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The black box, Chile
21 Sep 2017
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The black box of Chilean army
1 Oct 2017
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*******www.blackboxmystery**** Christopher's journey is guided by a mysterious black box. How does it know where to send him? Where has this dark technology come from? And will it help Christopher find his dream or lead him into his worst nightmare? Find the coordinates. Solve the mystery. Take on the Black Box mystery for your chance to win a Nokia 500 Auto Navigation: *******www.blackboxmystery****
31 Mar 2008
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"In the new police state, freedom of speech is a thing of the past. The FCC monitors people's personal speech with Black Boxes installed in every home. Jack is a writer afraid to stand up for change until a pirate radio transmission changes his mind, and his future." 4:54 Min Written and Directed by Jeff Turner Story by Jayson Argento. For more information visit www.champlainpictures**** (Champlain Pictures - Formerly Stoneworks Entertainment)
4 Jan 2008
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Christopherin matkaa ohjaa mystinen musta laatikko. Kuinka se tietaa mihin lahettaa hanet? Mista tama tumma teknologia on peraisin? Ja auttaako se Christopheria loytamaan unelmansa vai johtaako se hanet pahimpaan painajaiseensa? Loyda koordinaatit. Ratkaise mysteeri. Ota vastaan Black Box:n mysteeri saadaksesi mahdollisuuden voittaa Nokia 500 Auto Navigation: *******www.blackboxmystery****
3 Apr 2008
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Abused by her father and unloved by her mother, one woman musters the courage to release the anger and pain—and learn forgiveness. Will she?
4 Nov 2010
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NOT YOUR PARNETS TRAVEL GUIDE! Barbara meets up with native New Yorker, Vitoria, an aspiring actress, and asks her what it’s like to be a young actor trying to make it in a huge city. Vitoria says she gets much of her inspiration from New York’s landscape, and would be happy to show Barb the sites. From the bow of the ferry heading toward the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Museum, Vitoria explains New York is the city where many people come to live their dreams and pursue their passion in the arts. In the Drama Bookshop, the girls flip through books on auditioning techniques and rehearsing. Since Barb is going to try her hand at stage acting later on, Vitoria takes her to Drama Workshop, where they do an improv exercise with a local actor. They stop to refuel in Chinatown and grab dessert in Little Italy before heading across the Brooklyn Bridge and passing by some more famous landmarks, like the towering UN and Empire States buildings. At the P.S. 1 Arts Center in Queen’s, the girls take in a visual art exhibit. Since Barb is feeling a bit nervous about her fast-approaching performance, Vitoria tries to calm her nerves with a cup of java at Luna Park Café, where many celebrities hang out. Vitoria buys some stage makeup and Barb tries on wigs at Ricky’s Chain Store before they head to The Black Box Theatre, where Barb is introduced to some of the actors in the Fringe production. Vitoria impresses Barb with her performance, so much so that Barb presents her co-host with tickets to the Broadway show, Wicked! The girls watch the show at the Gershwin Theatre and are taken on a backstage tour by one of the actors after the show. On the giant stage, Barb performs a unique soliloquy. Now she feels the old adage about New York is true: “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”
28 Jan 2007
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Campaña de video para el nuevo y sexy GPS de NOKIA. The Black Box Mystery. 2008 www.blackboxmystery****
1 Apr 2008
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The tape is always running, and when pilots encounter what they believe are UFOs, the black box aboard every aircraft captures the moment. For the first time, THE UFO FILES reveals actual cockpit and control tower recordings of these sightings. From a detailed account of the 1947 Arnold case, to recent recordings over New England and Texas, to NASA recordings and video from 2005, BLACK BOX UFO SECRETS features interviews with pilots, witness and experts, including UCLA's Joseph Nagy, actor Ed Asner, and pilot/UFO researcher Don Berliner. VISIT: for more vids
18 Aug 2008
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What is a PLC? what is the RISK? A PLC is the black box of the world, controlling the world's infrastructure, and few know about it. A PLC is a Programmable Logic Controller.
28 May 2009
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Visit revelinnewyork**** for Noémie's cultural recommendations in New York and beyond. The site-specific performances and installations directed by choreographer Noémie Lafrance explore human movements in man-made landscapes, creating a performance language that interacts with the environment and the audience. Each creation uses an existing indoors/outdoors public site or piece of urban architecture as the setting and inspiration for the performance. The choreography constructs narratives through the movement of people in their real surroundings. The material is choreographed and rehearsed on site with the participation of large casts of performers and collaborating artists. The creation process pursues the intrinsic meaning of place for its historical, symbolic and energetic values and explores how places are marked by the "life" of people and objects and vice versa. The final product is imbued with the atmosphere of the space and reflects on the enhanced possibilities of live work performed outside of the black-box theater. Between stage and reality, the performance unfolds as an intimate and unpredictable voyage for traveling viewers. Sens Productions
8 Oct 2009
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*******www.etrailer****/tv-wiring-install-2005-hyundai-santa-fe.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. Today we are going to be installing wiring harness part number 118473 on a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe. Taking a look at the wiring harness, you can see we have got two main ports coming off of the Modulite box. We have got one with the yellow and brown wires. That one is going to connect behind the drivers side tail light assembly. The other connector, with the green and red wires, is going to be connected behind the passengers side tail light assembly. We have also got a white terminal here on the drivers side connector. That is for the ground, securing that to a metal surface. The black box in the middle is our converter box. And then, coming off the other end, we have got our 4-pole connector. And that will be staying inside the vehicle in this application. Okay, now we are inside the cargo region of the Santa Fe here. And our connection point is going to be located behind the tail light assemblies on the inside of the vehicle. To be able to gain access to both of those points, we are going to need to remove the interior. Also we have to remove these components here at the bottom, which will also allow us to remove the rear threshold piece. And that is where we are going to route the wires from one side to the other. With those screws removed, we can remove the rear threshold piece. We will also be removing two side compartments as well. And we will want to come in behind the panels here and gently pry those away as well. And with the panel pulled back here, right below the speaker, you can see the connector that we are going be tapping into. We want to depress this tab right here on the inside, and that will allow us to pull the connectors apart. Okay, with those pulled apart, we want to put our harness in line and just feed our wire below the panel here. You will also note here on the drivers side we have got a common grounding point. Taking our white wire, with the ring terminal on it, and connecting it to that point as well. Next, we are going to go ahead and take and adhere our black box to a metal surface in here. We will probably feed it right through that hole, that opening here toward the fender well. Or you can actually feed it inside this compartment here. And now we just want to go ahead and put everything back together. Our 4-pole connector, I am just going to feed below and out the open compartment here. Okay, with the interior of the vehicle put back together, you can see we have got the 4-pole coming out here. When you want to use it, you can pull it out the rear tailgate and close the door on it. And the weatherstripping will prevent it from being pinched, so you do not have to worry about that. When you are not using it, you can leave it either stored just here in the rear. This will conclude the installation of wiring harness part number 118473 on a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe.
22 Oct 2010
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