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With Josh Johnson added to the 49ers roster, Colin Kaepernick has competition for the #2 QB spot. But the way we hear it, there's good reason for one of the backups to soon turn into the starter.
2 Apr 2012
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We provide high quality artificial grass turf for all your lawn needs. See how our synthetic grass can save you time and money now. The company’s focus is offering products that are “Best of Class” from the world’s top turf manufac­turers, including FieldTurf. For more information please visit: or call: (888) 254-5503
10 Nov 2012
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After dealing with the zombies they should really focus on getting that camera steadied.
6 Mar 2013
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This is music that comes from the heart. It's so sad that stuff like this would never make it into the charts or the radio nowadays.
24 Aug 2013
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Five players on the U.S. roster for the match against New Zealand on Oct. 17 at Candlestick Park have San Francisco Bay Area connections. We talked to a few of them about returning to Northern California and the USA's first match in San Francisco in the 28-year history of the program. More info: Subscribe to U.S. Soccer on YouTube! U.S. Soccer ...on Facebook: ...on Twitter: ...on Instagram: http://www.instagram/ussoccer ...on Foursquare:
27 Oct 2013
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Clear shot of UFO over the Bay Area.
20 Sep 2006
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u can see how speedly the water level increases and a vortex appears at the bay.........
15 Dec 2006
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LOUISVILLE KY: Jon Hammond Quartet, One Night Only w/John Bishop guitar, Ronnie Smith Jr.-drmsLouisville guitarist John Bishop was finishing his Masters Degree in Music at University of Louisville so Jon Hammond took Bay Area musicians Ronnie Smith Jr. (drums), Alex Budman (t.s.) and his XB-2 Hammond organ to play what was originally supposed to be a live radio broadcast, 2 night-gig, turned in to One Night Only and John Bishop burned it up..he was mad at some of the hosers there at the University music program and at the club we were playing. Ronnie Smith Jr. is one of the very best Shuffle & Funk drummers of the Bay Area, Alex Budman on tenor sax and Organist/Leader & Broadcaster Jon Hammond playing theme song "LATE RENT" (a driving Shuffle) of The Jon Hammond Show TV Show and radio show "Jon Hammond's Afternoon Slide" on CBS' KYCY/KYOU M-F with the cats one-time-only in Louisville. CAMERA: morning we met Fred Noe III "The Bourbon Ambassador" of Jim Beam Liquors flying out of Louisville/SDF. Spcl. thanks to Martin Z. Kasdan Jr. for the blurb in the paper...Club was PACKED...sold more CD's after the show than ever before! *More info: c)2007 ASCAP: and "The FINGERS...are the SINGERS!"
5 Aug 2007
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San Francisco is waking up. 2/23/2007 on top of Dolores Park over viewing the financial district with the Bay bridge
28 Feb 2007
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Nothing like recovering from a minor concussion, getting poor sleep, having to drive home in a snow storm for the first time, and then trying to explain that, "yeah, it was kinda hard to see with all that snow." (You'd think us Californians from the Bay Area have never seen snow on a windshield before). Grizzled snow storm veterans allege that you have to alternate A/C + heat/cold to "slush" the ice on the windshield to avoid "Decorative Wipers" syndrome.
7 Mar 2007
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Shark cage diving is a popular activity in South Africa and while Sharks are among the most feared animals on the planet, it is actually sharks who need to fear humans, as humans slaughter 100 million sharks per year. The Southern Right Whale comes into the Bay of Hermanus for breeding and can be seen between July and December. It is the larges of the whales and you may see, touch and hear these magnificent creatures in on a whale watching tour.
26 Mar 2007
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Here's part of a video of my cousin Robert the Great Excelsior, originally from Sydney, Australia. He's an incredible acrobat able to perform amazing feats of strength! This video was taken on a cruise ship in the Bay of Mexico, in his early days of just starting out as a professional entertainer. He now travels the world performing with his beautiful wife Vicky. I saw him training in Sydney at his parents when he was in his early teens and his strength and balancing skills blew me away then. I'll post more of this rare video if there are any requests.
2 Apr 2007
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2 coast guard boats doing some performance by the bay. This was captured using a camera phone by the bay. Enjoy!
18 Apr 2007
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yo! wzup everybody, like I said, I am here for New York and I would use her life to get ahead because im gonna be progressive whether I meet her or not. I am from the Bay Area. I am not here for tv but if I become a celebrity because of this then so be it. VOTE FOR ME.
6 May 2007
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Take a ride across the Bay Bridge with beautiful view of the San Francisco skyline.
23 May 2007
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The lighthouse on the Bay in Pattaya
16 Jun 2007
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