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Wacky mashup with KP doing what he does best... on the golf course.
20 Jun 2007
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eTrueSports' parodic tribute to Elvis Presley's "In The Ghetto," performed by Todd Covert, written and directed by Ray Dougela
8 Jul 2008
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See what happens after she puts on the Bunker shoes ..
30 Aug 2006
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Before you dismiss any chance at getting up and down from a buried lie in the bunker, remember the shot isn’t as daunting as it looks! With a few simple cues and a proper understanding on how the ball will react, hitting shots from difficult lies in the sand will become a much easier task. The key is in the know-how and in making a confident stroke. By Chad Rogers, PGA
28 Nov 2007
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Famous filmmakers Denis and Terry Sanders made this dark and powerful educational film, which was used as a no-nonsense training tool for new police recruits in Los Angeles. Dry and hard hitting, the film provides a harrowing look at illegal drug use, particularly heroin use in 1950's Los Angeles. It depicts in some detail drug use and the social problems it creates, as well as the effects of heroin and heroin abuse. Dual narrators ask and then answer questions about how to control and deal with urban drug use and substance abuse prevention for police officers training. Staged scenes of heroin junkies shooting up, going through withdrawal, and being arrested are also shown. Shot partially in the Bunker Hill neighborhood of Los Angeles before redevelopment, this film has great footage of that now lost area and serves as a small piece of the history of Los Angeles. This is one of those chilling police training videos that still shocks today.
1 Aug 2008
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Jump into this golf lesson with Top 100 Lesson Teacher, Mark Hackett, as he explains what it takes to execute consist and successful shots out of the bunker every time. It's as easy as remembering the three L's, the lie, the lip and the length. Distributed by Tubemogul.
7 Jul 2009
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Kenn Renner guides a tour through Avery Ranch Golf Course Transcript: The first stop on our tour is the Avery Ranch Golf Club and the crown jewel of Central Texas golf courses, the Avery Ranch Championship Golf Course. Avery Ranch is a full service golf course facility with a main clubhouse and pro shop, which sits high on top of a ridge overlooking a large lake. The clubhouse features a very comfortable lounge area and the ever popular Sunset Grill and Bar. The restaurant overlooks gorgeous Avery Lake and the Brushy Creek trails and park system. Enjoy state of the art practice facilities including a full size driving range, numerous practice putting greens. Avery Ranch Golf Course is an 18-hole championship golf course. It is 7121 yards from the championship black tees and 6594 yards from the gold tees. On our tour today, all measurements for yardage will be from the gold tees. Starting with hole number 1, a 354 par 4. Slight dog leg left. Youll want to carry the first bunker to set yourself up for another challenging second shot into the green. The green on the first hole has a ridge running down the middle of it which makes for challenging puts. Looking back from the first green towards the tee box, you can see the well manicured bunkers of the Avery Ranch Golf Course. Hole number 2 is a 369 yard par 4 that is pretty much a straight shot. Youll want to avoid the grove of trees in the fairway to the left so that you can have an advantageous approach shot. Once again, Averys custom homes line the fairways. The second green is relatively flat offering a good chance for a birdie. But beware of the pick bunker on the right side. Hole number 3 is a challenging 526 yard par 5 where you have to take your drive over a large pond and running creek. Youll want to give it all youve got, but make sure you dont hit it in the grove of trees to the left. Keep it in the fairway. Put high and to the right, just this side of the bunkers in the distance. Your second shot should put you in easy reach of the 3rd green. The 3rd green is relatively flat and usually plays pretty quick, but it can offer you a good chance for a birdie. And dont forget to take a look at the awesome views to the North. Hole number 4 is a long 421-yard par 4. A straight away shot. Youll have to take your drive as much as you can get it and make sure you stay in the fairway as its well guarded by oaks on both sides. The large green is surrounded by bunkers and a creek at the back. Very scenic and very challenging. Hole number 5 is one of my favorite holes. Its a 564-yard par 5. Extremely scenic and also the number 1 handicap for the Avery Ranch Golf Course. Your drive will have to take you as far down the fairway as you can muster because your second or third shot is a super challenging carry over a well protected green with a large pond. The 5th green is meticulously maintained and it is hard to concentrate on your golf shot with the scenery of the lake and the waterfall surrounding the green. Hole number 6 is a 200-yard par 3, high atop a ridge overlooking Williamson County. Always a nice, welcoming breeze blowing on hole number 6. When shooting for the green, you want to make sure that you do not hit it to the right side as there is a large bunker as well as a sheer drop off to the Brushy Creek Valley. But when you get to the green youll notice the far off, distant views and the scenic overlook of the Brushy Creek park and trail system.
16 Jul 2009
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Yet another parody of the bunker scene in "Downfall": Hitler finds out he can't get a ticket to Michael Jackson's memorial service.
28 Jul 2009
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This video details how to enjoy a round of golf while taking care of the course as well. Pros explain several tips from, replacing divits, approaching the tee box, using the cart path, patching ball marks on the green and entering and exiting the bunker. Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Aug 2009
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This is where devolved central Government and military commanders would have run the east region of the U.K. if nuclear war had broken out. Built in great secrecy and under strict military security, and designed to support 600 people for 3 months. The walls are 10ft thick and over 40000 tons of cement were used to build them. The deepest point is about 120 ft. This is me and my nephew having a trip round the bunker. The music is a little heard version of imagine sung by John Lennon. form the box set,John Lennon Anthology. If you want more info on this place they have a web site. www.secretnuclearbunker******
15 Feb 2010
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This is where devolved central Government and military commanders would have run the east region of the U.K. if nuclear war had broken out. Built in great secrecy and under strict military security, and designed to support 600 people for 3 months. The walls are 10ft thick and over 40000 tons of cement were used to build them. The deepest point is about 120 ft. This is me and my nephew having a trip round the bunker. If you want more info on this place they have a web site. www.secretnuclearbunker******
7 Mar 2010
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Well, It happened in such a way that we expecting a good farewell from juniors had a taste of stupid rap music , idiot english dance. But when we heard of a bhangra performance , we all were happy to hear that. And what we saw was 3 stupid guys doing idiot dance in front of us .(I being an ex-bhangra group member) felt a bit uneasy seeing stupidity in name of bhangra, so I dashed on stage and gave a 20 seconds -3 steps performance that shocked teachers , friends , and girls too that how can a science student , player of chmicals and the bunker of the year.. can dance????.. Some of them (Haryanvi's) also rushed to hug me on stage too ,, see Um in yellow T-shirt.
27 Jan 2010
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*******www.charlestownpads****/ NEW LISTING ON BUNKER HILL STREET - PANORAMIC VIEWS!These are some of the most spectacular panoramic views of the Bunker Hill Monument, Bostons Skyline, and all of Cambridge that any property in Charlestown has.The condo features sliding glass doors out to a back porch to enjoy the stunning vistas.Throughout the unit there are gorgeous wide plank pine floors, a working gas fireplace, 1.5 baths, a modern kitchen with Disposal and trash compactor, custom California closets, a beautiful Victorian mantle, in unit laundry, and extra storage in the basement.The property also has central A/C and is wired for both cable and direct TV.Located just a short distance to the Historic Bunker Hill Monument, 2 minutes to the Bus and roughly 10 minutes to either the Bunker Hill or Sullivan Square T stops this is a great place to call home.Please call anytime to arrange a showing of this wonderful property. Available: Now. $2,700 Call Patrick Brusil at 617-840-9304. onesho-530311
27 May 2010
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1. Highly accurate 2. Fast bulk material pre-loading 3. Patented product 4. ISO9001:2008 quality system Introduction: FB-IDRFS Informatization rotor weigh feeder is also called pulverized coal scale, it is assembled control equipment through absorbing foreign advanced technology and developing by our company, aims to continuous convey and metering for powdery material. It is a new generation dynamic measurement instrument with merits of advanced working principle, compact structure, accurate metering, reliable running, and easy to maintain, to some certain extent can be parallel with foreign ones. FB-DACS9000 control system can achieve auto-weighing, quota feeding, automatic peeling weighing, auto-correction, malfunction alarm, display of instantaneous and cumulative flow, and perfect signal transmission and communication. Features: 1. Be applied for dynamically and continuously feeding and measuring the jet-like material or non jet-like material and powdery material. 2. The feeder integrates feeding with weighing, adjusting and conveying. 3. Feed-forward control, high accuracy and low fluctuation. 4. It can not only eliminate the differential pressure caused by pneumatic transmission and material feeding, but also transmit the coal from coal bunker to bunker. It Is a feeding control device integrating quantitative feeding with conveying with high accuracy. 5. Permanent gravimetric weighing operation and reliable operation. Discharge directly from the storage bin without a feeding control device before the rotor weigh feeder. 6. Lower the fluctuation of coall feeding and reduce the excess air so as not to increase CO when discharge the gas. 7. Because the rotor weigh feeder and the compress air system are integrated as a whole, so the rotary valve and screw pump are saved. 8. The pressure changes of the compressed air system do not influence the accuracy so the measuring accuracy is high. 9. The rotor weigh feeder structure is compact so as to save space; the building area is small so as to reduce the capital investment. 10. Can bear 1 Mpa pressure and is explosion-proof. 11. The whole design is composite structure. It is easy to maintain the rotor. The wear parts can be quickly replaced without special tool and lifting equipment. 12. Adopt special material, service time is extended, maintenance reduced, investment saved and operation rate improved. 13. 32 bit microcomputer is used as the main control device of electronic control part; touch screen is adopted as human-computer interface; frequency converter is mainly used as the control component. All of make our product offer high technology. Working principle: Fengbo Rotor Weighfeeder is mainly applied for continuous gravimetric weighing of pulverized coal in the cement calcination process. The process of coal discharging, weighing and conveying to pneumatic transmission pipe is all finished in this enclosed structure. It adopts the operation principle of the rotor by gravity force. Bulk material is discharged from the bunker through rotor, brought to weighing area, and then sent to the pneumatic transmission pipe after measurement and at last sent to the process by the air from the air fan. The weighing shaft passes through the outlet of the material and the disconnectable coupling between pneumatic pipe and rotor which means that it can compensate the secondary load reaction caused by pressure fluctuation and do not influence the material measurement results. Whenever the material passes the weighing area, its weight will be measured by weighing device. Material weight and position are all stored in the electronic system of the feeder, namely, the load condition of every part of the rotor has been got before the discharge. In order to make the pre-setting value match the material quantity stored in the storage house, angular velocity of rotor required in the discharge position has been calculated and finished by the rotor driving device. Through this pre-control principle, the rotor weighfeeder can calibrate any fluctuation and offer high accuracy. Parameter: Weighing Range: 0~50t/h Weighing Accuracy: ±0.5%
18 Jun 2013
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Big Rob as Jim Bowie - the entire segment - learn a little history courtesy of the Travel Channel's Monumental Mysteries if you care to. BTW, the reason I am huffing and puffing is because Bowie was supposed to be quite ill - on his death bed as he rallied the troops from the bunker in the bowels of the Alamo. Martyrdom y'all, Texas style.
3 Oct 2013
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