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The clip holding back from The American President (1995) It's delicious. Thank you. Is there any more? Tons. I didn't think you liked it. You kidding? Of course I did. It's not for me. The agent who checked the food thought it was delicious. I told him I'd bring him some if there was any left. So you didn't like it. No, I loved it. You're lying. No, I'm not. You are. I can tell. You do a thing with your face. When have you ever seen me do a thing with my face? Two days before I met you... you were giving a speech for the Daughters of the American Revolution. I was there. You were? You remember the speech? Vaguely. "Americans can no longer afford to pretend they live in a great society. " There was supposed to be something after that. How did you know that? I told you. The face. Cheers. Oh, wow! What's the occasion? You're lookin' at a lady who's two votes shy of the promised land. Two votes? I got Pennybaker. That got me Cass and Zimmer. That's great work, Sydney. I'm not there yet. No matter what happens, you have every reason to be proud of yourself. I'll be proud when I see you sign the bill. Well, yeah. Andy? You're doing that thing with your face.
16 Nov 2011
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