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D. Susana auditions for That's A Star. She sings "In the Arms of An Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. She dances to the theme song of That's A Star.
25 May 2008
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My friend Steve Lights a firecracker and the blown pieces come back and hit him in the arm.
4 Jun 2008
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This is part one of my advanced pushup series. I will be doing 5 different types of advanced pushups and then I will combine them into one heck-of-a-chest workout. The rolling pushup is a great exercise because it combines a fly and a pushup into one tough exercise. You can vary how hard it is by varying the angle of your elbows. In this video, I wimped out and bent my elbows to make it easier. To make it tough enough for any pro-BB, keep the arms straight. When you are all the way down with your face in the carpet, it takes an incredible squeeze from the pecs to get you back up - kind of like the iron-cross on the gymnastics rings. The grunts are not staged, this is a real bear. This is NOT a beginners exercise, it is for advanced bodybuilders only. If you have not been lifting for at least 6 months, dont even consider doing this because you will most likely get injured. I made this "rolling pushup" its own video because its a unique exercise and I wanted to be able to link to it individually. There are several other unique exercises in my advanced pushup series that I will be putting up individually also. Thanks for your patience, the advanced pushup video IS coming but it takes a long time to edit.
10 Jun 2008
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Up in Canada we have these things called Human Rights Commissions (HRCs). They're the arm of the government that controls free thought and free speech. They're corrupt. Recently, Ezra Levant (freespeecher) exposed some of their corruption in front of a room full of journalists. Here's a snippet of the results...
11 Jun 2008
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PlusRaw Video: Jewelry Store Heist Caught on TapeRaw Video: Jewelry Store Heist Caught on TapeThe Associated PressGeorgia officials have released chilling surveillance video of 4 masked men storming a jewelry store inside a shopping mall. The footage shows the armed thieves smashing counters throughout the store and grabbing all the loot they could. (June 3)This video contains ONLY natural sound. No script is available.
17 Aug 2008
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The Munster Indiana War Memorial is more horror movie than a dedication to the armed forces.
20 Jun 2008
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Ouch... this guy definitely feels the consequences of his actions -- sticking right into his shoulder. Is it karma? Justice? Just nature? Do you think what we do matters? Brought to you by Connect2Earth: *******connect2earth****/. Save the planet: give the world a wake-up call (or a 'shot in the arm', lol).
27 Jun 2008
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The arms of the Great Mother are always surrounding us all.
8 Feb 2009
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"Progress in Iraq cannot be measured by the same ideological fantasies that got us into this war -- it must be measured by the reality of the facts on the ground. And today those sobering facts tell us to change our strategy and bring a responsible end to this war," Obama said. "What we need today is a surge in honesty." The fact remains Iraq is on the verge of a civil war and the situation does not look good according to scholars well versed in Iraqi history, policy, and the current political situation. "While we are training Iraqi's we do not know who they are loyal too. The truth is, right now Iran is emerging as the big winner from our invasion of Iraq." (General Wes Clark) "The idea that we can stand up the Iraqi forces then come home is nice, simple, and American idea but does not reflect the reality of Iraq. While America has been in Northern Iraq working against the Sunni insurgents, Iran has been strengthening its position in the south, building up its Shiite militia allies and infiltrating the armed forces." (General Wes Clark) The United States Marine Corps takes farmboys off tractors from the Dakotas, inner city youth from Los Angeles to New York City, skiiers from Denver, surfers from San Diego and everything in-between and turns them into an elite fighting combat ready fighting force in sixteen weeks. Yet, two and a half years after training, not a single unit of the Iraqi security force is capable of standing on its own...
12 Dec 2010
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20 Sep 2008
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Democracy is slowly being reestablished after the civil war from 1991 to 2002 that resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and the displacement of more than 2 million people (about one-third of the population). The military, which took over full responsibility for security following the departure of UN peacekeepers at the end of 2005, is increasingly developing as a guarantor of the country's stability. The armed forces remained on the sideline during the 2007 presidential election, but still look to the UN Integrated Office in Sierra Leone (UNIOSIL) - a civilian UN mission - to support efforts to consolidate peace. The new government's priorities include furthering development, creating jobs, and stamping out endemic corruption. ********
9 Feb 2009
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This video illustrates the Swimming exercise. This exercise is good for core stabilization, upper back extension and hip extension. This is good to improve back strength and those deep abdominal stabilizers. Swimming targets the transversus abdominis, obliques to prevent rotation, erector spinae, gluteals, hamstrings, and deltoids. Avoid rocking or rotating in the torso. Reach long out of your hands and feet. Focus on stabilizing the scapulae to keep shoulders away from the ears. Keep looking directly at the floor to keep the head and neck in neutral. Modify the exercise by keeping the feet on the floor and just using the arms, and vice versa. You can also increase or decrease the pace. Take the exercise onto an arc barrel or on your hands and knees to add the challenge of balance. For more information visit *******www.pilatesdigest****.
11 Jul 2008
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At the end of the 2860 km road, begining with Black Forest mountains in Germany and ending with the romanian Black Sea shore , Danube Delta is a true natural heaven. In time, Danube Delta was transformed into a network of lakes and channels, woods ,sand dunes wich covers 5460 kmp.This amazing wet region hosts over 300 species of birds, and the 1150 species of plants cover a big variety, begining with the lianas from oak forests and ending with water lillis. Delta is a special territory not only from a geological viewpoint but mainly because of the fact that it becomes an attractor for all manner of creatures. It's appearance decided the meeting place for birds in their annual transmigration. Thus, through it's geographic position, Delta became a place in which coexist birds with most varied geographic origins, composing a true paradise which populates the air, the waters and land. The variable proportion among water and dried decides which species shall prevail in a certain year. The abundance of food which delta offers to the birds caused an installation of a big number of species . Just the birds with average terrestrial acclimations have populations more numerous in delta than outwards it. This perimeter meets a arge variety of unique birds. In time, it created a singularily original equilibrium between diverse species of bird and the continuous land and water transformations and the waters. The birds they adapted to the dense delta tho some have a very different biology. Some species are just in pass through delta, but beside others form an what ecosystem that must keeped as such. Delta is a true refuge for birds , animals and plants which importance exceeded long ago the importance of a country, in 1996 entering the patrimony Unesco. The origins of the delta are lost in the ice Age ( Wurm ), when the northern part of the Dobrogea's tableland sank slowly. In delta - abundence of vegetation, channels and lakes, only 9 % represents the permanent soil. Yearly hundreds of tons of alluvia are transported to the delta remodeling the zone. The climate is temperate with marine influences. Delta is unfurled between the seashore of the Black Sea and the arms of Danube( Chilia, Sulina and Sf. Gheorghe), to boundary among Romania and Ucraine, comprising the Sinoe complex. Begining with 1938 when the Minister Council declared Letea Forest an reservation and within 1991 when Delta was subscribed to the Unesco patrimony , diverse stages concerning the size of the reservation passed. Currently the Biosphere Reservation of Danube Delta has 679. 222 ha and 103. 000 naval ha. The altitude is as far as level 15M. The population count about 14000 peoples, russian in majority, lipoveni, distributed along the main arms ale Of the Danube. The tourists( in Tulcea there are 40 tourism agencies) can accomodate in several hotels along the arm Sulina and in some campings. The cultural patrimony is represented by the commercial routes from Danube and of the Greek and romanian colonies near Black Sea. In delta appears sometimes an turk influence .
1 Jul 2012
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Celebrity Scandal Watch EXCLUSIVE!!!! 3 of Hollywoods hottest starlets (Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and Kate Bosworth) in the arms of the same man. Who is the lucky fellow? Also, a new extreme sport is taking over Middletown Community College resulting in the mysterious disappearance of cafeteria trays. Tune in for Clyde's demonstration of this new extreme sport (please do not attempt this at home).
23 Sep 2009
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Jordan, officially the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, (Arabic: الأردنّ‎ al-Urdunn) is a country in Southwest Asia spanning the southern part of the Syrian Desert down to the Gulf of Aqaba. It shares borders with Syria to the north, Iraq to the north-east, Israel and the West Bank to the west, and Saudi Arabia to the east and south. It shares the coastlines of the Dead Sea and Gulf of Aqaba with Israel, the West Bank, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Much of Jordan is covered by desert land, particularly the Arabian Desert, however the north-western area, with the sacred Jordan River is regarded as part of the Fertile Crescent. The capital city, Amman, is in the north-west. Jordan has a rich history, its location in the central Middle East has long made it a prized possession. During its long history, Jordan has seen numerous civilisations, including ancient eastern civilisations the Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Mesopotamian and Persian empires. Jordan was for a time part of Pharaonic Egypt and spawned the native Nabatean civilisation who left rich archaeological remains at Petra. Cultures from the west also left their mark such as the Macedonian, Roman and Byzantine empires. Since the seventh century the area has been under Muslim and Arab cultures, with the exception of a brief period under British rule. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a constitutional monarchy with representative government. The reigning monarch is the head of state, the chief executive and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. The king exercises his executive authority through the prime ministers and the Council of Ministers, or cabinet. The cabinet, meanwhile, is responsible before the elected House of Deputies which, along with the House of Notables (Senate), constitutes the legislative branch of the government. The judicial branch is an independent branch of the government.
27 Jul 2008
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This weeks video is on the arm its short and to the point. There are lot of topics to cover so I'll start with Swedish massage and work towards the more advanced styles of massage. New videos will be posted every Friday. Bonus videos will be posted throughout the week as well. These bonus videos will be about other massage related topics like Anatomy, Business and product reviews. Hope you like what I have to offer.... Please Rate and Please Comment and Please Subscribe!!! Thankx, Wess
7 Dec 2008
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