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Alibaba, China and the 40 thieves
25 Jul 2008
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   Ave Maria! [Update: The 2008 40-Days-for-Life Vigil starts Sept 24 in approximately 300 cities across America, praying outside of abortion clinics 24 hours a day for 40 days ending Nov 2, just prior to the presidential election. www.40daysforlife****]Friar Roderic caught up with Fr Angelo Gieger in front of the Abortion Clinic in Norwich, CT, on the night of the start of the 40 Days for Life campaign, which is now into Day 11.We here at AirMaria apologize for not getting this footage up sooner - we have been so busy preparing for the Videotaping and Live-Streaming of the Coredemption Conference in Indiana, preparing for several NCE-FM License Applications, and to top it all off, madly preparing for the Boot Camp at the friary starting on Oct 19th. Whew!!!Anyways, all these activities end during the same week in October (the 19th) and then our AirMaria crew will receive a manpower boost, with the addition of two Novices to the team, and we will have much more time to devote to keeping up with our postings. Ave Maria!
6 Aug 2008
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This Encyclopedia Britannica vintage etiquette video discusses proper skin care. This film follows three adorable 1940's kids as they learn to take care of their precious bodies. Skin, often taken for granted, is one of the most essential parts of the human body - what with layers of physical, chemical and mechanical defense. The little tykes, Fred, Billy, and Virginia, are treated to a wholesome lesson on personal cleanliness. This educational video provides timeless advice for anyone's health and well being.
1 Aug 2008
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New Horizons is a magnificent vintage video that demonstrates how railroads in the 1940s were revolutionizing the American South. Emphasizing how the railroads lead the way in modernization, the film explores all the ways in which the South was experiencing an economic, industrial, and agricultural renaissance while still being the South “whose roots are embedded deep in the honored tradition of the old.” Interestingly, the problem of race and segregation is touched upon in a most progressive fashion for the time: the film mentions how workers both white and black labored together in the spirit of diversity and modernization of Southern culture. Overall, New Horizons is a fascinating cultural experience.
6 Aug 2008
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2 Sep 2008
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Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland sings Remix of Everyday America throwing in a little Madonna and Beyonce. This is a hilarious clip!
6 Mar 2009
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Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland sings Remix of Everyday America throwing in a little Madonna and Beyonce. This is a hilarious clip!
9 Mar 2009
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*******www.muscleprinciples**** In the third video of the series you're going to learn about the main muscle building foods. In the previous parts of the video course you've learned about the importance of a good eating plan and increased caloric intake. In this video you're going to learn about where you should gather from calories from, simply because if you'll gather your calories from the wrongs foods - you'll gain fat, instead of muscle.
12 Mar 2010
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Cabaret diva, singer, songwriter and character comedian, Nikki Aitken is a remarkable emerging Australian talent. She weaves sassy musical theatre performance, storytelling and character comedy into one priceless show after the next. Recorded at the Odyssey Festival in Adelaide, 2009. Shot and edited by Dan Monceaux of danimations.
13 Jan 2010
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Who in their right mind decided this would be a great idea? <br /><br />Click here to watch more <a href="*******www.videobash****/videos/animals">animal videos</a>! <br />Facebook page <a href="*******www.facebook****/videobashfan">*******www.facebook****/videobashfan</a>
28 Mar 2012
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I just turned 40! WTF!? Subscribe! and add us on Twitter! ********twitter****/#!/HCGSHOW
13 Jan 2014
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THE BAXTER features a fantastic heavyweight comedy cast featuring Michael Showalter (Stella, The State, Signs, Sex and the City, Reno: 911 Miami) as the baxter Elliot Sherman, Elizabeth Banks (Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Definitely Maybe, The 40 Year Old Virgin), Paul Rudd (Knocked Up, Anchorman) and Michelle Williams (Im Not There, Brokeback Mountain).
21 Feb 2009
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MARTIAL CRONOLOGY : ANDREW DASZ WWW.KUNGFUGRUPO.COM 1977 - It is born the 29 of May in the Federal Capital of the city of Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina. 1983 - Monsignor Antonio Sabelli begins his primary studies in the Catholic School, in the same city of origin. 1987 - Its training of Martial Arts with the Korean art Tae Kwoon Do begins (International Tae Kwoon Do Federation). 1988 - It participates in his first Championship of TKD in the city of Between Rivers - Argentina. 1989 - Championship of TKD participatesº in its 2, conquering the 1º position in forms by equipment next to its twin brother and 2º position in individual forms. 1990 - It participates in his first "Opened" Championship, competing against different modalities from martial arts. 1991 - It knows and it trains next to the famous competitor of the Full Professional Contact, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace in the Seminary dictated by him in Buenos Aires and participates in the Congress of Physical Agreement of Cory Everson, 6 times Ms. Olimpia. - It studies of self-taught form several referring subjects to Martial Arts, Eastern Filosofia, Nutrition and Cinema of Martial Arts. 1992 - It trains different Japanese Martial Arts (Ninjutsu and Aikido), and begins the practice of Olimpica Gymnastics. 1993 - It initiates its training of Chinese Arts in the schools of Horacio and Claudius I gave Renzo, studying Hung Gar and Ving Tsun Kung Fu, among other styles of Kung Fu. 1994 - It participates in several Championship of Hung Gar Kung Fu obtaining outstanding classifications and begins its training in Kick-Boxing/Full Contact. 1995 - It obtains the graduation of Instructor of the Association Wu Shing Kung Fu, studies the Metodo de Elongación and Estiramiento "Frank Dux" and participates in seminaries dictated by the Teachers of the Chinese Martial Art, Chan Kwok Wai, Its Yu Chan and Jerry Lee. 1996 - It knows other styles Kung Fu (Tai Chi Chuan, Mantis Tong Long, Chin Na) and travels to São Paulo-Brazil, to train directly with the Teacher I read Imamura, representative of the Moy Yat Ving Tsun for South America. 1997 - It travels again to Brazil to become student-resident of the Central Nucleus of the Association Moy Yat de Ving Tsun Kung Fu.-Participa in the Short course dictated by the Dra. Vanise Imamura on Metodo DMC - Martial Unfolding for Children. 1998 - It receives the qualification of Total Instructor, denominated Biu Je Certification, in the city of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. - its race like Instructor in the Central Nucleus of Sao Paulo Begins - Host South American woman of the Moy Yat Ving Tsun de New York/USA -, dictating to classes for children and adults. Parallel to this continuous one studying pedagogía traditional Chinese through inumerables courses and seminaries in the same establishment. 1999 - Disciple of the Teacher becomes I read Imamura (Sifu) and his wife Vanise Imamura (Simo), receiving the name-kung fu of the Great Teacher Moy Yat:Moy Hei Lock, sinificando: That that is doubly happy. - He participates in different courses dictated by Martial Intelligence in Sao Paulo on several subjects related to the management from Training centers of Kung Traditional Fu. Such as: Marketing, Human Management of Resources, Resources, Infantile Pedagogía, etc. 2000 - Generation with Great Teacher Moy Yat,º discipulo direct makes the ceremony of Disciple of 2 of Patriarch Yip Man (who outside Masterful one of Brushes Lee in Hong Kong). - one becomes responsáble of the Financial Sector of the Central Nucleus of the Moy Yat Ving Tsun. (www.myvt****.br) 2001 - It knows several teachers of the Moy Yat Ving Tsun, among them Miguel Hernadez, Benny Meng, Henry Moy, Pete Pajil and Willian Moy, during his day in Brazil. 2002 - It is invited by his Teacher to initiate the last level of the System Ving Tsun, Bot Jom Doa (Knives of Eight Cuts). 2003 - It participates in the commemoration and the 40 organization ofº Anniversary of the Teacher I read Imamura and of the presentation of the Program Moy Yat Ving Tsun de Martial Inteligencia for Brazil, made in an imposing hotel in Ativaia-Sao Paulo. 2004 - It assumes the position of Rotating Director of the Central Nucleus of the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Martial Intelligence and knows the disciple oldest the Great Teacher Moy Yat, Michy Chan. - It organizes different National and International events on Ving Tsun Kung Fu in the city of Sao Paulo. 2005 - It returns to Buenos Aires and incursiona in the Boxing Recreativo-Amateur. - It begins its race of actor through courses and workshops on Techniques of Performance and Footbridge. - Obra of Theater in the Avenue Presents/displays Current-City of Buenos Aires. - Pilot of Soap opera POLVORITA Participates in the Chapter (USA/Mexico). He begins to train Martial Choreographies of Acción/Artes periodically. - He travels for Spain and he founds next to his brother, the Fights Choreographers Group. - He participates in the accomplishment of cortometraje EVOLUTION, like Coreógrafo, Adviser of Martial Arts and Co-protagonist.
29 Sep 2006
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Adaptación con marionetas del clásico relato de la tradición árabe. Fátima es secuenstrada por Ali Baba y los cuarenta ladrones y Aladino y Simbad deberán rescatarla con ayuda del Genio. Más información en Muppet adatation of the classic arabian tales. Fatima is kidnapped by ali Baba and the 40 thieves and Aladdin and Simbad have to rescue her with the Genie help. More info in
13 Nov 2006
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Travel Vermont: New England Travel, Grafton, VT- Travel Video PostCard Travel New England is Vermont Travel. Travel in Vermont is perfect Family Travel where small, intimate B and Bs in Vermont beckon from authentic towns or the beautiful Green Mountains. Grafton, Vermont, is one of Vermonts most charming towns. Grafton, Vermont, is quintessential New England, and Grafton, Vermont, is pure Vermont Travel, a picturesque village with taverns, inns, antique shops and Golden Ponds. Grafton, Vermont, in southern Vermont is famous for Grafton artisan cheese still made by hand from small herds of cows. And Vermonts white, steepled churches still chime the time in Grafton. Skiers and cross-country skiers seeking to ski in New England appreciate the quiet cross-country ski trails of Grafton, Vermont. This is the place to travel with children in New England. Because there are old barns made into workshops for real blacksmiths who still hammer out horseshoes and make art on anvils. The fall foliage in Grafton, Vermont, is spectacular and no New England Travel, no Vermont travel is complete without a stay in Grafton, Vermont. It feels like an America of the 40s or 50s. Bellows Falls, Vermont, is about ten miles from Grafton, with the first covered bridge in Vermont. Bellows Falls and Grafton have many historic sites and crafts of Vermont.
6 Mar 2007
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*******www.caribbeanwhalefriends**** - On May 28th 2007, 6 carribean countries will be 'paid off' by the Japanese government to vote for OVERTURNING the 40 year long whaling ban that has protected the species. Please visit *******www.caribbeanwhalefriends**** or *******www.myspace****/helpthewhales to find out how you can help prevent this tragedy.
18 May 2007
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