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Devil's Advocate is a channel focused on discussing social issues, racial issues, religious issues, atheist issues and many more topics. We pride ourselves off of having no filter. We don't sugar coat. We don't pull punches and we don't spare feelings. We want the audience to see everything the content creator is seeing so that there are no misunderstandings or lack of representation as it pertains to the facts. If you want to see pure raw facts, truth telling and a perspective from a skeptic's point of view consider liking any of the material, leave a comment and sure to subscribe. We will never monetize this channel even if we grow to be large in a subscriber base or view count. We take no issue with other channels monetizing or making money off of their hard work but we only collect money on Patreon to support content. Do not contact the subjects of these videos.
19 Oct 2010
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******* Buy Or Rent A Home (Buy Or Rent A Home) "Buy Or Rent A Home" BuyOrRentAHome Buy-Or-Rent-A-Home Buy_Or_Rent_A_Home Buy,Or,Rent,A,Home *******realestatefacttips.blogspot****/2009/07/buying-or-renting-home-advantages-of.html The Buy vs. Rent Decision: Money Matters - Yahoo! Finance Jul 12, 2004 ... The Buy vs. Rent Decision. House Rules: How to Decide If It's Time to Own Rather Than Rent. By Suze Orman. Home ownership is the greatest ... ***********/pfg/e10buyrent/ - Cached - Similar - # Why it's smarter to buy than rent - MSN Money Besides asking for the impossible, many Buy vs. Rent calculations -- and most discussions of home ownership benefits in general -- exaggerate the potential ... *******moneycentral.msn****/.../Homebuyingguide/P72655.asp - Cached - Similar - # Economic Scene - As Home Prices Drop Low Enough, a Committed ... May 28, 2008 ... Is It Better to Buy or Rent? Interactive Graphic ... And while home prices — and rent ratios — have always been higher on the coasts, ... *******www.nytimes****/2008/05/28/business/28leonhardt.html - Similar - # Is It Better to Buy or Rent? - New York Times Sep 25, 2005 ... How the Numbers Were Calculated (September 25, 2005). Downloadable Spreadsheet: View home prices and rent costs in 53 metropolitan areas. ... *******www.nytimes****/2005/09/25/realestate/25cov.html - Similar - More results from *******www.nytimes**** » # HomeRun Homes Rent to Own Homes, Rent to Own, Lease Option ... rent to own homes, rent to own, lease to own, rent to buy At some time in your life, you've rented a home or an apartment, so you're familiar with a lease ... *******www.lease2buy****/ - Cached - Similar - # Should I rent or buy? - Financial Calculators from Dinkytown**** Should you rent or should you buy your home? It takes more than looking at your mortgage payment to answer this question. This calculator helps you weed ... *******www.dinkytown****/java/MortgageRentvsBuy.html - Cached - Similar - # Rent or buy a home? Should you rent or buy a home? Our interactive adviser will help you decide. *******www.bankrate****/brm/Calsystem2/.../RentVsBuy/default.aspx - Cached - Similar - # Real Estate: Buy or Rent? - Forbes**** May 25, 2009 ... Real Estate: Buy or Rent? Stephane Fitch with Matthew Woolsey ... what she would have spent renting a similar home at $36000 annually. ... *******www.forbes****/.../086-investment-guide-09-buy-or-rent.html - Cached - Similar - # » Rent Forever, Don't Buy A Home With the new year comes the inaugural post for my new series, the Devil's Advocate posts, where I try to argue the other side of common sense personal ... *******www.bargaineering****/articles/rent-forever-dont-buy-a-home.html - Similar - # Rent vs Buy - There are many advantages to buying a home versus renting one. View these advantages in the Buy vs. Rent Comparison Chart, or view a financial comparison of ... ******* Buying or renting is a big decision that most will have to make. You will see the advantages of buying. You will also see the advantages of renting to help make your decision easier.
21 Jul 2009
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BY MIRANDA WHEATLEY ANCHOR ALEX ROZIER You're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. Nobody said the road to sainthood would be easy. Father Edward Beck tells MSNBC if anyone deserves the fast track it’s Pope John Paul II. “You know what, he is the Saint making Pope. He made 483 Saints canonized during his papacy. That’s more than all of his predecessors. All of them combined.” On May 1 the late Pope John Paul II’s beatification ceremonies will begin in Rome bringing him one step closer to sainthood. (ABC) It was under Pope John Paul II that the requirements for sainthood changed and now he’s on the fastest track yet to becoming a saint. While some are singing praise for the Catholic Church’s new route to sainthood - it still is facing some fierce critics. “If there’s any dignity left in the Catholic Church, the beatification of Pope John Paul II, … should have followed the church’s strict guidelines for sainthood instead of fast tracking it as a political move to continue the silence of the Church’s pedophile scandal.” (NewsPress) The road to sainthood was altered in 1983 and according to NPR the changes were significant. “Under Pope John Paul II, it was relatively easy to attain sainthood. … the late pope made the process quicker, easier - the number of miracles required dropped from two to one - and less adversarial because he eliminated the office of the "Devil's Advocate" at the Vatican. Thus John Paul produced more saints than all the popes in the previous 500 years." He already has two miracles to his credit, a French nun who claims her Parkinson’s disappeared after praying to Pope John Paul II and a man from Massachusetts who credits the late Pope for his ability to walk again. “This French nun vows she was cured by the late Pope now has brought him his beatification. ‘Look at my hands,’ she says, ‘they’re no longer shaking.’ ... Joe says he then prayed hard to his spiritual healer Pope John Paul the second. ... I happened to look at the picture of Pope John Paul II and I just got up. You just got up after years of not being able to walk?” (ABC) Because both miracles occurred before beatification he still has one more to go to reach Sainthood. But proving a miracle is a lengthy process and hundreds of submissions involving the late Pope didn’t make the cut. A writer for the Huffington Post - and a critic of the fast track to sainthood, says the overall decision needs a second look. “Sainthood, fundamentally, should be black and white. While no supporter of a saintly candidate can claim the contender lived a pristine life, they must make the case that all of their earthly contributions helped people -- and that they did nothing to potentially hurt people." Crowds of more than 300,000 are expected at the beatification services and a vial of Pope John Paul II’s blood will be used as the relic for veneration and placed in a church in the pope’s native country, Poland after the ceremony. 'Like Newsy' on Facebook for video news updates in your feed. Get more multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
30 Apr 2011
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