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Alif is for Allah - IslamChannel for Kids Who is Allah? Allah is the proper name for God. He was not born and he has no son nor daughter. He knows everything. He gives everything. He gave the human mind. We should please Allah by believing in him, worshipping him and spreading goodness on the Earth. We follow Allah's guiedence prescribed in the Holy Quran and with the example of the prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him). Go to ******* for more videos for young Muslim kids. A is not for 'apple' or any other material thing. Teach your children about God firstly, so that they will grow as a righteous servants of God who won't be stealing, cheating and doing all evil out of materialistic greed.
27 Dec 2008
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Thank you so much Cristiana for the amazing drawing... how you captured the picture of me is by far the coolest thang that anyone has ever done for me... your time is like a precious piece of tomorrow and to help me with the proposal is more than anyone could ask for.. it's our future you are helping design :) The song is from "The Proposal", the pictures in this video were taken during the filming of the video music is by: Adrain thanks for the wonderful composition of music adrian.
27 May 2011
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www.kelzworld**** www.twitter****/iamkelz www.therealkelz.blogspot**** www.facebook**** (Search: I am Kelz)****/kelzworld****
15 Oct 2011
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www.kelzworld**** www.twitter****/iamkelz www.therealkelz.blogspot**** www.facebook**** (Search: I am Kelz)****/kelzworldmusic
15 Oct 2011
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www.kelzworld**** www.twitter****/iamkelz www.therealkelz.blogspot**** www.facebook**** (Search: I am Kelz)****/kelzworldmusic
15 Oct 2011
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[Ryz Flow] The Proposal.. is the first video you need to be watching.. it's simple and will help you get to that point of acceptance... Welcome back world it's been 1 year since "The Proposal" and the idea has never been more alive! bring yourself to the point of sharing the greatest idea ever to be presented to a humans eyes... we can start small with "The People's Community" and grow from there through out the entire world and beyond through out the entire universe. love you, Ry
17 Oct 2011
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*******www.facebook****/pages/Coppoc-Bleak-Bastrd-/348479465175947?v=app_2405167945 *******www.reverbnation****/coppocbleakbastrd ********twitter****/#!/Coppoc3x6
1 Feb 2012
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My frien dany asked me to write a song about forgiveness. The music is by Tedashii... Thanks "FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD" LINK THE BOTTOM Lyrics "Are hearts were black with sin until the savior came in his precious blood i know has washed us white as snow and in the word i'm told i'll walk the streets of gold o wonderful wonderful day when he washed our sins away" There's nothing one sided about forgiving the bad because when you forgive the bad you forgive yourself feel the grace of god pour out like a spout and separate the condemnation from the common man kinda courageous don't you think getting nailed to the cross without committing a crime spree bravery is remembered in forgiving you and me and a story's never forgot when it's extraordinarily legendary It's a rapture and all ya'll coming i don't know how ya'll take it but i'm gonna say i love you hoping for the best but preparing for this world can get a little ify if you don't know it's worst it's no ones job to crucify a son we're all god's children living in the love and to the daughters you can hear me all around the world we're reppin for the one that forgave us all first (CHORUS) go on and treat others like you wanna treat yourself scratch that... i'll treat them better so i can treat myself to that i'm feeling that is lifted yes we are gifted the knowledge that you know from the past it's a privilege i'ma be a person placed in time passing up the gimmicks follow where we go because we're gonna make it like a mission no matter what they say i promise that we're in this and all along the way we will practice our forgiveness (CHORUS) (INTRO) (CHORUS) you can download the song for free *******soundclick****/share.cfm?id=11500956
21 Mar 2012
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From The Creators Of Shrek And Shark Tale.
17 Apr 2006
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Remember the old Ant & The Aardvark cartoons from the creators of the Pink Panther.
11 Jan 2006
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The creator of "Need For Speed Carbon" presenting the game.
25 Jul 2006
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An American interview of Nick Mark, the creator of Albnercrombie & Nitch.
12 Sep 2006
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