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Now On Nintendo DS: ******* . The Clique: Diss and Make Up for Nintendo DS promises fans new adventures with their favorite characters as they work up the social ladder to join the ultimate clique, The Pretty Committee. This interactive game rated E10 is available for Nintendo DS ($29.99) and is complete with fun fashions, cool classes, after school ‘Jobbies’ and all the latest gossip! The game also takes players to a new hi-tech level by wirelessly connecting with their real-life clique using BFF mode. This mode enables two players to trade character information and send messages – all while unlocking secret gossip in the game. Playing as the new girl on campus, fans can customize their character to represent their own unique style. Own it today!
26 Aug 2009
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Trey gets a promotion (or de-motion) in this first episode of the clique.
18 Jan 2008
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The Clique Movie Interview with Juliet Shatkin one of the singers on the Clique Movie Soundtrack. She sings "Look but don't touch" and "You are Perfect" on the Clique Movie Soundtrack
7 Jan 2009
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The Clique Daily Show is a show for the Keller, TX area. We are providing a channel that will focus on local interest. SUBSCRIBE TODAY!! to The Clique Daily Show.
18 Aug 2009
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But Then I Woke Up The Clique Girlz Cover by Liza and The Castillo girls 5-4-2010
6 May 2010
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www.dranden**** yes, I'm just as shocked as you are. I thought the trailer was going to be released on August 19th because thats what Lisi even posted on her site but no
2 Jul 2008
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*******www.TheGreenGirls**** - We were pleasantly surprised to learn that "Young Hollywood" does have green on their mind. While on a the red carpet of the Lollipops & Rainbows launch event, we asked the simple question "What do YOU do to help the environment?" Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 Jul 2009
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Nasty queen of Carry Nation High Meredith describes all the cliques at the school and puts one poor guy in the “Loner” clique.
15 Aug 2007
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Tanisha and Jennavecia prank and punch their way to a battle for the "alpha female" crown. Newly sober Darlen reexamines The Party Girls and starts to doubt her place in the clique. Catch the show on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on the Oxygen Network.
15 Jun 2008
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is the touching and hilarious Sundance hit that follows the lives of five teenagers - a jock, a popular girl, a heartthrob, an artsy girl and a geek – in one small town in Indiana through their senior year of high school. We see the insecurities, the cliques, the jealousies, the first loves and heartbreaks, and the struggle to make profound decisions about the future.
18 Oct 2008
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Juliet Shatkin Sings "Ur Perfect" for the Clique Movie. Ur Perfect by Juliet Shatkin in the Clique Movie Soundtrack. Juliet also sings Look Don't Touch in the Clique Movie Soundtrack.
15 Mar 2009
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Juliet Shatkin sings Look Don't Touch for the Clique Movie Sountrack.
7 Dec 2008
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