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North Carolina Honorary Consul Kurt Waldausen receives The Cross of the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany for his work in creating stronger ties between the United States and Germany. The ceremony was at Myers Park Country Club on January 7, 2009. Interviews by Carl White.
22 Feb 2009
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The film, The Cross opens in nationwide on March 27, 2009. The Cross is a feature documentary relates one man’s 40-year quest carrying a 12-foot cross around the world. Love for you to review it! For the past forty years Arthur Blessitt has done something no one else has ever done, carried a twelve foot wooden cross through 315 nations, territories and island groups - or in other words every inhabited place in the world.
19 Mar 2009
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We'll retrace Jesus' final steps to the cross, from the Garden of Gethsemene to the tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre-- a departure from the traditional Via Dolorosa... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN ***********
10 Apr 2009
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Denver apartments – The Crossing Apartments for rent in Colorado. The apartment homes at The Crossing feature an array of modern amenities and many extras for your convenience. Choose from a variety of living spaces designed to meet your every need. You'll be close to transportation, shopping, and great entertainment. Call today to make The Crossing your new home. Call (888) 467-5791 or Visit ***********/partner/summary.aspx?page=summary&property=281979.1&p=AptHL&prvpg=1067&partner=AptHL&prvpg=1067&pdriveit=0&pdrivefrm=1#MenuItem for apartment prices, pictures, videos, floorplans, availability.
20 Aug 2009
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Help - Peter G. James Sinclair - The Cross & The Switchblade
3 Nov 2009
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The Collection - Peter G. James Sinclair - The Cross & The Switchblade
20 Nov 2009
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Lydias Song - Peter G. James Sinclair - The Cross & The Switchblade
24 Nov 2009
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A Book Trailer for the book Legacy of the Cross by Debi Chestnut and Alice Bliss being released by Dreamz-Work Productions, LLC on March 26, 2010.
10 Mar 2010
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The Cross by Within Temptation, Final Fantasy version. Edited by Katia Malikov.
12 Dec 2010
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The cross originated from pagans and was used a symbol of sun god. Moreover, the early Christians regarded the cross as an instrument of the capital punishment, “shame” and a “cursed tree.” But When Christianity began to paganized, the cross was considered as a symbol of Christ. God forbids us from making any kind of religious image, so cross-reverence is idolatry against God’s commandment. World Mission Society Church of God does not set up the cross as God’s commandment.
14 Jul 2011
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On the way to Canaan, the Israelites were bitten by venomous snakes. When they were dying in the desert, God told them to make a bronze snake and put it up on a pole, and to look at it. When they looked at the bronze snake, they came to live. Then the Israelites thought that the bronze snake had mysterious power. Forgetting that they were able to live according to the words of God, they put up the bronze snake on a pole and revered it for hundreds of years. This was not merely history, but a prophecy that churches would set up the cross and be destroyed. Just as the Israelites revered the bronze snake, today’s churches set up the cross and revere it. To set up the cross and revere it is idolatry which is detestable before God and ends in destruction. World Mission Society Church of God keeps the Passover which is established by Jesus’ blood and doesn’t set up the cross.
18 Aug 2011
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ITUNES LINK - ***********/us/album/lead-me-to-the-cross-guiame/id470896787 As sung by Hillsong *******www.facebook****/samaritanrevival *******twitter****/srministry Website - *******www.samaritanrevival****
8 Oct 2011
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The Crossing is local Vancouver, Washington based United Methodist Church, which provides a great place to worship and serve the community.
29 Dec 2011
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Song: "Fourteenth Station of the Cross" by Rafael Brom from album "Ineptocracy" *******www.marianland****/music/ineptocracy.html EASTER Prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Brom Scientists claim that man is nothing but an accidental accumulation of odd material put together during a very brief fragment of time, doomed ultimately to disintegrate. The human body, they say, is composed of one octillion atoms, and three trillion of such atoms would form the period at the end of this sentence. They add that an atom is not actual material. If enlarged to one hundred meters in diameter, its contents would amount to waves moving with the speed of light, or faster, and the so called material in such an extended atom would be no more than a pinhead. Scientists do not tell us what man is. Jesus Christ does. And He tells us how to live. That our thoughts and deeds must follow the example He gave during His short Journey on earth. That as children of God we have been given eternal life through His death and resurrection. Christ could have saved the octillion atoms found in His human form. He could have made a compromise with Satan. He could have retracted His teachings and denied His heritage before Pilate. He could have surrendered to the momentary doubts on the Cross and shown Himself to be another ordinary bewildered mortal. But Jesus chose to do otherwise. He accepted the Cross and left it as an example of Manhood. *******www.marianland****/brom005_Easter.html
5 Jul 2012
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Third Station of the Cross - Rafael Brom from album: ASCENSION Record Album: ASCENSION - Rafael Brom on iTunes: ************/us/album/ascension/id652688974 From new album: Ascension - Rafael Brom *******www.marianland****/music/ascension.html All Songs Composed, Produced and Performed by Rafael Brom Published by Cosmotone Music (ASCAP) - Cosmotone Records CD Product number: CD-2024 AL © 2013 Cosmotone Records Songs: You Are So Beautiful, Beautiful You Are (5:24 min.) I Gave You All My Love ( 6:36 min.) Time Travel (4:06 min.) My Baby (1:44 min.) Third Station of the Cross (5:04 min.) March of Patriots (3:28 min.) Every Day You Love Me (3:48 min.) Baby Playing (1:01 min.) Stardust Going Home (6:49 min.) Ascension ( 7:37 min.) *******www.rafaelbrom****/music/ascension.html ASCENSION - Rafael Brom on CDBaby: *******cdbaby****/cd/rafaelbrom17 Rafael Brom on iTunes: ************/us/artist/rafael-brom/id152962016 Rafael Brom Official Website: *******www.rafaelbrom****/ Cosmotone Records *******www***smotonerecords****/
16 Jun 2013
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As a Born Again Christian, I sincerely believe it is an excellent thing for us all to be continually thinking and meditating on what Christ Jesus achieved at the Cross of Calvary. It is a good thing to be often reminded how Jesus Christ of Nazareth was betrayed into the hands of wicked men,—how they condemned Him with most unjust judgment,—how they spat on Him, scourged Him, beat Him, and crowned Him with thorns,— how they led Him forth as a lamb to the slaughter, without His murmuring or resisting,—how they drove the nails through His hands and feet, and set Him up on Calvary between two thieves,—how they pierced His side with a spear, mocked Him in His suffering, and let Him hang there naked and bleeding till He died. Of all these things, I say, it is good to be reminded of 'THE CROSS'. It is not for nothing that the crucifixion is also described and mentioned four times over in the New Testament. "THE CROSS" BEHOLD, HE IS COMING WITH THE CLOUDS, AND EVERY EYE SHALL SEE HIM, AND THOSE WHO PIERCED HIM, AND ALL THE TRIBES OF EARTH SHALL GAZE UPON HIM. FOR AS THE LIGHTNING LIGHTS UP THE ENTIRE SKY, SO IT WILL BE WHEN THE SON OF MAN COMES. HE WHO IS, WHO WAS, AND WHO IS TO COME. THE ALMIGHTY -- THE RULER OF ALL - YESHUA JESUS -- HOSANNA -- IN THE HIGHEST -- HE DIED FOR US Heavenly fire, come and burn in us today, That those around might see... As in the Upper Room you lovingly ----- and peacefully -------came. ON THE DAY OF PENTECOST SETTING OUR HEARTS ABLAZE WITH THE HOLY GHOST FLAME... Exalt and glorify ------ the name above all names, At Calvary's Cross You shed Your innocent blood for me... Jesus is the Christ our Redeeming Saviour who came for the broken, disgusted, the lost among us... At the CROSS where my Saviour paid the price, I sing Halelluyah's highest praise to my LORD to my KING At the CROSS where my Saviour paid the price, I sing Halelluyah's highest praise to my LORD and KING. JESUS -- HOSANNA -- IN THE HIGHEST -- HE DIED FOR US © 2013 "AMORE Christian Music" Lyrics - Daniele Luciano Moskal & Jimmy Graziano -- Music & Vocals
18 Jun 2013
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