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The clip knocking ernie down from The Express (2008) with Omar Benson Miller, Dennis Quaid Syracuse, first down at the Longhorn three. The give is to the right halfback, Gerhard Schwedes. Outstanding block by Davis. He crosses the goal line to put Syracuse on the board. Here in the second quarter Coach Ben Schwartzwalder and his top-ranked team find themselves on top of the Texas Longhorns, 7-0. Ready? Break! The Orangemen are knocking on the door once again. State seven! State seven! Set! Hut one. The give is to Ernie Davis and the sophomore finds the end zone, as the Orangemen increase their lead on the Longhorns! So precisely when is it you're going to start kicking my black ass back to Africa? Hey, Buckley! Hey, come on, stay cool. They're baiting us. They're baiting them. Hey, Logan, Taylor, 44 is embarrassing you. And after a successful two-point conversion the Orangemen of Syracuse lead the Longhorns of Texas by a score of 15-0. McKinley on a sweep to the right. Bobby Lundy steps up and there's a huge hit on McKinley. And the ball is loose, recovered by the Orangemen and Syracuse takes over. Yeah. My, that's a cheap shot. A late hit by Talbert on Ernie Davis after the play was whistled dead. Back! Everybody, back! Back! Back! Back! You all right, son? You okay? I'm all right, Coach. All right. You sure? Yeah. Offense on the field. Let's go! Told you this would get out of hand. This is bullshit. Syracuse will run one last play before halftime.
27 Oct 2011
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