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Cat hunt the bird in slow motion video. Bird flying on the way of forest cat catches it. Amazing view on slow motion. Rabbit fight to eagle Thanks for watching GobMedia
27 Feb 2017
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Firudin Gilar Bek offers you courses to learn “Bird language” of King Solomon. In ancient philosophy was considered as the symbol of human spirit, the particle of primary matter and its part. “Bird language” is considered as a language of first great men that came from east and built Babylon Tower. This language is a language of primary matter that comprises the foundation of all in the universe. This language being the “language” of ancient prophets and kings is also called as the language of language of symbols, esotermism, Sufism, germetism, etc. All ancient religious, philosophical and etc sources were written in this language. By learning this language you will be able to perceive first the Allah in the last millennium, his creatures, meaning of holy books and etc. Using this language you will be able perceive divine secrets like ancient prophets and kings. Then you will not afraid of “apocalypses”. In contrary, you will wish it comes earlier. By perceiving secrets you will survive from “Judgment Day”. After death your soul will get a happy life in Gor paradise (Christ paradise) in the skies. We offer you a life of a perfect man like a generation of those going the way of Gor (Christ) God that gained the happy life in the two worlds. Today nobody in the world knows what and who is Allah. By our help you will be able not only perceive the divine law and forces but also will get knowledge about technology of creation of cosmic life, god Ra, generation of gods, paradise, generation of sacred, ordinary people, etc.
2 Mar 2017
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This is a wonderful model of a bird which just tips to one side. You will need a square paper 20-cm on the edge and a sketch pen. First fold the paper along the diagonal and then open it. Then bring two adjacent edges to the diagonal to make a diamond shape. Fold the triangle below to make a isosceles triangle. Once again fold the two short edges to the midline to make a smaller diamond. Repeat this process once again. Once again fold the top triangle and bring the short edges to the midline. Now there will be many creases – 16 creases in all. Now fold the model along its spine to complete the bird. Place the bird on a table and soon its tail will lift and it will tip to one side. This is what is happening. The multi-crease triangle inside opens up and this gently shifts the center of gravity and makes the bird tip to one side. This is a fun toy. See this one tipping over – as if by magic! Now paint and decorate the bird with a sketch pen. In the end are two birds one red and yellow engaged in a tipping competition!
18 Mar 2017
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In this video, you will learn fun facts about dinosaurs! 1. Who is the king of dinosaurs? 2. Did birds evolve from dinosaurs? 3. Which dinosaurs did the birds evolved from? 4. Which dinosaurs were the Herbivores or plant-eaters? 5. Which dinosaurs were the Carnivores or the meat-eaters?
21 Mar 2017
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Have you ever wondered how great film makers get their ideas? This could be how Alfred Hitchcock got the idea for his classic horror movie, 'The Birds'...and he may well be responsible for a priceless series of credit card commercials!
5 Oct 2006
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The Bird Flu is coming and there is only one man who can save us! ... and that's our favorite germaphobe .... Howie Mandel !
29 Mar 2007
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The bird roams the street. Watch what happens.
7 May 2007
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The Bird and I
19 Jun 2007
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Monk tries to prove a sports agent is guilty of murder while helping Natalie's teenage daughter, Julie, with her love life. Don't miss the premiere of "Mr. Monk and the Birds and the Bees" this Friday at 9/8C!
14 Sep 2009
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Henry the bird has a built in alarm. Watch this funny video to see what happens when Henry tries to wake up his family.
15 Dec 2007
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Clip of Einstien the bird talking
15 Dec 2007
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The last remake of the BIRDS
23 Feb 2008
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A Song Of The Birds - Released: 1935 - CC-Licence: Public Domain
26 Feb 2008
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The Bird Tribes Network Abundance System is both an Ethical Business for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and a Co-operative Game of Planetary Awakening created especially for these times of transformation. You can generate income by promoting good things! You can get started and make money for virtually nothing! Practice the Law of Attraction on a global level for the whole Earth. Exercise you Abundance Manifesting powers for the future of the planet! We have the worlds most beautiful social networking site incorporating sacred geometry artworks and absolutely minimal advertising. We have a free to copy encyclopedic Cd Rom of inspirational and enlightening materials. There has never been a time like this before. There has never been an opportunity like this before. Join us in facilitating a harmonious transition to a sustainable and compassionate society. The BirdTribesNetwork is about Peace, Beauty, Wholeness, Gentleness, Truth, Awareness, Health, Spirit, Angels, Ecology, Sustainability, Leadership, Communication, Sanity, Connection, Non-violence, Multi-culturality, Unity, Science, Philosophy, Love, Happiness, Abundance, and more. To further these goals BirdTribes uses Art, Music, Poetry, Animations, Sacred Geometry, Information, Meditation, Personal Interaction, Ideas, Videos, Websites, Workshops, Software, Screensavers, Advertising, Theatre, Online Forums, Merchandising, and the BirdTribesNetworkAbundanceSystem. We are messengers of Hope. What is required is a new artform that is 'bigger than rock and roll', and draws its juice from something more nourishing than intoxication with synthetic psychoactive chemicals. We propose that this artform should be a multi-cultural audio-visual interactive phenomenon incorporating aspects of sacred geometry and archetypal symbology. It should be web friendly, and - (this is a key factor) it should not be distributed by the normal channels such as TV and printed media, but involve the internet and a network distribution system whereby active promotion of the new artform can be financially rewarded ! It is intended that the BirdTribes contribution to this new artform be available on CDrom, DVD, and broadband internet. It will include music, video, animated screensavers and desktop graphics, that will transform a users experience of their computer from that of an office block for mindless work into that of a temple for soulful worship.
5 Apr 2008
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4 May 2008
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Voice Mail Taz And Raz! 910-446-0186 Call And Leave A Voice Comment TAZ~N~RAZ'z Phone Number! Be Sure To Look For Taz~N~Raz'z Comment Video, Everyone who leaves a voice comment can watch Taz~N~Raz'z Expressions, When They Listen To Your Comments! Call 910-446-0186 And Leave A Voice Comment TAZ~N~RAZ'z Phone Number! I Just Got A New Number For Taz~N~Raz 910-446-0186 Post A voice Comment! The TAZ~N~RAZ Show..Day 12..playing on the bird feeder
28 May 2008
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