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Leika stands in the fifth floor on the balcony, and looks down. How does this situation please you?
14 Aug 2007
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Following the wind turbine manufacturers, Vestas, decision to make their 600 staff on the IOW redundant, the workforce decided to take power back into their own hands. They occupied the factory in Newport and climate camp activists took the roof of the other factory in East Cowes. 'Boys on the Balcony' is the song of the campaign written and recorded by Seize the Day, Vestas workers and their families. It is a powerful and inspiring account of the first month of the campaign, occupations, evictions and the continued determination to fight for a 'world where the turbines spin'.
21 Aug 2009
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These are my friends on the balcony, I feed them every day - Look after birds and animals, they have the right to live in this world as much as we do !!
5 Jun 2010
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Best 3d Animation film by Arena Dilsukhnagar Awards: 2nd Prize in student film category (Best Animation Film) at 4th India International Cinema Today Short Film Awards, Chennai - 29 to 31 July, 2011-Rajasekhar Buggaveeti. Humour is the mainstay of true entertainment and 'Cecelia-The Balcony Girl' offers loads of funny moments in High-Definition. Enjoy the comic perils of infatuation in this entertaining 3D Animation short film. Story: Carried away by the heart-twisting beauty of a girl next door, a lazy, flirtatious youngster tries to impress her with a show of strength. In his macho attempt, he actually bites off more than he can chew. Facing an embarrassing situation with the girl, he struggles hard and makes a valiant attempt to preserve his honour. The effort is so intense that he drifts into a trance and lo!, the magical power of love, helps him pull off a big feat. Once he's of out of his trance, trepidation sneaks through his knickers as he's greeted to a double whammy! How it happens and what ensues forms the rest of the story. Characters: Mona,Paddu,Alex.
21 Aug 2017
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This is the coolest video in the wirls
20 Mar 2008
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What a shambles.
26 Feb 2009
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Folk band Seize the Day entertain protesters outside Newport county court on the Isle of Wight as Danish multinational Vestas fails to win an eviction order against workers occupying the company's wind turbine factory, which it plans to close today (July 31) with the loss of more than 600 jobs. The band's song tells the story of the dispute. filmed and edited by chris kasrils
2 Aug 2009
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8 Apr 2010
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Beware the Sweater Monster.mp4
19 Feb 2017
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View from the balcony at Fiesta Americana Grand Aqua.
1 Aug 2006
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These two magpies work together to steal the cats food. One tries to fool the cat into falling of the balcony while the other feeds.
17 Sep 2006
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Cat off the balcony
19 Dec 2006
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Kid jumps from the balcony onto the school's Christmas tree and gets suspended. It was worth it I suppose.
29 Dec 2006
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chilling out at the balcony during snow storm? definintely not a good idea... check out this guy... missing the snow so much.?!!..he purposely got locked out by his brother in law and he seems to like it!!.. can you tell? yeeharr!!
30 Jan 2007
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NOT YOUR PARENTS TRAVEL GUIDE! The beauty and majesty of the scenery surrounding Lucerne are apparent the first time Barbara steps out on the balcony of her hotel room and surveys the magnificent scene before her. Barbara joins Bjorn at his home where she sits down with his family to a typical Swiss brunch: cheeses, soufflés and apricot tart. After filling up, Bjorn guides Barbara around the picturesque city of Lucerne. They walk across Chapel Bridge, the oldest covered bridge in Europe, built in the 1300s. Unfortunately, much of it burned down in 1993 and had to be re-built. Still, it is quite beautiful with its elaborate, frescoed ceiling. Summer in Lucerne means the constant temptation of snow-capped mountains on the horizon. After seeing the sights, it’s time to get serious about snowboarding. Barbara and Bjorn grab some gear from a local shop and head up the mountain. As they climb higher, the temperature drops to the freezing mark and it starts to snow. While Bjorn practices for a competition he’s entered in, Barbara receives a snowboarding lesson and chats with an Olympic snowboarder who won gold at Nagano in 1998. The, she watches as Bjorn competes in the snowboarding competition. He completes his runs and, although he doesn’t finish in the medals, he performs amazingly well for his first competition. Later, Bjorn and Barbara take the train up to the top of Mount Pilatus for an open-air rock concert under the stars.
1 Feb 2007
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Bombing people with oranges and a gallon of spoiled milk from the balcony.
22 Feb 2007
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