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Yoga Vidya Mandiram's teacher training courses in Rishikesh are designed to provide a comprehensive lesson on yoga. Through these courses you will not only learn the ancient techniques of yoga you will also learn how to implement them in your life. With our yoga teacher training in Rishikesh you can become a certified trainer and will be able to share the knowledge with the world and help improve people's life no matter where you are. 
10 Apr 2018
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Culture and heritage are a distinct part of the identity of an individual and a community. The BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha hosts a variety of initiatives to help Indians stay connected with their cultural roots. The Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Delhi and Gandhinagar stand as a testament to the 10,000 year old culture of the Indian subcontinent and will remain a tribute for future generations. Various exhibitions and special Mega Festivals bring India to the doorsteps of Indians living both geographically and ideologically outside of India. Mystic India, the first large format film ever produced about India, transported the mysticism of India to the hearts and homes of millions worldwide. BAPS mandirs preserve ancient Hindu traditions. They are a celebrated example of majestic Indian architecture and promote a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle prescribed by the ancient sages. Through BAPS’ many cultural initiatives, millions of people can experience they beauty of India and its traditions.
11 Apr 2018
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The heart symbol is the symbol used to indicate the heart itself or love. Real human heart resembles very vaguely. During antiquity, the ancient Greeks and Romans associated female beauty mainly with the forms of the bodies of women from the back. That is the symbol of the heart is nothing else but the reproduction on paper of the female pelvis.
12 Apr 2018
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The Sultan Ahmed I (the first) established Himmatnager in 1426 AD to put a control on the political Activities of the Rao of Idar. The Sultan loved the place so much that it was renamed as Ahmedanagar from the name of him. Thereafter, in 1848 AD, it was again handed over to the kingdom of Idar and got re-christened to its current name Himmatnagar, derived from the king Himmat Singh ji, the ruler of the state in those times. Idar is a beautifully established town located at the foothills of the 500 ft high rocky hill on which the Fort of Idar Gadh lies. The Pahiyar Rajputs are believed to have re-established Idar. These rajputs have ruled over Idar by operating from Chittor. During the 12th century, the king of Idar joined hands with king Pruthviraj Chauhan to fight against the Muslim rulers and eventually got killed in 1193 during the battle of Thanesar, a battle that proved to be a fatal loss for the Hindus. Thereafter Idar went into the hands of Hathi Sord Koli after whose death his son Shamaliyo came into the throne. The Rathod king Sonangji killed Shamaliyo and established his dysnasty in Idar. Thereafter the Rathod dynasty ruled Idar for many decades. Vijaynagar was the second most important kingdom amongst the merged kingdoms. Most of the people here belonged to the backward communities. The entire area is covered with mountains and forests. The ancient temples of Shiv, Mahavir and Sun are located near Abhapur that lies about 8 km from Vijaynagar. While on his campaign to attack Patan, Alf khan, the brother of Allaudin Khilji, destroyed the Sharaneshwar Mahadev temple constructed in 1100 AD. The temple has beautiful sculptural designs on all of its four sides. The archeological department has taken good measures for its maintenance. The Prantij was once a part of Ahmedabad district is also merged in this district. During the major division of the Mumbai State in 1956, several subdivisions like Vidarbh, Marathwada, Saurashtra and Kutch were formed. When the
20 Apr 2018
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Ninja Gaiden 3 - The Ancient Ship of Doom (NES) Music - Act 3 Part 2
22 Mar 2010
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Who really built the ancient pyramids.
25 Jul 2017
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Captured from an actual NES console and cartridge. For more information on this title: *******www.nesguide****/games/ninjagaiden3/
22 Mar 2010
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I think that I speak for everyone here when I say that I hope she gets to finally see her dragon.
28 Feb 2013
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mpressions of the ancient city Selbe near Antalya.
4 Apr 2007
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There are some icons of the ancient Greek god Dionysus collected by the author Gregory Zorzos.
20 Jun 2007
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In this movie there are many statues of the ancient Hellenic (Greek) gods and goddess created by the author Gregory Zorzos.
22 Jun 2007
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Presentation of the ancient Greek hero and semi-god Hercules created by the author Gregory Zorzos. This 1st movie is a compilation of paintings, signs, statues and secret teachings about Hercules.
23 Jun 2007
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