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The Da Vinci Code - E3 2K6 Trailer
9 May 2006
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Cinema Scene Review "The Da Vinci Code". Clip from Cinema Scene Episode 52.
11 Dec 2006
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The Da Vinci Code gameplay video from *******www.sheeparcade****
11 Mar 2011
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Although the book the Da Vinci Code is fictional, it laid the groundwork for the movie The Lost Tomb of Jesus, and opened up the possibility that Jesus and Mary Magdalene could have been married with a child. However, documentary filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici explains, unlike the Da Vinci Code, The Lost Tomb of Jesus is based on actual facts and is supported by real, hard evidence. <br /><br /> See the movie on Discovery Channel and Vision TV. The Lost Tomb of Jesus takes you on a journey through time back to the life of Jesus, Mary Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Join Simcha Jacobovici as he unravels one of the oldest mysteries of the Christian religion, the quest for the tomb of Jesus. A tomb is found but with other bone boxes inside. Once deciphered, we learn that this might be the tomb of the Holy Family. With compelling scientific proof and tests, the mystery is solved but with monumental discoveries that could change Christianity. <br /><br /> This captivating movie is produced by award-winning documentary filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici and co-produced by James Cameron. The book, The Jesus Family Tomb, is co-written by Simcha Jacobovici and Charles Pellegrino. It is published by HarperCollins. The book and the movie will be interesting to those who love the bible, spirituality, religious symbols, archaeology, history, the da vinci code, the Holy Land and, above all, a good adventure!
26 Feb 2007
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This is a introduction to the topic of the Da Vinci Code. The viewer can find more information at *******www.seeker-of-wisdom****
25 Dec 2008
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a scene from the movie The Da Vinci code, when "Silas" tortures himself.
23 Jul 2011
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which has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. Hello, Well, after reading the book I can say that it was quite an excitin which has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. Hello, Well, after reading the book I can say that it was quite an exciting adventure book. OK. But some parts of the book has been written so superficially and -sorry but- so ignorantly that I could not help myself toprepare a video for criticizing these points and to enlighten 40 million people who bought this book. So let's begin with 134Th page of the book where we read the women were banished from mosques in Islam and there are no women priests in Islam. This is completely wrong Mr.Brown and it isobvious that you did not make sufficient researches.During 300 years of the middles ages when 5 million women were burned at stake by the witch hunts of the Church ,Prophet Mohammed was sent as the last Messenger with the last book&religion to all humanity.Because the message sent by Jesus was somehow distorted in this new and last message of Koran Allah/or the God said "And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women. (2:226)It was also stated that in Islam there is absolutely no difference between men and women , as both are promised the same reward for good conduct and the same punishment for evil conduct. Who so does that which is right, and believes, whether male or female, him or her will We quicken to happy life. (16:97) The last message namely Islam regarded men and women as being of the same essence created from a single soul saying "O mankind! Reverence your Guardian-Lord, who created you from a single person, created, of like nature, his mate, and from this pair scattered (like seeds) countless men and (4:1)" .So please get rid of your prejudice/and laziness that in Islam the women are treated badly and the only way for this is reading Koran and making researches.Lastly The Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) said, "Women are the twin halves of men." Now let's come to page 172 where Dan Brown wrote "The Knights of Temple or the Knights Templar" discovered some facts in the ruins of Salamon's Temple and they became the most wealthy and limitless powerful men of the Christian world by blackmailing Vatican.(As you know later by1300s by the plan of Pope Clement V the Knights were cleansed BY BEING BURNED AT STAKES completely). What was the secret document they found? It was simply what was mentioned in Koran.According to Koran Jesus was nor crucified neither killed which at the same time is the biggest flaw of the Christianity.As you very well know Jesus breathed into a clay bird, and it became a bird , healed a born blind person and the leper, he brought the dead to life ,he could inform people of what they ate and what they stored in their houses. so,how can a prophet with miracles like Jesus be crucified by normal/common humans like you and me?And how can such educated& learned&developed societies like you believe that a prophet is a loser although he has the power of Lord behind? Now please Christian brothers do not be sorry any more that Jesus was crucified or killed and break all your crosses symbolizing Jesus' crucifixion because what you do is a really big sin. So the sentence written on the 253rd page is right saying"Concil of Nicea by the orders of Constantine decided by voting that Jesus is the son of God and chose 4 gospels of Matthew,Mark,Luke and John among 80 gospels .However the sentence on the 250th page saying "The bible did not arrive by fax from heaven but it is a product of man" is completely wrong but the true anwer according to Islam is that it IS a book of God but because it was distorted the last book Koran was sent. Lastly nor the Holy Grail symbolizes Mary Magdelena neither Sophie and his brother can be descendants of Jesus as it is written in the book because again according to Islamic sources Jesus was taken above alive and he will be sent again and he will marry ,have children and be buried near Prophet Mohammed after his death.Again according to Islam he will break "the Cross" which means it will be understood that he was not the one who was crucified. He is expected to come very soon according to some Islamic calculations and according to me I very strongly feel that he already has come.According to Islam he will be understood by his being without any relative and only very people with very strong faith will be able to know him.It is obvious that I do not have any chance of knowing or seeing him. I wish I had such a strong faith.Lastly if you really want to find the Holy Grail namely a propethical blood line just look at the mirrors in your house because Mark Humphrys, a genealogy enthusiast and professor of computer science at Dublin City University in Ireland estimates that Prophet Muhammad appears on the family tree of every person in the Western world.You can find this info on internet by searching the phrase "Does your family have royal roots?".Best Regards ( more )
15 May 2007
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Especially now with the release of "The Da Vinci Code," we get a sneak peak into the life of Jesus, were he married. As most of you know, there is some conflict as to whether or not he and Mary Magdalene had a thing going.
15 Jun 2006
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Angels and Demon is the summer release of Columbia Pictures is based on the book written by Dan Brown. This is the sequel to ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Tom Hanks plays the lead role as ‘Robert Langdon’. The film is directed by Ron Howard. For more visit : www.FindNearYou****
31 Mar 2009
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The definitive documentary exploration of Dan Brown's thrilling novel The Da Vinci Code. Year - 2004. Directed By Richard Metzger. Starring - Dan Brown, Dan Burstein, Henry Lincoln, Martin Lunn, Lynn Picknett, Margaret Starbird. Produced By Gary Baddeley and Richard Metzger.
2 Apr 2011
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Davinci Code Trailer
4 Apr 2006
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The Illuminati were a secret society that played a key role in Dan Brown's book, "Angels and Demons". In this clip, experts discuss the real Illuminati and its relation to the book. Taken from the documentary "Science and Religion: The truth behind Angels and Demons" on Download in full at: *******
22 Oct 2007
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