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20 Sep 2011
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Can you handle the the madness?
17 Apr 2012
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13 Jul 2012
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iPHONE & iPOD GAME: TSHIRTS: TWITTER: www.twitter****/annoyingorange FACEBOOK: www.facebook****/annoyingorange MY WEBSITE: www.annoyingorange**** WATCH MY EPISODES!****/view_play_list?p=F7804CA8F551DF96 CREATED by DANEBOE:****/daneboe DANEBOE GAMING CHANNEL:****/superboebros DANEBOE 2ND CHANNEL:****/user/gagfilms
27 Jul 2012
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20 Nov 2012
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow video game review of Dragon Quest VIII, an RPG developed by Level-5 and published in 2004 by Square Enix for the PS2. The classic RPG series emerges on the PS2 in this epic adventure. Featuring a score performed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and character design by Dragon Ball's Akira Toriyama, Dragon Quest VIII presents an expansive and intriguing world to explore in an attempt to remove a dethroned king's curse. This CGRundertow video game review features video gameplay footage of Dragon Quest VIII for the PS2 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's TJ.
30 Nov 2012
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6 Dec 2012
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*******tinyurl****/b7shhwqaq1 Click the link bellow to watch the full movie: This swash-buckling tale follows the quest of Captain Jack Sparrow, a savvy pirate, and Will Turner, a resourceful blacksmith, as they search for Elizabeth Swann. Elizabeth, the daughter of the governor and the love of Will's life, has been kidnapped by the feared Captain Barbossa. Little do they know, but the fierce and clever Barbossa has been cursed. He, along with his large crew, are under an ancient curse, doomed for eternity to neither live, nor die. That is, unless a blood sacrifice is made.
7 Jan 2013
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Vega Kazinskaya sent in Omsk region, to find her classmate, whom she accidentally saw the video of the parcels from unknown little girl. In the video, people were not alive and not dead in an abandoned house. Vega easily penetrated into a world where there is no other way but to join the rest of the participants of this curse...
11 Mar 2017
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Reaction from crowd after the curse was lifted and Australias' 3-0 victory over Uruguay!
17 Dec 2006
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I don't want to spoil the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie for anyone who hasnt seen im not going to say who Elizabeth ends up with. These clips are from Pirates of the Caribbean-The curse of the black Pearl, and Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead mans chest. The song is "Seat next to you" by Bon Jovi This video will not be used to make money, it was made for fun only. Merry Christmas everyone!
9 Dec 2007
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This is a recreated scene from The Ring (for those who know the movie well, it's the second half of the first scene) starring Laura Tedesco as Katie and Jenn Bieri as Becca. I created this video as my final project for Gr.12 Film Production at Richmond Hill High School. This scene takes place exactly 7 days after Katie watches the cursed video with her friends. The phone rings at 10pm, and she becomes petrified. Special thanks goes to Natasha Vanker, Ryan Chong-Kee, and Becky Grimman for helping out! I hope you like it!
6 Jan 2008
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What REALLY happened when Nancy Drew disturbed Mrs. Drake's sleep in The Curse of Blackmoor Manor... Starring Rose, Roxie (cameragirl) & G. (Thanks to NDM for the trailer and sound clips!)
18 Jan 2008
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Penelope Trailer Film & Animation James McAvoy Christina Ricci Fairy Tales "Penelope" second trailer with Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, Reese Witherspoon Added: June 17, 2007Film & Animation Penelope Trailer Christina Ricci Penelope - Clip #1 - Never Had a Beer? A clip from the upcoming movie Penelope featuring Christina Ricci and James McAvoy; the film also stars Reese Witherspoon, Catherine O'Hara, and Peter Dinklage. Check out for more clips, trailers, interviews, and movie reviews. Entertainment Christina Ricci James McAvoy Reese Witherspoon Penelope film comedy movie clip Penelope - Movie Trailer 2 A magical story of a young woman, Penelope Wilhern (Christina Ricci), born to wealthy socialites. Penelope is afflicted by a secret family curse that can only be broken when she is loved by "one of her own kind". Hidden away inthe family's majestic home, she is subjected to meeting a string of blue-bloods through her parent's futile attempt to marry her off and break the curse.Christina Ricci James McAvoy Catherine O'Hara Peter Dinklage Reese Witherspoon January 24, 2008 Film & Animation Penelope Movie Trailer Christina Ri cci James McAvoy Catherine O'Hara Peter Dinklage Reese Witherspoon James McAvoy And Christina Ricci Do Penelope Penelope Wilhern (Christina Ricci), born to wealthy socialites (Catherine O'Hara and Robert E. Grant), is afflicted by the Wilhern spell that can only be broken when she finds love. Hidden away in her family's estate, the lonely girl meets a string of suitors in her parent's futile attempt to break the curse. Each eligible bachelor is enamoured with Penelope and her sizable dowry ... until her curse is revealed. January 02, 2008 Entertainment penelope movie trailer james mcavoy christina ricci catherine o'hara romantic comedy Robert E. Grant reese witherspoon Penelope: Reese Witherspoon Intv Hollywood 411's Zorianna Kit talks to Reese Witherspoon on her dual role as star and producer on the new movie PENELOPE! February 14, 2008 Entertainment Penelope Reese Witherspoon Christina Ricci TV Guide Hollywood 411 Zorianna Kit Madison Michele
3 Mar 2008
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The rich owner of a rubber plantation is murdered by his steward who has fallen in love with the elderly landowner’s beautiful wife, played by Barbara Payton. The steward, played by Burr, soon has married the widow of his victim. One of the trusted servants of the old master, a man who knows the art of voodoo, saw the crime, though, and curses the steward. Because of the curse, the steward turns into a vicious gorilla at night and attacks the local villages. The local policeman, played by Lon Chaney Jr., investigates the attacks.
25 Nov 2008
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microcinemadvd**** Magician, inventor and poet Jerry Andrus (1918-2007) has an insatiable appetite for uncovering the mysteries of life on the boundary between reason and illusion. Seen here wandering through his Albany, Oregon, “Castle of Chaos,” he demonstrates his incredible inventions (such as the Tri-Zonal Space Warper), and waxes philosophic on the subjects of reason, perception, God, and what he calls “the curse of contentment.” Reflecting not only his creative genius, but also his principled lifestyle and profound involvement with the problems of human existence, A THING OF WONDER pays tribute to a man devoted equally to the science and magic of wonder.
8 Apr 2008
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