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The clip nude painting of Lauren from The Car (1977) Enough. All right, that was delicious. Miss Humphries, I'd like to speak to you for a moment. Sure. In private. Okay, take a break. And we will rehearse this march for real. All right. Okay girls, up. Come on, over here. Right here. I would like to know what this is. This is sweet. Look, Miss McDonald, he's made me a 36-D. You know who did it? Sure. This is Tommy Ness again. His proportion's always off. Are you saying that's a picture of you? Yes. Well, I must say, I'm surprised. Why? Lauren, do you think it's healthy for a 13-year-old boy... to imagine his teacher naked? Absolutely. Well, not in this school, it isn't. Do you think she's ever been... No. There's my baby. Don't forget to wish him a happy anniversary.
16 Nov 2011
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