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Season 2 ~ Episode 3 "Tough Brets"
16 Aug 2011
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Perhaps their greatest song to date! Yes Jemaine and Bret!
31 Oct 2012
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With the help of Dave, Murray forces Bret and Jemaine to visit a nightclub to experience "dancing music". Inside they discover that the club is overpopulated with men and they sing the song "Too Many Dicks On The Dance Floor". Jemaine manages to pick up a woman at the club but when he awakes at her place the next morning, he discovers that he is surrounded by Australian memorabilia. It is only then he realises that he has accidentally slept with an Australian. Jemaine tries to sneak out but he can't unlock the door. He phones Bret for help, but the woman catches him and introduces herself as "Keitha". She asks him to stay longer, but he leaves and heads straight to the doctor for a checkup. Later at a band meeting, Bret reveals to Murray what Jemaine has done. Bret and Murray discuss whether Jemaine should be expelled from the band for his transgression, but they allow him to stay. Jemaine revisits Keitha to retrieve his missing wallet and over a cup of tea he interrogates her about her family to determine exactly how Australian she is. It turns out she is very Australian, but nonetheless she manages to entice him into bed again.
28 Jan 2013
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24 Jul 2013
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www.worldnudeday**** is New Zealands effort to set the world and possibly win
26 Sep 2013
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In my mind the funniest scene in the whole series
22 Dec 2013
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This is a collection of my favorite quotes & one-liners from Flight of the Conchords, season 1.
4 Jul 2008
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Tiny Band covers Flight of the Conchords.
21 Dec 2008
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Brennan and Graeme playing a few of their favorite Flight of the Conchords covers during the St. Mary Showcase for Peace.
29 Nov 2008
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Yes, it's another silly songvid, so if you don't like them then don't bother watching! This is a collection of my favorite Jemaine Clement clips, from Flight of the Conchords and Tongan Ninja. This was done as a silly tribute for his web birthday party being thrown by many rabid fans, Jemainiacs and Flight Attendants.
21 Dec 2008
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11 Jan 2009
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Jerry has an awkward speed dating experience. Guest starring Flight of the Conchords' Kristen Schaal. The latest episode of It's JerryTime created by Jerry & Orrin Zucker. Friend "Its Jerry Time" on Facebook! For more background on this episode check out the blog: *******ozonetv.wordpress****/ Jerry Gear: *******www.cafepress****/itsjerrytime
19 May 2009
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RnB performs "The Humans Are Dead" by Flight of the Conchords at the Duke Freshman A Cappella Jam on 8/26
13 Oct 2009
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Clips of all Jemaine's rude moments in Season One of Flight of the Conchords
5 May 2010
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This is a collection of my favorite Jemaine clips from Flight of the Conchords.
10 Jun 2010
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TV Guide Network kicks off TV's biggest celebration on LIVE AT THE EMMY AWARDS WITH CARRIE ANN AND CHRIS. Join our new hosts on the red carpet as they interview Bret McKenzie and Jermaine Clement from the FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS.
10 Jun 2010
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