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if hulk could have its stand alone.
10 Dec 2017
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On Thursday 4th of September, Amy Winehouse, The Hulk and Batman hit the streets of London to tell the public about the release of Disaster Movie.
1 Jan 2009
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Classic Game Room reviews MARVEL SUPER HEROES for Sega Saturn by Capcom from 1997. Based on the 1995 arcade machine, Marvel Super Heroes is a one or two player 2D style fighting game with Marvel characters such as Wolverine, Captain America, Psylocke, The Hulk and Magneto. Each character has a storyline and fights through the videogame to the end boss. The plots are loosely based on Infinity Gauntlet as characters fight for Infinity Gems which can be used as short term power ups to give you an edge in battle.
15 Jul 2012
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To celebrate the release of The Avengers on Blu-ray, Arris is breaking down one of his favorite characters, The Hulk!
27 Sep 2012
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CGRtrailers, from Classic Game Room®, presents a trailer from the 2012 New York Comic Con (NYCC) focusing on game features in MARVEL HEROES from Gazillion Entertainment. This trailer shows off some of the various gameplay features/characters that players will be able to experience and use in Marvel Heroes, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game. It appears as though the entire Marvel Comics library of characters is open to players to use and customize with things such as costumes from across the eras. Characters that appear in this trailer include The Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Spider-Man, The Punisher, Doctor Doom, Jean Grey, Daredevil, Venom, Captain America, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage and many more. Enjoy! Be sure to check out more video game clips, previews and trailers from Classic Game Room's CGRtrailers at *******www.metacafe****/CGRtrailers Check out more reviews from Classic Game Room at: *******www.metacafe****/ClassicGameRoom and *******www.metacafe****/CGRundertow And connect with us at: *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** *******www.facebook****/ClassicGameRoom ******* *******www.twitter****/ClassicGameRoom *******www.twitter****/CGRundertow
17 Oct 2012
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Today Arris puts two of the strongest characters in comics up againset each other The Hulk Vs. Doomsday! Plus find out who what comics you should buy this week.
4 Jul 2013
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BushLeagueTV presents Mr. Comic Con aka the biggest nerd at this year's Comic Con! Check out the site *******
11 Sep 2009
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BushLeagueTV's Take on sideshow collectibles! Check out the site *******
7 Aug 2008
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If you've ever wanted to know about Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, and the early days of comics, Tales to Astonish is the book for you.
28 Aug 2008
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Easy to watch
9 Apr 2009
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We were asked to create a Super Hero T-Shirt video promotion for a publication that covers comic books. We used some of our older Super Hero Clips and photos of some of our Super Hero T-Shirts along with a little boy who thinks he is The Incredible Hulk. What you don't see was his sister getting crunched at the end of each of his Hulk charges.
23 May 2012
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Watch Sir Mix-A-Lot's tasty collaboration with the Butterfinger Defense League! Check out www.butterfinger****/defenseleague to see all three defense league members in action!
26 Apr 2010
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