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JLV Productions produces auto body autobody repair videos designed for the do it yourself mechanic. Our Basic Video has over 90 minutes of training and shows the basic repair process. If you know nothing about autobody repair this is the video for you.
24 Sep 2008
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JLV Productions produces auto body autobody repair videos designed for the do it yourself mechanic. Our New Chrome Plating Video has over 60 minutes of training and shows the complete process to chrome plate several different metals from start to finish.
30 Sep 2008
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Hi I am Bianca and I've entered the "Do You Believe" Suzie McNeil singing contest. I need your help. Can you listen to me sing the song "Believe" if U like it can u vote 4 me. The winner gets some neat prizes. Suzie rocks. Please vote 4 me! Vote by going to Suzie's website at vote 4 Bianca. Visit my channel to see my other favorite music videos: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music Love Like This ft. Sean Kingston Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketfull Of Sunshine Timbaland - Apologize Jordin Sparks-No Air, etc (Not Bianca Ryan)
12 Nov 2010
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Beads&Co is the Sem-Ar shop online, where it is possibile to purchase a large selection of more than 1300 articles. Our offer is dedicated to the 'do it yourself ' client, that for hobby creates necklaces, bracelets and different kind of decorations.
14 May 2008
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Greatest multimedia computer just got greater. So that watching videos, browsing the Internet or viewing maps is easy, it's all in the name. Nokia N95 8GB has finally landed on CgeNa's territory. Gaining the most publicity, we'll try to prove if its tag as the "do-it-all" phone justifies its mean.
27 Jun 2008
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SOCKS APPEAL for Adventurers! Join Tip Corner host, Mike Pudlo, as he explains how to boost your SOCK APPEAL on the trail. Learn the do's and don'ts of socks: why cotton socks are bad news; how to layer socks for comfort; even a handy tip for comfier feet with corn starch!
1 Jun 2008
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Mark covers the dos & don'ts of using a wireless mic.
11 Jun 2008
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Designing a sprinkler system properly involves making sure that there is as close to an equal amount of water distributed to all areas as possible. If you put too many heads on a zone and cut down the number of zones you use, your sprinkler system will leave some areas dry. This is another tip from Sprinkler Daddy ( ******* ). Sprinkler Daddy sells professionally designed sprinkler systems to the do it yourselfer. Sprinkler Daddy sprinkler systems can be delivered right to your door anywhere in Canada.
13 Jun 2008
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Haylie Duff (Host of MTV's show - Legally Blonde, The Search For Elle Woods) pays a visit to the offices and gives us some knowledge on being blonde. Watch this video to find out the Do's and Dont's Guide To Being Blonde!
15 Apr 2009
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Visit *******PhoneTrace.Weebly**** if you are interested in Stopping Harassing Phone Calls! How to Put an End to Unwanted or Harassing Phone Calls Obscene or harassing phone calls can be one of the most stressful and frightening invasions of privacy a person experiences. And unwanted phone calls, while a minor problem when compared with threatening calls, can still be a major inconvenience. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help put an end to these unwelcome intrusions. What makes a phone call harassing? When someone calls and uses obscene or threatening language, or even heavy breathing or silence to intimidate you, you are receiving a harassing call. It is against the law in California and other states to make obscene or threatening calls. (California Penal Code section 653m, Penal Code section 422-422.1) How often do I have to get these calls to make it harassment? Just one unwelcome call can be harassing; but usually your local phone company will not take action unless the calls are frequent. However, if a call specifically threatens you or your family with bodily harm, the phone company will generally take immediate action. Who should I contact when I get harassing calls? Local phone companies have varying policies on whether to call the phone company or the police first. Some recommend that you first call the phone company's business office and explain the problem. A representative will connect you with the "annoyance desk." Other phone companies may require you to file a formal complaint with local law enforcement before they will deal with the matter. To find out what your phone company's policy is, contact the business office and ask for assistance. For serious threats, if life or property are threatened, or if calls are obscene, you should call the police and file a report. Provide as much information to law enforcement as you can. Indicate the gender of the caller and describe the caller's voice. Note the time and date of the call(s). What did the caller say? How old did he/she sound? Did the caller seem intoxicated? Did he/she have an accent or speech impediment? Was there any background noise? Was a phone number/name displayed on the Caller ID device? What can my local phone company do if I am receiving harassing calls? If the calls are frequent or particularly threatening, the phone company can set up a "Trap" on your phone line. The Trap allows the phone company to determine the telephone number from which the harassing calls originate. You must keep a log noting the time and date the harassing calls are received. Traps are usually set up for no more than two weeks. The phone company does not charge a fee for Traps. A phone company service called Call Trace may also be able to help track down harassing calls. Immediately after receiving a harassing call, you enter the code *57 on your phone and the call is automatically traced (1157 on rotary phones). Call Trace is easier than using a Trap since the customer does not have to keep a phone log. But Call Trace technology works only within the local service area. (Look in the "Customer Guide" section of the phone book or the phone company's web site for a description of your local service area.) Call Trace must be set up in advance by the individual receiving harassing calls, and it requires a fee for use. However, in situations where the phone company would ordinarily use a Trap, you might not be charged if the phone company suggests that Call Trace be used as an alternative. Be sure to ask. The information collected from Call Trace or from a Trap is turned over to law enforcement personnel, not the customer. Law enforcement officers try to stop the harassing calls by either warning or arresting the harasser. With both Call Trace and a Trap, your phone conversations are not listened to or recorded by the phone company. Is the phone company always able to solve harassing phone call problems? No. If the caller uses a phone booth or multiple phone lines, the phone company and law enforcement officials may never get enough identification to take further action. In cases like these, changing your phone number might help. Also, you might want to get an unlisted or unpublished number. In addition, the tips listed below for discouraging other types of unwanted calls may be of help. What can I do to stop harassing calls without going to the phone company or police? First, simply hang up on the caller. Do not engage in conversation. Typical crank callers are seeking attention. You have "made their day" if you say something to them or express shock or anger. If the silent treatment does not work, you might try putting a message like this on your voice mail system: I'm sorry I/we can't come to the phone right now but you must leave a message. I/we are receiving annoyance calls and the phone company has a trap on this line. If you do not leave a message I/we will assume that you are the annoyance caller and this call will be traced. If you answer the phone and the harassing caller is on the line, another suggestion is to say: "Operator, this is the call." Then hang up. Or say the word "trap," what time it is and the date; then hang up. What is the "pressure valve" strategy? Some threatening calls are part of a larger pattern of abuse, such as stalking. Some experts recommend in these situations to get a new phone number, but keep the phone number being called by the harasser and attach a voice mail machine or message service to that line. Turn the phone's ringer off and don't use that phone line for anything other than capturing the calls of the harasser. This is the pressure valve strategy. The harasser will continue to call the unused number and will think that he/she is getting through. Instead, you are simply using the number to gather evidence. You will want to save tape recordings of the calls.Get another phone number for your use, and be sure it's unlisted and unpublished. Give the number to trusted friends and relatives only. Do not give it to your bank, credit card company or credit bureau. Put passwords on all of your phone accounts (local, long distance, and mobile). Tell the phone companies in writing that they must not disclose any account information to anyone but yourself, and only when the correct password is given. What precautions can I take to prevent harassment? Do not disclose personal information when called by someone you do not know. They might be checking out the residence for possible robbery or other crime. If the caller asks what number they have called, do not give it. Instead, ask them to tell you what number they dialed. To prevent being targeted for obscene calls and heavy breathing, women should only list their first initial and last name in the phone directory. Having an unlisted number is another option. Children should be instructed to never reveal information to unknown callers. Instead, they should be taught to record the caller's name and phone number along with date and time. Do not include your telephone number on the outgoing message of your voice mail service if you wish to keep your number private. By omitting your phone number from your message, you prevent random dialers and people with Call Return (explained below) from capturing this information. How can I stop telemarketing calls? The most effective and easiest way to prevent telemarketing calls is to register your home and personal phone number(s) with the National Do Not Call Registry operated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You may put your residential telephone number(s) including cellular numbers on the opt-out list starting July 2003. According to the FTC, registration with the Do Not Call list will reduce the number of telemarketing calls you receive by 80%. You can sign up for the Do Not Call Registry two ways: The FTC's toll-free phone number is 888-382-1222 (TTY: 866-290-4236) Online registration is available at the FTC's web site, Sometimes my phone rings and there is no one on the line. What is happening? Many people are frightened when they receive "hang-up" calls. They wonder if someone is harassing them, or if a burglar is checking to see if they are not home. In most cases, these calls are from telemarketers. (For additional information on telemarketing, see Fact Sheet 5, www.privacyrights****/fs/fs5-tmkt.htm.) Many telemarketers use "predictive dialing" technology to call consumers. A computer dials many phone numbers in a short period of time. When an individual answers, the computer seeks a sales representative who is not occupied at that time and connects the call. If all of the sales reps are on calls, the consumer hears dead silence. These are "abandoned calls." Several devices claim to stop these calls, including Telezapper (www.telezapper****) available in stores that sell consumer electronics. (No endorsements are implied.) If you are receiving many abandoned calls a day, you can call the annoyance department of your local phone company and ask that a Trap be placed on your line. In extreme situations, the phone company might be willing to contact the offending telemarketer and request that your phone number be place on its "do not call" list. If the repeated calls are from a malicious individual who is harassing you rather than a telemarketer, the phone company will report the number to law enforcement as described in the beginning of this guide. A new California law requires telemarketers to limit abandoned calls to fewer than 1% of their total call volume effective January 2003. For information on California Public Utilities Code 2875.5, visit
26 Jun 2008
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What I will be reviewing today is the Nyko Cord Free Wireless Adapter for the Wii Nunchuk controller. The MSRP on this item is $19.99, and can be purchased at Nyko****, or at any other major video game retailer. Pluses + Works well with any game that requires use of the Nunchuk Here are a few games that i tried out, and they worked out great with this product: * Madden NFL 08 * Deca Sports * Wii sports * Mario Galaxy * Super Smash Bros. Brawl + Holder and Sleeve both feel comfortable to hold in your hand, makes it feel like you are actually using a regular Nunchuk. + Worth the $19.99 price tag, especially if you are the do-it-yourself kind of person. Minuses - Difficult to setup, takes a couple of tries just to hide the wires into the sleeve. - Sometimes will show Wii remote as having a low battery life no matter how much you have charged your Wii remote prior to using this product.
20 Jun 2008
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Episode 10 of Skuff's Weekly Skid takes to the cliffs of Norway where BASE jumpers Tom Erik Heimen and Andre Bach show off the size of their figs and explain why the do what the hell it is that they do. The Beer Fridge lads crank out the laughs, wrapping emselves in cardboard and toboggoning down a hill on skateboards. Despite throwing down some big names, sweet waves, tight editing, a booting soundtrack and even some epic animation in their new flick "Tomorrow Today" Transworld Surf aren't able to impress resident DVD critic Sticko this week. And in muzik we check in with Sydney producer Katalyst who teams the cream of Aussie hip hop with the cream of Aussie skate in his film clip for "All You've Got". ******* - sign up to our newsletter yo!
7 Jul 2008
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Surprisingly, many aren’t living in fear of the bacterial infection, but more so, wondering what’s next to top the do not eat list. Could it be the beet? What about the turnip? For most New Yorkers surveyed on Wall Street, broccoli is a sacred green. You can take my sanity, but please don’t take my broccoli.
10 Jul 2008
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In this business tv show Stephen Philips, Chief Executive, China-Britain Business Council, Ian Coleman, Partner, Head of emerging markets, PricewaterhouseCoopers UK, Chris Runckel, President, Runckel and Associates, and Tony Dickel, CEO, MRI China, talk about what you can do today to help ensure a smooth move into an emerging market. Ian Coleman: People do make horrible mistakes. Often I would say those mistakes in a category are about not looking forward and anticipating what might go wrong and having a general expectation that things will be alright on the night. Tony Dickel: It tends to be in China that people kind of misjudge how difficult it is to get hold of talent. They misjudge the nature of the message that it is they need to make which means a) what do they need to be in front of their employees, it’s not the same as it is in the West, people here have different needs from Westerners. Ian Coleman: As a category joint venture agreements are extremely difficult to extricate yourself from, joint venture agreements that leak intellectual property to your partner - without any way of protecting them. Joint venture arrangements where the buy back clauses are on such advantageous terms for the partner and you think that’s alright because we’re never going to sell but actually you then discover that there was some business practice you might not have liked and you would like to have been able to sell and suddenly find yourself locked in. Chris Runckel: Well a lot of times it’s just not being willing to spend the time into doing the do diligence that is required. Often at times companies accept things at face value when really you need to look below the surface and find out what the real facts or the real dynamics are that are going on. It takes longer to establish those relationships to really find out bout the people that you’re dealing with and really establish the sort of bonds that are going to be successful over a long time. Stephen Philips: If you go in with an understanding of what to expect you’re going to get an awful lot more out of it. I think some businesses throw caution to the wind. They get terribly excited, this is China, and I’ve got to have a piece of the action and leave common sense behind. I’ve got to have a deal that’s also quite a common mistake. This is China, but this is business. Make sensible business decisions. See more business news television shows featuring these experts, as they give their top expert business advice at *******www.yourbusinesschannel**** Find out more about the very latest show releases, as well as other yourBusinessChannel news by visiting our blog at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/blog.aspx
14 Aug 2008
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In this business tv show, we talk about why you need to know your market with emerging market experts Stephen Philips, Chief Executive, China-Britain Business Council, and Chris Runckel, President, Runckel and Associates, who explain why you need to get out there and meet people over and over in order to build relationships necessary to win business. Chris Runckel: Right now you’re seeing the second wave into China and essentially its companies that are coming in their looking to take advantage of the China internal market and some of them are coming in and probably going to do quite well, others are coming in and they’re rational is more on the basis, well there’s 1.3 billion people in China, there should be a market for our particular product. Those companies may not do as well. Stephen Philips: This is a ruthless market and particularly if you look at the bigger urban areas there’s a lot of international competition there so you have to have good quality product or service, you have to be really committed to marketplace, you have to go there frequently to build relationships and demonstrate commitment but then that can lead to good quality and profitable business. B&Q won the UK’s leading retail stores in the do it yourself arena in the UK have very aggressively entered the Chinese market. They now have more than 60 stores across China but what they’re done very cleverly is to modify their business model to the needs of the Chinese consumer where do it yourself isn’t actually as popular as it is in the west where obviously labour rates quite low. So in China they offer the same equipment, products and so forth but they also provide the labour force that will kit out a flat for somebody in China and that has proved to be a really successful business model. See more business news television shows featuring these experts, as they give their top expert business advice at *******www.yourbusinesschannel**** Find out more about the very latest show releases, as well as other yourBusinessChannel news by visiting our blog at *******www.yourbusinesschannel****/blog.aspx
14 Aug 2008
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*******www.relationship101online****/ - How To Get Your Ex Back. In this video I will teach you the dos and don'ts of how to get your ex back.
9 Feb 2009
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