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This is a rare nature film from the silent era in filmmaking. The subject (described by text cards) is the life of the cuckoo. The habits and behavior of the cuckoo were still a mystery in the 1920s, and this documentary explores all aspects of this cute and cuddly bird in great detail. The female Cuckoo abandons her duties as a mother once her eggs are laid, choosing instead to place her eggs in the nest of the same type of bird that she herself was hatched into. While the host bird initially puts up a fight, it eventually welcomes the baby cuckoo bird as its own, feeding and taking care of it until it is capable of surviving in the wild. Overall this film is a wonderful exploration of vintage nature filmmaking as well as adorable little birds.
28 Aug 2008
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*******www.mp3naturesounds**** Number 2 in a series of 48 The relaxing sounds of the Cuckoo Forest
4 May 2010
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Ter gelegenheid van het retrospectief brengt EYE vanaf 23 juni de gerestaureerde versie van One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest uit in de theaters. Deze mijlpaal in de filmgeschiedenis werd beloond met vijf Oscars, waaronder één voor Nicholson. Hij speelt de in een psychiatrische inrichting vastgezette rasprovocateur McMurphy, die in opstand komt tegen de dictatoriale Nurse Ratched. Randle P. McMurphy laat zich ontoerekeningsvatbaar verklaren om gevangenisstraf te ontlopen. Maar hij blijkt slechter af als hij vervolgens voor onbepaalde tijd naar een psychiatrische inrichting wordt gezonden. Hij probeert met grappen en spelletjes de boel wat op te schudden en weet zelfs de ‘doofstomme’ indiaan Chief Broom tot spreken te verleiden. Gedwarsboomd door de dictatoriale Nurse Ratched zet rasprovocateur McMurphy de patiënten vervolgens aan tot opstand.
23 Jun 2011
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Animated circus act where everything is possible. Even 3D acrobats with 2D scenery in 3D circus.
20 Mar 2007
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www.OnlineLessonVideos**** - Check out The Site for Full Lesson + Sheet Music + Backing Track!
19 Feb 2010
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Put on your poetry hats and join two of the greatest wordsmiths of our generation as they fill your ears with verse.
30 Nov 2013
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Here's an impressions tape I made a while back. Some of them I cringe at as they've really come a long ways since this production. But it's a pretty fun video so I thought I'd post it. And yes, I spelled "Dylan" incorrectly. Below are the characters/people impersonated: Gilbert Gottfried. Seinfeld. Kramer. Marlon Brando. Al Pacino. Chewbacca. Chris Walken. Golem. Adam Sandler. Scooby. Shaggy. Peter Griffin. Brian Griffin. Apu. Rev Lovejoy. Comic Book Guy. Groundskeeper Willie. Dr. Nick. Dr Hibbert. Skinner. Lou. Chief Wiggum. Mayor Quimby. Robin Leech. Sylvester Stallone. Bergess Meredith. Donkey. Shrek. Pee-Wee Herman. Cartman. Kyle. Mr. Mackey. Towelie. Mr. Hanky. Ned Gerblansky. Quagmire - Family Guy. Chris Griffin. Stewie Griffin. Cleveland Brown. Old pervert. Lois Griffin. Stan Smith - American Dad. Roger. Klaus. Homer - The Simpsons. Marge. yeees man. Krusty. Otto Mann. Charles Montgomery Burns. Waylon Smithers. Barney. Moe Syszlak. Abraham Simpson. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tony Danza. Bill Cosby. Alien in Edgar Suit - Vincent D'Onofrio - Men in Black. Agent J - Will Smith - MIB. Jerry Lundegaard - William H Macy - Fargo. Wade Gustafson - Harvey Presnell - Fargo. Shep Proudfoot - Steven Reevis - Fargo. Ernest - Jim Varney. Mister T. Randy 'Macho Man' Savage. Sean Connery. Smokey - Chris Tucker - Friday. Big Worm - Faizon Love. Mr. Jones - Dad - John Witherspoon. Don Pardo - SNL Announcer. Matt Foley. Church Lady. Caveman Lawyer. Ed Grimley. Trump. Coffee Talk. Wayne. Garth. Johnny Carson. Ed McMahon. David Puddy. Morty Seinfeld. Babu Bhatt. Jackie Chiles. Kenny Bania. J Peterman. Keanu Reeves. Stephen Hawking. Donatello. Krang. Shredder. Beebop. Rocksteady. Jack Nicholson. Glomer - It's Punky Brewster. Dezi Arnaz. Ray Barone - Ray Romano - Everybody Loves Raymond. Robert Barone - Brad Garrett - Everybody Loves Raymond. Wilfred Brimley. George Bailey - Jimmy Stewart - It's a Wonderful Life. ALF. Martin Short. Woody Allen. Jon Lovitz. Pat Robertson. Columbo - Peter Falk. Jacques Clouseau - Peter Sellers - The Pink Panther. Steve Irwin - Croc Hunter. John Coffey - Michael Dunkin - The Green Mile. David Wooderson - Matthew McConaughey - Dazed and Confused. Neil Armstrong. Peter Lorre. Elvis Presley. Tone Loc. Michael Jackson. Prince. Louis Armstrong. Macy Gray. Humpdy. Eminem. Snoop Dogg. Bob Dylan. Johnny Cash. Simon Cowell. Austin Powers - Mike Meyers. Dr Evil - Mike Meyers. Chong. Cheech. Borat. Bender. Professor Farnsworth - Futurama. Hermes. Zoidberg. Zapp Brannigan. Kiff - Futurama. Stuart Larkin - Michael McDonald - MAD TV. Droopy Dog. Snagglepuss. Marvin Martian. Mickey Mouse. Goofy. Booboo Bear. Yogi Bear. Kool-aid Man. Dracula & Creepy assistant. Popeye. Principal McVicker. Butthead - Beavis & Butthead. Beavis. Coach Buzzcut. Tom Anderson. Cornholio. Mr. VanDriessen. Muhammed Ali. Mike Tyson. Kermit. Ms. Piggy. Bullwinkle. Tigger. Eeyore. Stitch. Dr. Jumba Jookiba. Beaker. Mario. Wario. Roger Rabbit. Ren. Stimpy. Lucky Charms. Bobbie. Charlie in the Box. Sunny the cuckoo bird. Yoda. JarJar. Boss Nass. Palpatine. R2D2. Carl - Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Frylock. Meatwad. Paul Rodriguez. Napoleon Dynamite. Pedro. Marty - Michael J. Fox - Back to the Future. Doc Emmet Brown - Christopher Lloyd - Back to the Future. Boomhauer - King of the Hill. Hank Hill. Dale. Gnome - World of Warcraft. Elf - WOW. Al Bundy. Aliens from Star Wars. Lieberman. President George W Bush. President Bill Clinton. President George Bush Sr. President Ronald Reagan. President Richard Nixon. President John F Kennedy - JFK. Regis Philbin
3 Jan 2008
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*******www.popcorns****/ 10 Best Hollywood Adaptations, Pages to Posters SPOILER WARNING: Forrest Gump ( 1994):Robert Zemeckis Tom Hanks The color purple (1985) Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actress , Best Supporting Actress, Alice Walker pultizer winning book Gone with the wind (1939) Rhet Butler Scarlet O Hara The English Patient (1996) Fight Club ( 1999) The Godfather (1972) Mario Puzo's Don Vito Corleone, Marlin Brando, Al Pacino Schindler's List ( 1993) Oskar Schindler To kill a mockingbird ( 1962) One Flew over the cuckoos nest (1975): Nurse Ratched A clockwork orange ( 1971)Stanley Kubrick
22 May 2010
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This advert reminds me of one flew over the cuckoos nest with Jack Nicholson.
5 Feb 2009
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Cuckoo included in latest list of Britain's endangered birds The call of the cuckoo is disappearing from Britain's countryside, according to the latest research that adds the well-loved species to a growing "red list" of the country's most endangered birds for the first time. The unmistakable two-note call, described by Wordsworth as a 'wandering voice', is a traditional harbinger of Spring. The cuckoo she’s a pretty bird She sings as she flies She brings us glad tidings And tells us no lies She sucks all sweet flowers To make her voice clear She never sings cuckoo Till summer is near She flies the hills over She flies the world about She flies back to the mountain She mourns for her love The cuckoo she’s a pretty bird She sings as she flies She brings us glad tidings And tells us no lies
29 May 2009
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – Lijiang: A Tranquil Paradise of China - P2/2 (In Chinese). Episode: 1748, Air Date: 28 June 2011. Today’s A Journey through Aesthetic Realms will be presented in Chinese, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The cuckoo sings in March. All flowers blossom around Lisu’s mountain cottages. How cheerful the Lisu children are! How joyful the Lisu ladies are! How happy the Lisu people are! How prosperous the Lisu mountain households are! Hallo, angelic viewers, and welcome to A Journey through Aesthetic Realms on Supreme Master Television. In yesterday’s program, we visited Lijiang, a well-preserved ancient town of Yunnan, China, and explored her natural and architectural wonders. Today, in the second part of this two-part series, please meet the friendly residents of this beautiful city. Lijiang is home to 12 of the 55 ethnic minority groups of China, who account for approximately 60% of the city’s total population. In particular, Lijiang is the cultural capital of the Naxi people. The gentle Naxi people originated in Tibet and settled in the current area over 1400 years ago with agriculture as their main means of livelihood. Traditionally, they are a matriarchal society. Women play central roles in family and tribal affairs. They are also the main laborers and heirs through a maternal lineage. The native tongue of the Naxi people is the world’s only remaining pictographic language. It is written in Dongba script or Geba script. There are more than 1,400 individual characters in use. The word “Dongba” means “knowledgeable Naxi elders.” These respected members of the community are proficient in astronomy, geography, agriculture, handicrafts, as well as herbal medicine. Since the beginning of the Dongba language more than 1000 years ago, a rich repertoire of Naxi literature has been generated, recording Naxi civilization advances in religion, folklore, science, and arts. The Naxi’s classical music, Dongjing, is a form of Taoist ritual music and uses traditional Chinese instruments. The melodies are said to be relaxing to the mind and cleansing to the soul. Naxi folk singing and dancing are impromptu and widely performed. They express the Naxi people’s love and appreciation of their simple life. Let’s enjoy a group dance called “Let’s Dance Happily.” Let’s dance happily, let’s dance happily! Let’s dance happily! Let’s dance happily, let’s dance happily! Today is auspicious! Today is auspicious, today is auspicious! Let’s share today’s blessings! Let’s share today’s blessings, let’s share today’s blessings! A mountain spring flows behind our house. A mountain spring flows behind our house; a mountain spring flows behind our house. We feel as excited as the spring! We happily gather together, we happily gather together. Naxi women’s traditional costume includes a wide-sleeved loose gown over pants, topped with a waistcoat and an apron. Floral embroidery is common, highlighting collars, sleeves, the front, and shoes. Naxi women use a large backpack basket. It is not uncommon to see them with a basket of freshly harvested vegetables to sell on the streets. Lisu is another agricultural ethnicity with a significant presence in Lijiang. They also originated in the eastern Tibetan Highlands and are known for their openness, honesty, and independence. Lisu tribes follow a patrilineal system with each tribe adopting a last name after a plant or an animal. Traditional Lisu costumes are among the most colorful in the region. We belong to the Lisu tribe in the Laojun Mountain area. The person next to me is wearing the traditional costume of the Lisu tribe in this area. This is a whole set of our summer clothing. This jacket is light. This hat is very unique. The flowers on the hats for the ladies are embroidered by hand. The flowers represent young ladies. The beads in the back also have symbolic meanings. There are five beads on this hat. And a ten-bead hat symbolizes the four principles and five virtues of a woman. Look at the bead pendant in the front; it is made with Lisu tribe’s special stones. The Lisu ladies adore this decoration. Now look at the bag she wears; it is purely handmade. If a Lisu lady is in love with a gentleman, she will send such a bag to him. Now look at this skirt. Most skirts are pleated skirts in black, white or red flowery ones. We mostly wear black tops with the skirts. The most popular clothing worn by Lisu gentlemen is made of flax – top and gown – which symbolizes their hard work, bravery, and kindness. Now look at this bag. A bag with this color is called “octagonal flower.” If a gentleman is in love with a lady, he will send such a bag to the lady. For the lower part of the body now look at some trousers. Mostly they are black and white – or all black. This one is more unique; it is made with folk-style strips. Generally, four colors are used to match with one another. We of the Lisu tribe have long been called “the sun-chasing tribe” and the ancient migration was always to the west. Therefore, at the sleeve openings of the gentlemen a sun symbol is always embroidered, and the moon pattern in the middle represents ladies. Our tribe values women the same as men. Like the Naxi people, Lisus are lovers of music and dance. They have invented amazing folk instruments such as the gourd sheng, the oval lute, and the two-string lute. The musical instrument in my hand is a Hulu Sheng, a free-reed wind instrument similar to the Sheng. This is a traditional Lisu instrument. Now I will play a song for you. This is a unique musical instrument of the Lisu tribe called the Oval Pipa. In the Lisu language it is called a “Qi-Me.” It can be played by both men and women. This is a unique Lisu musical instrument called “Chi-Che” or two-string violin. Brothers, sisters, we finally have met each other today. We finally have met each other now. Our affinity has brought us together. We gather together happily; we will stay with each other, just like bees and flowers do. How happy! How happy! How happy! For the romantic Lisus, even a piece of leaf can be used to play love songs. My beloved girl, why are you blowing the leaves? I miss only you, my beloved boy. I miss only you, my beloved boy. The tranquil life of Naxi, Lisu and other native peoples of Lijiang is connected to their respect to nature. The core message of the Dongba Sutra is nature worship and preservation of the environment. It is forbidden to fell a tree or kill an animal. We wish all people good health, all good luck and longevity. We promote a vegetarian diet without animal products. May world peace come and may the planet be protected. We Lisu people adore the mountains and forests. We love this place. We are very happy and in high spirits. May our mountains and forests be better and better preserved! Please try your best to keep a plant-based diet when you come to our beautiful land. Please protect animals and stop eating meat. We thank our wonderful Naxi and Lisu hosts for kindly sharing your marvelous life-honoring culture with us. May your beautiful example inspire many to rediscover their original God-like purity. Contented viewers, thank you for your presence on today’s A Journey through Aesthetic Realms on Supreme Master Television. Up next is Vegetarianism: The Noble Way of Living, following Noteworthy News. Let us pray that a peaceful vegan world will soon grace our planet.
8 Sep 2011
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When Renee Zawawi had injured her foot while at a dance rehearsal to perform at the Miami Music conference March 2008, She brilliantly took her emotion toward her injury to work of art! She co-direct & self produced a witty music video for her single - Happy Hour- which was shot on a mental hospital setting where Zawawi finds herself not only a prisoner of her cast, but also of the hospital authority and roles. My first reaction was Award wining One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest- Zawawi bring life to the otherwise dead hospital atmosphere & brings it out of her inmates. Booze, dance & cake orgasm all take a place in the same bare hospital room which make the video more intriguing & hilarious!! Zawawi seeks her freedom out uses her womanly power, she seduces the hospital staff, kill the janitor & the doctor and run away from the hospital with a camel! In this day and age, where many young artists must pay for their own videos and so they would've just pulled a cop out and given us some cheap Three minute mess standing there lip singing, Zawawi does not make that mistake! She always gives us something more interesting and Happy hour video proves it. This video is a representative of zawawi's creativity & corky personality, exotic beauty, sexy and international appeal.
15 Jul 2012
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Shahid Kapoor had proved himself with his acting in "Kaminey". But since then he had no film to put a mark on the audience. However, his friends will not let that happen. Reportedly, "Shaitan" director Bijoy Nambiar is all set to take Shasha in his next film. The film is supposed to be a distinct similar to a classic Hollywood film "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest." Check out the video to know more about it.
28 Aug 2012
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Trailer for the Andover High School 2003 production, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
19 May 2009
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One of the best scene with Brad Dourif in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 1975. In English
21 May 2009
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A scene from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" (1975), the Academy Award winning film based on the novel of the same name (1962) by Ken Kesey. As the brawling ex-con, R.P. McMurphy (Jack Nicholson), adjusts to life on the Psych Ward, he has his first confrontation with the domineering Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher). Unable to resist a sure thing, McMurphy bets his fellow inmates that he can break Nurse Ratched before she breaks him. Intro/Outro music: "Megalomaniac" by Incubus Students may be interested in reading the annotations. Annotations may be turned off using the button beneath the video on the bottom right hand corner.
15 Nov 2011
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