hit you up and drop you off thats all guess what I won't be takin that fall homie I got cake thats what I'm payin them for haha ain't that funny cuz niggas they want war but ain't got money cuz I seen them all talk until they start gunnin quicker than Usain Bolt the fastest thang runnin yea Akon Weezy Block Royal holdin down Jersey Devon makin sure we gettin it up front my lil brother boo got that vision baby [Chorus] I get it in til the sun rise doin 90 in a 65 windows rolled down screamin out ay ay I'm I'm so paid number 1 hustler gettin' money why you wanna count my money I'm a hustler don't need nann one of y'all see I'm so paid [Lil Wayne] ah hem, big money Weezy white wife beater with the sig underneath it how do I feel bitch I feel undefeated snap my fingers disappear from the precinct yea I'm ballin' we ball out ball 'til we fall until the ball bounce I send some niggas with guns at y'all house only to find out you live in a doll house damn but I thought you was tough though we carry choppers on our necks call it cut throat we, bury cowards on the set that they come from we, kno magic turn weed smoke to gun smoke we, ball first when we ride you, in a hearse when you ride ey ey I put my shoe down baby and I'm holding down Young Mula baby thats why [Chorus] I get it in til the sun rise doin 90 in a 65 windows rolled down screamin out ay ay I'm I'm so paid number 1 hustler gettin' money why you wanna count my money I'm a hustler don't need nann one of y'all see I'm so paid
1 Feb 2010
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Joe was still laughing over the picture, but Sophie didn’t get it at all, she didn’t think it was that funny cause it just brought back memories.. Joe: Oh come on it is! Sophia:(Grabs the magazine off Joe & flings it in the bin): There Joe: Why...why.. Kaylee: Will you shut up! Joe: Ok Sophia(Laughs): For once Joe: Ok Sophia(Smiles at Joe & hugs him): You know I don’t really want you too, you can chat as much as you like on the flight! Joe: Ok! Kaylee(Sobbing): Noooooo..oh sssshh dude’s there they are (The three of them look over and see Aly & AJ right outside the perfume shop where Briley and Kevin are, they look around and see that Chelsea and Nick had got away, and they seen them getting their bags checked..) Sophia(Rings Kevin): Kevin? Kevin: Yeah, their- Sophia: We know, when I tell you to, run down to Chelsea & Nick, they wont be able to get by the guards ok? Kevin: Ok... Sophia: Guy’s are you’s? Joe&Kaylee: Are you sure this will!! Sophia: Oh my god ssssssh! Ready Kevin?, There right outside, and their turning around to that other shop...GO! Kevin grabs Brianna’s hand and they run down to the gates, Sophia grabs Kaylee and Joe and they start running...Joe looks back and catches AJ’s glance but she doesn't do anything..They reach the gates and they put their cases up.. AJ: Aly..their they are Aly: Oh my god! Their down the end! AJ: Yeah..I should have let them leave.. Aly: What? AJ: Shouldn't we just leave them alone now? Aly: You want HER to have Joe! AJ: Crap! Run! The two sister’s start running and reach the gates, but on the other side the gang are laughing, at them but just at the fact that their all free for once and they walk off to find Taylor.. Aly(Thinking): Make yourself sound like a real dope on front of the staff! Always works for getting attention!(Speaks(lol): Oh my jonas AJ, I guess we’ll like never see them again, I mean I dunno where my Kevy is gone.. Staff member: Figi Aly: Omj! Really!? Staff member: Yeah for 2 weeks at least Aly: Thanks so much, come on sis(Tries to grab AJ, but she wont budge): AJ, move!( AJ turns around and they start walking away) AJ: Your right, she stole Joe from me! Thats why he broke-up with me! Aly: I know sis, I know and I know where their staying AJ: How!? Aly: Looked at the screen, The View Hotel, Figi AJ: There could be like 4 of them!? Aly: Don’t you remember, they went before, when you were dating Joe, its the one owned by Cassie Rafidel AJ: Oh my god! Yeah like! And guy’s all like loved her, she’s like 36-ish! Aly: I know, Oh my god like, stop saying like AJ: And who do you think I get it from? Aly: Like I dunno, I’m gonna call Ryan and Miley now, we’re going on a holiday.. _____ JoBroParker Gang _____ The gang are finally taking off on the plane and are all set for their holiday..And their looking around the plane.. Kevin: FREE at last! Sophia: Yep, sun,sea,and Joe..yay!(Smiles at Joe) Joe: Mmmhmm! Nick: And I have my 2 cans of-Oh crap! What if they don’t sell Diet Coke!? Joe: They will dude, calm down, its not like- Brianna: Well I have a packet of 24 cans in one of my suitcases, so like one a day, but they will Nick(Mouth WIDE open): Whhhhhhhat Brianna(Laughs): The 24 pack of Diet Coke cans lol Nick: Wow Kaylee: Jainy Brianna: What? Kaylee: Nothing (Smiles at Brianna and winks at Sophia) Sophia(Winks back at her and lifts her ee-brow at Brianna): Hehe this will be good Brianna: What? Omj I sooo don’t get older teens! Nick: Nopes, Oh cool Briley check out the fridge! It’s full of Fanta Pineapple and Diet Coke! Brianna: Ohhh no way! Both of our favourites(They both take out cans and Brianna sits up on the counter) Nick: Sooooooooo..Thanks for the Diet Coke! Brianna(Laughs): Its been on my mind all week not to forget the cans so.. Nick(Stands in front of her): Do you mind if I kiss you?(Smiles) Brianna: Obviously not no Nick leans in and kisses her lightly and pulls away.. Brianna(Smiles): Just a wee little taste then yeah? Nick(Smiles back at her): Oh, she wants more! (He leans back in and kisses her passionately for like a minute..) Joe: Right Soph I’ll get you- Ohhhhh....awkward! Nick(Pulls away): Em Brianna(Jumps down): Thanks Nick, its gone off my face now Joe: Haha, Sophie their using the whole face trick thing em..what do you call it exactly? Brianna: I had a thing on my face Joe: Oh right, Nick you’ve got something on your face too Nick: What? Get it off! Joe: Eww know, I’m not gonna lick your face off! I’ll leave that to Bri! Brianna: Nice Joe Nick: Oh haha verrry funny Joe! Joe: I know, I know, no applause please..
18 Feb 2010
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Funny video about a dumb man, who tries to put on his troousers or shorts on his upper body. At the end his friend even helps him before he realises that funny mistake. *******shirta****/designs/view.php?f=2063&t=288395&hilit=%2Asun%2A
26 Feb 2010
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Why do you watch these anyways we're not that funny are you guys stalkers!
17 Mar 2010
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that funny new Kit Kat ad on TV at the mo...check out the website it's pretty cool www.peanutchunky******
22 Mar 2010
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ma first video it might not be that funny but u see for ur self its just some comics I got from the cpu and write a comment ok:)
26 Jul 2010
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Rosie Perez is known primarily for her comedic roles, but there is a much deeper side to the actress than that funny persona she usually takes on. So deep, in fact, that she's portraying a mother whose daughter commits suicide in the Lifetime feature "Lies in Plain Sight" (Saturday, 9 p.m. ET/PT). At 46, the buxom star is an activist who supports causes near and dear to her heart, from politics to public safety issues. So it's not surprising that, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Perez would make a point of encouraging people to give back. In the course of my conversation with the star, Perez revealed her own health scare with the dreaded disease. For the very first time, Perez recalled the time when she discovered a tumor in her breast, which was benign, but utterly terrifying until she got the all-clear from her doctor. "Actually, I never ever said this, ever," she says. "I did have a lump removed when I was younger, in my left breast. It was very, very scary. I didn't really know what was going on, and it was really rushed - and it was a terrible moment in my life." Perez is now more eager than ever to inspire others to get off their duffs and lend a hand to those in need. "Whatever your cause is, go out and tackle it," she says. "The world is only a better place when we make it better. Everybody has to make that drop in the bucket and try to make someone else's life -- not only your own -- that much better. And that comes from charity, charitable works." For more information on breast cancer, check out Lifescript****'s new Breast Cancer Health Center.
7 Oct 2010
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Who would forget Justin Bieber crashing into a glass door and hurting his head while leaving the Radison Hotel in Germany and then hitting a glass window making this two incidents! Sure he was not feeling too good after those accidents Did you ever run and crash into a glass door once or twice? It may have all started when he was singing and fell off the coffe table during his parody of Scarlet Takes a Tumble that Funny or Die skit. See all those clips of him having these accidents then see our parody of those clips afterwards. This is a perfect time for you to submit your version of the Bieber Bump and post it as a video response down below. Audition for acting or singing and be on TV. See how by visiting our auditions website at: *******www.all4tubekids****/audition We own rights to all images and video clips used in this video under fair use for commentary and informational purposes. Royalty Free Music By Jason Shaw and is released under Creative Commons license 3.0 *******www.audionautix**** See our best prank contest video at the link below: ***********/watch?v=JmBFWWxHMvs
15 Nov 2010
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Got bored. Forgive me if it's not all that funny.... ^^; I OWN NOTHING!! Anime- Higurashi no naku koro ni Audio- Despicable Me Trailer Cast Keichii- Gru Rena- Vector (and the minions) Mion- Margo Oishi- Dr. Nefario Rika- Agnes (and the minions) Satoko and Shion- the minions Mion's Uncle- Fairground Guy
18 Jan 2011
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'Til Death Season: 2 Comedy? Funny. Talking about what makes comedy funny? Usually not that funny.
4 May 2011
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