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How I made Bane and Batman costumes for the Dark Knight Rises trailer spoof. FAQ: Can you make me a Bane mask? I don't have plans to make Bane masks for sale, just in case of copyright or whatnot. I know there are already a lot of masks out there, but I'm looking towards different projects right now. Do you have a link to a pictures of Batman I can use to trace the armor? I used this one for most of the pieces. *******christian-bale****/gallery/albums/Movies/The%20Dark%20Knight%20%5B2008%5D/Shoots/13.jpg Why was Bane so small? It was a spoof trailer. We thought it made sense. Heh. Actually, it was my friend Kevin, who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's. When he started chemo, and had to shave his head, he said "I could be Bane", and that's how we got the idea for the video. Where do you get foamie sheets? Foamie sheets (9x12 in.) can be found at most Wal-mart stores for 50 cents each. Larger sized sheets (12x18 in) can be found in craft stores. Where did you get the protective wire wraps (tubes on Bane's mask)? I found them at Harbor Freight. Most hardware stores should have them, or something similar. Where did you buy the gloves and mesh fabric? I bought on eBay: *******www.ebay****/itm/MOTORCYCLE-BIKER-MESH-MECHANIC-GLOVES-LEATHER-PALM-2XL-/360381345660?pt=Apparel_Merchandise&hash=item53e866ef7c *******www.ebay****/itm/120851617757?var=420060812657&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 Where can I buy liquid latex? It's best to buy liquid latex for mask-making on online stores, like eBay, or from other effects product suppliers. These suppliers usually have it in stock: *******myworld.ebay****/ecbarista/ *******myworld.ebay****/fun_fx/ If you can find a local source, that can be cheaper. MAKE SURE that if you buy latex, it's specifically latex for mask-making. Other more common "molding " latex products are not safe on skin. A more detailed write-up of making these costumes: *******www.instructables****/id/The-Dark-Knight-Batsuit-and-Bane-Mask-and-Costume/ Full video of how I made the mask: ***********/watch?v=n6fkS3fI5fc Trailer Spoof: ***********/watch?v=YHLbLQf-ado
10 Apr 2013
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Beyoncé - Countdown (Snuggie Version): ******* NoPUNintendo: ******* Batman Meets Two-Face: ******* 'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailer With Pee Wee Herman Voices: ******* Star Wars 'Call Me Maybe': ******* Last Week's Episode - TEEN v.s. FAKE B00BS!!!: ******* It's episode 66 of Smosh Pit Weekly and Mari is here to walk you through her favorite stories of the week! Click the links above to read the full article on smoshpit****! 

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9 May 2013
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After a few weeks of painful animating it's done. A re-make of The Dark Knight Rises Trailer #3. If you have any feedback shoot me a message: *******steamcommunity****/id/ussrcinema/ Wallpapers: *******i.imgur****/uDYkG.jpg - The Batman *******i.imgur****/FFmeF.jpg - Bane *******i.imgur****/02ofP.jpg - Badwater Bombings *******i.imgur****/qOb4M.jpg - Sheep Wayne *******i.imgur****/1IZFr.jpg - Plane Attack Custom Assets Used: Tumbler (*******gamebanana****/gmod/skins/49207) Reskinned by myself Nicole/Elexis casual from Deviant Pictures Character Pack (*******www.garrysmod****/downloads/?a=view&id=128553) L4D Props [Cop Car, Airliner, Cargo Plane, Cinematic Physics from airplane crash] Episode 2 Bridge Collapse Cinematic Physics Boeing 747-300 (*******www.garrysmod****/downloads/?a=view&id=120774) Cessna (*******www.garrysmod****/downloads/?a=view&id=128724) Dead Rising 2 Slicecycle (*******www.garrysmod****/downloads/?a=view&id=115587) Black Reskin by myself Pelican Dropship (*******www.garrysmod****/downloads/?a=view&id=82667) Balloonicorn (ripped from TF2 gcfs) For those confused by the title: "The roaming soldier functions as his team's offensive muscle class and acts as a backup pocket if the normal pocket dies. The roaming Soldier also functions as a suicide bomber, where the Soldier rocket jumps to the more important players of the team (Medic/Demoman) and tries to kill them early in a fight, or, in the Medic's case, tries to make them use their Ubercharge when they did not intend to. This job is usually relegated to a Soldier because of his ability to reposition himself with rocketjumps and take on the role of backup pocket. Some strategies might call for the roaming player to go for a specific strategic attack involving a class other than Soldier, like running a Pyro on Badlands." DISCLAIMER: ALL AUDIO IN THIS VIDEO IS PROPERTY OF WARNER BROTHERS, TAKEN FROM "The Dark Knight Rises" TRAILER #3
10 Oct 2013
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