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u try to stuff d fish with its own meat cooked and spiced ,but b4 dat happened it was pounded and everybit of flesh was taken out including the bones.
5 Jun 2007
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2 Stupid Dogs - Where's The Bone
13 Jun 2007
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Our skeletons are truly an epitome of flawless engineering, a masterpiece formed by 206 separate bones. When we examine the bones that collectively make up our skeleton, we are witness to an excellent design.
25 Jun 2007
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Puppy meets a Butcher style bone! Puppy weighs the same as the bone!
4 Aug 2007
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Marylin Monroe painted in Oil by Nolle 2007 Music DOGTALES Titel Broke the bones Produced by Music In Art Guitar by Nolle
11 Aug 2007
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Zhou Guizhen who is 86 years old, shows one of her bound feet where the bones in the four small toes were broken and forced underneath the foot over a period of time, at her home in Liuyi village in China’s southern Yunnan Province, 23 February 2007. According to popular Chinese legend the custom was at first adopted among courtesans after a Tang Dynasty emperor about 1000 years ago fell in love with a concubine who wrapped her tiny feet in silk when she danced and the practice soon entrenched itself in the lower classes.
21 Aug 2007
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Worrying new research shows that the bones of Britain's children could be in danger. Its all because of a lack of parental knowledge over vitamin D. This video investigates the role of vitamin D, why such ignorance exists, and what can be done
5 Sep 2007
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A venerated tradition of "kissing the bones of Theresa." (Seriously, would Theresa have wanted her bones kissed?) Different strokes for different folks. (I once knew a doctor who purchased skulls from Africa with Mastercard.) Anyway, Constantine's responsible for it. Blame it on him and the influence of his wealthy pagan priests, who influenced the newly aboveground Catholics, unexpectedly protected by the state. (Like vultures, Ebay relic hawkers must stand around drooling. The inside of that casket is like Fort Knox to them...) (The real problem is that AIDs is transferable through saliva. Any good African airline stewardess will tell you this. So are we seeing here a renegade liberal Jesuit plan at demographic reduction and population control? Some things in life strangely give no closure...
5 Sep 2007
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I called one of my friend who previously work in a vet to help us. He is very good in handling dog even bigger ones like Rotweiler. Surprisingly the dog was very calm and let him carried. However he didn't have the time to follow us to the vet and we have to carry him once we reached. As you can see the video, he was awake after a 30 minutes drive. We got some X-ray done and he was injured pretty badly. Please click the X-ray photo to full size. The back leg bone were fractured completely and became like crossing each other. It must have been very painful. I have two option here according to the vet, one is amputate and one is fix him. Since he might be back on the street and since he still have a chance to walk with 4 legs, I will go to the fixing option which is putting a pipe inside and join the bone up. I certainly hope that the man has given him shelter will take in him, I just need to talk him again about this. The dog has to stay in the vet for a month at least and the medical fee will not be cheap. I have to use all Alera fund in this and hopefully I can get some discount from the vet.
11 Sep 2007
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Small pet (maltese) is eating small piece of back rib. At one near the end of the movie, she got so close to biting my hand. It's funny to see her defending the bone.
18 Sep 2007
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experience of getting Hip Resurfacing Surgery done at Wockhardt Hip resurfacing Center - a state of the art facility at South Asia's First Internationally Accredited Superspecialty Hospital at Mumbai. As associate hospital of Harvard Medical International (HMI), Boston, USA, this hospital is equipped with latest technology, multi-disciplinarycapability, world class infrastructure and excellent patient care ambience and processes. Hip resurfacing or surface replacement arthroplasty is a bone-conserving alternative to conventional total hip replacement (THR). Unlike THR, hip resurfacing does not involve the removal of the femoral head and neck; hence the head, neck and femur bone is preserved in an effort to facilitate future surgery to enable the patient to take advantage of newer technology or treatments in the future. The current generation of hip resurfacing devices utilizes a metal-metal bearing. Metal-metal bearings have demonstrated a much higher level of wear resistance as well as reduced bone loss and inflammatory tissue reaction about the hip joint as compared to metal-polyethylene bearings. Hip resurfacing is anatomically and biomechanical more similar to the natural hip joint resulting in increased stability, flexibility and range of motion. Further, the dislocation risk is virtually eliminated. Higher activity levels are typically achieved with less risk. These benefits are realized because the head diameter that results from resurfacing is very similar to the patient's normal head diameter and these larger head sizes are typically much larger than the femoral balls utilized in conventional THR. This surgery is less invasive and rehabilitation after the operation is quicker. Patients are encouraged to be active after surgery as this improves the bone stockHip resurfacing is better than THR (total hip replacement) because generally after THR, one cannot sit on the floor, squat, or lead a very active, hectic life or play sport. THR can also dislocate. Hip Resurfacings hardly ever dislocate and activity levels are excellent after resurfacing. For more details visit www.whosp****
9 Oct 2007
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listen to the crunch of the bones!
14 Oct 2007
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