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Parmdeep's products were recommended to me from friends in the UK... Its lovely to find local products - they're so user friendly... I always wanted to be in property but I never had the confidence... Reading Parmdeeps Success! Through Property course gave me the confidence to make a start ... I'm already feeling that I'm getting success - I can see greater things happening...
20 Dec 2008
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Do you feel like you should be much further in life? I ask this question to many people and 92 % state, “ Yes I should be further along than where I am today!” Well you are not alone we have all had those feelings! Even me, I have found the secret of accelerating the process and that is Confidence! Confidence is what you need to get to where you want to be. Do you want to learn how to double or even triple your income? The Confidence Solution Book will accelerate you to become not only who you need to be but to be where you need to be NOW! Have you ever thought about losing weight and think I can’t do that! You see others and wish you could look like that? Well you can! I have lost over 40 pound in believing in myself! Having the confidence to keep pushing on, staying focused you can do anything. This book will help bring the changes you desire and deserve! *******
19 May 2011
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Many people come to me and ask me “Hay aren’t you the Confidence coach? What is Confidence? I came up with a definition…Confidence is a positive belief in yourself, in your abilities and your potential it gives you a feeling of certainty to perform at your best. It enables you to have the ability to take calculated risqué so you can receive outrageous results in life. *******
19 May 2011
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Watch Beyond 50's video book trailer featuring the written and artistic works of Cat Bennett, author of "The Confident Creative" (Findhorn Press). She will challenge you to go back to the drawing board and reconnect with your creativity and rediscover your purpose. You'll learn a lot about yourself from drawing by looking at your thoughts. Free the mind and limiting thought patterns. To order a copy of "The Confident Creative" through Findhorn Press, visit www.FindhornPress****. *Video produced and edited by Joy and Daniel Davis of Beyond 50 Productions.
14 Jul 2011
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Obama's personal confidence and the ability to create illusions in order to gain power. Whether that power is for good or ill remains to be seen. *******www.fantasticbabblings****
16 Jan 2009
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I put together this video. I do not own the music and pictures. Enjoy~ You can also find it on youtube here: ***********/watch?v=pZ4id5DDhSQ&feature=channel_page
24 Aug 2009
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Discover other confidence sef triggers with these complimentary videos at *******SecretMindForce**** These confidence self triggers are not something that you are born with, they are habits that you can create. By reprogramming the subconscious mind, it is possible to trigger instant self confidence. By practising a simple mind technique for 30 days you will create a trigger in your mind which you can activate in any social situation where you are feeling self conscious and lacking self esteem. Building up a bank of these simple techniques you will be able to take control of any situation with total confidence Self *******SecretMindForce****
18 Nov 2009
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*******tinyurl****/slim-you-101 Wear sexy form fitting clothes without second thoughts! This summer, take advantage of the solution that can help you burn fat fast. Lose weight, gain energy now with Acai Power Blast. Get more information on weight loss on our blog at *******www-acai****/
20 Dec 2009
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Both faith and confidence are needed if you are to have the personal power to achieve outrageous success in life through reinventing yourself. Based on these two definitions, you can see that faith is based in having trust in another’s abilities. Confidence, on the other hand, is having a solid belief in yourself and in your own abilities. Having faith in God, a higher power, gives you the feeling of external power and strength to continue to pursue your dreams; having confidence in your abilities to achieve your dreams will give you the inner power to perform at your best in challenging situations. Your personal mistakes and failures in the past must not affect your confidence. Do not devalue yourself based on your past mistakes. Your personal history does not disqualify you from accomplishing something extraordinary in your life. Stop using your past as an excuse for inaction and failure. Stop saying, “I can’t succeed because . . . I’m divorced . . . I don’t have an education . . . of the color of my skin,” and so on. Confident people learn from their pasts; self-doubters live in it. When you rehearse your past mistakes, you are actually preparing yourself to repeat them. Spend more time preparing your next victory than you do looking back at your last one. Stop trying to fix your past, and start developing the necessary skills for managing your future. *******
16 Jun 2011
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What happens during the time when you first meet someone determines three important things about the relationship and connection in the future: • Attraction: if they like you • Antipathy: if they don’t like you • Apathy: if they are indifferent toward you You will either create a positive impression that will cause the person to be drawn to you and will open the door of a new relationship, or you will create an impression that will slam the door shut on any future opportunities, leaving you with a negative consequence. You are always making an impression; the question is, What kind of impression are you making? Your impression tachometer does not wait for you to get ready. It starts the moment you are seen in a room. Your seven seconds start the first time someone meets you, interacts with you, or hears you talking on the phone. *******
30 Jun 2011
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Achievers take action and can hardly be stopped. Procrastinators never get started and allow pebbles in the road to stop them. Remember that Positive Belief in Yourself + Hard Work = Great Results. The Law of Results says that if I see anybody else in this world who has achieved a result I desire, I can produce the same result if I am willing to discover how they did it, model what they did to achieve it, and pay the price of time and effort. The key is to find models of success and simply do what they have done.*******
14 Jul 2011
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The song is very famous among Chinese college students! If you like it please give me some support so I could have the confidence to submit more native videos, and let you know more about China.
13 Aug 2006
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Sri Lankan Keeper K.Sangakara testing the confidence of South African Allrounder S. Pollock
27 Nov 2006
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Mike has never been on a skateboard before, and with the confidence of alcohol, decides to try the halfpipe. Matt laughs while Paul say "dont be a baby". Predictably he smashes his head and wrist, breaking his left wrist.
19 Feb 2007
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Michelin Man Flexes His Muscles in New Ad; Communicates Commitment and Vision to Improving Mobility for All Michelin, the premier tire manufacturer in the world, has created a new North American marketing campaign that demonstrates the company's evolution as a tire manufacturer as well as its commitment to society, the environment and protecting people on the road. Michelins A Better Way Forward slogan will come to life in this multi tier media campaign across television, radio, print and online media that communicates across several platforms, including: Interactive Web site www.michelinman****/forward: A new Web property that provides a glimpse inside Michelin, showcasing the companys activities to create a greener world, maintain its dedication to safety and continue its high standards of performance and engineering. Television commercial: A 30 second spot called Workshop that describes how Michelin implements its commitment to safety and the environment. This spot debuted surrounding the Super Bowl with a spot in Pre-Game and Post Game activity. Print advertisements: A series of new print and online advertisements that feature the innovative presentations of the Michelin Man, including Flex, a new ad which emphasizes the strength and endurance of Michelin tires. The 108 year old Michelin Man is front and center in the new campaign; but he has evolved, becoming a modern, socially responsible icon similar to the way Michelin, as a company, has evolved to outfit vehicles and meet the changing needs of consumers while maintaining its position as the leader in tire innovation and technology for over a century. For example, a 1905 advertisement depicts the Michelin Man with cigar to lips in a French wrestling-style leopard loincloth, air-kicking his way through town. Now, a smoke-free, slimmed down Michelin Man enhances roads and parks as alternatives to sending end of life tires to landfills. He is shown in the new TV commercial installing recycled rubber material in a childrens playground to communicate the companys commitment to finding alternative uses for end of life tires. As one of the top five most reputable companies in the world, Michelin embraces its role and influence in laying a strong foundation to finding a better way forward for all, said Parmeet Grover, brand director for Michelin. The Better Way Forward campaign aims to articulate our focus and dedication to the environment, building on our heritage of safety and ensuring our products lead in quality and performance. A key focus of this new campaign will encourage consumers to explore the Michelin world through the new Web site, offering a variety of experiences such as discovering Michelins dedication to key social issues as well as fun downloadable images and vintage commercial advertisements of the Michelin Man. Using state of the art Flash technology, the Web site features detailed images and videos to guide visitors through important information including driving safety tips and new tire innovations. www.michelinman****/forward. One of the first print advertisements of the campaign features the Michelin Man flexing his muscles, a symbol of Michelin tires endurance and longevity on the road, which not only lowers the cost of ownership, but also ensures that performance is maintained longer for enhanced safety. The essence of A Better Way Forward is also captured in the new television commercial that depicts the inner workings of Michelin through an animated workshop featuring the setting of the iconic Michelin Man, who is hard at work pursuing the company's ongoing quest for better mobility solutions. The commercial features the same computer generated animation techniques used for feature films to take the viewer through the Michelin Man workshop to see how Michelin is striving to provide drivers with tires that are safer and more fuel efficient than ever before, while also respecting the environment. The television commercial, and a short video on how it was made, can be viewed in the lounge area at www.michelinman****/forward. Michelins primary goal for the campaign is to convey the freedom of mobility and the confidence and security that come from the uncompromising performance of Michelin tires. This campaign articulates Michelin's commitment to better mobility for individuals and society at large. Developed by Detroit-based Campbell Ewald, the campaign began in February and runs throughout 2007 across television, radio, print and online.
26 Mar 2007
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With super cute styling and all weather performance, the Roxy Athena down jacket gives you the confidence to take on the steepest of the steeps and feel fashionable afterward. Highly water resistant, the Roxy Athena down insulated jacket also has a powder skirt and lycra hand gaiters to seal out moisture. Among numerous small touches that set this jacket apart, the hood detaches for those days when you're bathed in the warmth of the sun and don't want to feel overdressed. Also, the magnetic front closure secures the storm flap over the front zipper while contributing to its tidy, streamlined overall look. Combining performance features to keep you warm and dry with plentiful bells and whistles, the Roxy Athena down jacket gives you that extra measure of endurance to go all day long. The styling is cute but the emphasis here is content, of both the performance and clever accoutrement kind. Fully down insulated with a highly water resistant, breathable, seam taped shell, the Roxy Athena down jacket keeps you comfortable when riding the lift to the top of the mountain. Then, for the trip down, employ the hide-away powder skirt for those days following a fresh dumping of snow. In addition to the drawcord closure, pant connector loops positively lock the powder skirt in place with a variety of Roxy pants, including the Gemstar, Zenith, and Starlit. Fully aware of the exertion involved with snowboarding and alpine skiing, the designers at Roxy included sidepanel venting and collar breathing vents for use when the collar is fully zipped. Pockets are plentiful on the Roxy Junior's Athena down jacket. A complete inventory reveals a zippered pocket on the upper left arm, two front zippered hand pockets, an inside chest pocket with zipper closure, and a music device pocket with headphone slot. And in demonstrating their keen attention to detail, the designers at Roxy included a watch window built into the cuff, thus eliminating the hassle involved with checking the time while on the mountain. 55% nylon, 45% polyester iridescent houndstooth rip stop Taffeta lining with screened artwork Fully insulated with 250 grams of down fill consisting of 80% duck down and 20% feathers 10,000mm tested highly water resistant and breathable Toray Entrant-V coating structure Zipper closed sidepanel venting Breathing vents at collar with neck cinching Fully taped seams Zipper removable 3-way adjustable hood Magnetic front closures Fold over chin guard prevents chafing Zipper closed pocket on upper arm and dual front zippered hand pockets Inside chest pocket with zipper closure Music pocket with headphone slot Drawcord adjustable powder skirt with tuck away system and pant connector loops Velcro adjustable cuffs with built-in watch window and lycra hand gaiters D-ring for lift tickets, key clip, and side cinches Quilted criss-cross stitching Artwork screened on outside of jacket (more)
14 Jun 2007
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