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Mr. en Mrs. Fox (Clooney en Streep) hebben een idyllisch leven samen met hun zoon Ash (Schwartzman) en hun jonge neefje Kristofferson (Eric Anderson), dat bij hen logeert. Na twaalf jaar te hebben genoten van een rustig familieleven, brengt het gezapige bestaan het wilde dier in Mr. Fox naar boven. Hij haalt al gauw weer zijn oude streken uit als stiekeme kippendief. Hierdoor brengt hij niet alleen zijn geliefde gezinnetje, maar ook de gehele dierengemeenschap in gevaar. Ze verbergen zich onder de grond met genoeg voedsel om het een tijdje uit te houden en smeden een strijdplan tegen de kwaadaardige boeren Boggis, Bunce en Bean, die vastbesloten zijn de roekeloze, fantastische Mr. Fox in de kraag te grijpen. Uiteindelijk gebruikt hij zijn natuurlijke instinct om zijn familie en vrienden te redden. Fantastic Mr. Fox is de eerste animatiefilm van regisseur Wes Anderson. In deze film wordt gebruik gemaakt van klassieke stop-motion technieken om het verhaal te vertellen van het populaire kinderboek van Roald Dahl (schrijver van Charlie and the Chocolate Factory en James and the Giant Peach).
29 Apr 2010
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Mr. & mrs. Fox nyder en idyllisk tilværelse sammen med deres søn Ash og nevøen Kristofferson, der netop er kommet på besøg. Men efter 12 års fredeligt hjemmeliv er det blevet for stillestående for mr. Fox; hans slumrende dyriske instinkter vækkes til live. Snart er han igen i gang med sine gamle unoder som hønsetyv og bringer dermed ikke kun sin egen elskede familie, men hele dyrekolonien i fare. Da dyrene bliver fanget under jorden uden føde nok til alle, slutter de sig sammen i kampen mod de nedrige gårdejere – Boggis, Bunce og Bean – som er indædt opsatte på at fange den dumdristige, fantastiske mr. Fox, og han må nu udnytte al sin snilde for at redde sine nærmeste.
10 Jun 2010
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Fantastic Mr. Fox is visionary director Wes Anderson's first animated film, utilizing classic handmade stop-motion techniques to tell the story of the best-selling children's book by Roald Dahl
19 Oct 2009
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Director Wes Anderson talked about the making of a scene in "The Fantastic Mr. Fox." Copyright © 2009 Fox Searchlight Pictures In theaters: November 13, 2009 Genre: Family Director: Wes Anderson Cast: George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Scwartzman, Bill Murray, Wally Wolodarsky, Eric Anderson, Michael Gambon FANTASTIC MR. FOX is visionary director Wes Andersons first animated film, utilizing classic handmade stop motion techniques to tell the story of the best selling childrens book by Roald Dahl (author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach). The film features the voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Wally Wolodarsky, Eric Anderson, Michael Gambon, Willem Dafoe, Owen Wilson, Jarvis Cocker Mr and Mrs Fox (Clooney and Streep) live an idyllic home life with their son Ash (Schwartzman) and visiting young nephew Kristopherson (Eric Anderson). But after 12 years, the bucolic existence proves too much for Mr Foxs wild animal instincts. Soon he slips back into his old ways as a sneaky chicken thief and in doing so, endangers not only his beloved family, but the whole animal community. Trapped underground and with not enough food to go around, the animals band together to fight against the evil Farmers - Boggis, Bunce and Bean - who are determined to capture the audacious, fantastic Mr Fox at any cost. Rated: GENERAL AUDIENCES by MPAA.
28 Nov 2009
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Tara Perry also known as The Movie Maven talks this week about upcoming releases Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Wes Anderson's The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Ninja Assassin. Hilarity ensues.
17 Apr 2010
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Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach chat about their new film "The Fantastic Mr. Fox." Backstage at LIVE from the NYPL with The Daily Beast, November 9, 2009.
5 Mar 2010
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This cover on iTunes: ******* Tour dates & Tickets: *******gootmusic**** Had an awesome time recording this track with the fantastic Mr. Kurt Schneider (say it like "the fantastic Mr. Fox".) Subscribe to Kurt's channel! *******youtube****/kurthugoschneider __________________________________ "How To Save A Life" cover by Alex Goot & Kurt Schneider. Find me on... Facebook: *******www.facebook****/gootmusic Twitter: *******twitter****/alexgoot __________________________________ 'How To Save A Life' originally by The Fray Written by: Isaac Slade and Joe King Published by EMI April Music Publishing
16 Jan 2012
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TURN CAPTIONS ON TO SEE THE TITLE OF EACH FILM. FULL LIST OF FILMS USED BELOW. Edited by my husband Brutzelpretzel. Song: "Can't take my eyes off you", performed by Manic Street Preachers and also by Muse. This is a tribute to the wink of complicity from the filmmakers to the audience when they make actors look straight into the camera. It is not a tribute to scenes where the fourth wall is broken (when a character addresses the audience directly), some clips in the video belong to that category but most of them don't cause it is not what we wanted to show. There are 150 different clips (from 148 films) in this video, but at first we had selected more than 200 films. We left out dozens of scenes on purpose, cause we didn't want a 15 minutes montage. For example, we decided not to include the "found footage" genre, cause everyone looks at the camera in this type of movies (like "Cloverfield"). And also musical numbers, where it's very common that the actors look at the camera while singing. And, obviously, there are many more films missing cause we didn't know them. Apologies in advance for every film we discarded, forgot or missed. For example, we really regret forgetting about Kurt Russell in "Death Proof", Dick Van Dyke in "Mary Poppins" and Tilda Swinton in "Orlando". Thanks to: *******flavorwire****/255501/on-ferris-bueller-advertising-and-the-fourth-wall *******eye-contact.tumblr****/ And thanks ***********/alphisation for sending us the captions. Other movie montages edited by Brutzelpretzel: ***********/playlist?list=PL4E4103155B5B8B1D 00:00 Titanic 00:02 The Age of Innocence 00:04 The Rocky Horror Picture Show 00:05 Singles 00:06 Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban 00:07 Goodfellas 00:09 Coraline 00:11 Rebecca 00:13 Superman 00:15 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 00:19 The Big Lebowski 00:21 The Muppets Christmas Carol 00:24 The Sixth Sense 00:27 Les Quatre Cents Coups 00:31 Witness 00:32 Once Upon a Time in the West 00:35 Boogie Nights 00:38 Ying Xiong (Hero) 00:40 Le samouraï 00:42 Trading Places 00:44 Scott Pilgrim vs The World 00:45 Shallow Grave 00:47 A Scanner Darkly 00:49 Apocalypse Now 00:52 Con Air 00:54 Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy 00:56 The Ides of March 00:59 Napoleon 01:01 2001: A Space Odyssey 01:04 Groundhog Day 01:06 Ratatouille 01:07 Crank 01:08 Die Hard 01:09 Raising Arizona 01:11 Wayne's World 01:12 The Fantastic Mr. Fox 01:13 Pulp Fiction 01:14 The Graduate 01:15 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 01:16 Christmas Vacation 01:17 Brazil 01:20 Amélie 01:22 Ferris Bueller's Day Off 01:24 Braveheart 01:26 The Devil's Advocate 01:27 Breaking the Waves 01:29 American Beauty 01:31 Back to the Future II 01:34 The Fountain 01:36 Un Prophète 01:38 Zatoichi 01:40 The Fifth Element 01:42 Alfie 01:44 Three Amigos! 01:45 The Artist 01:48 Married to the Mob 01:51 Rushmore 01:54 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 01:56 Romeo + Juliet 01:59 The Girl with a Pearl Earring 02:02 The Fellowship of the Ring 02:06 Secretary 02:10 Kill Bill Vol. 1 02:13 Le Escaphandre et le Papillon 02:16 Strangers on a Train 02:21 Funny Games 02:23 In the Line of Fire 02:25 Fight Club 02:27 Misery 02:31 Clockwork Orange 02:34 The Silence of the Lambs 02:37 Metropolis 02:39 Sunset Boulevard 02:42 Psycho 02:47 The Shining 02:48 Mars Attacks! 02:49 Bronson 02:50 Evil Dead II 02:52 Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me 02:53 Rashômon 02:55 Black Swan 02:57 The Exorcist 02:58 The Night of the Living Dead 02:59 Les Yeux Sans Visage 03:01 Nosferatu 03:03 Vertigo 03:05 Invasion of the Body Snatchers 03:07 Home Alone 03:09 True Lies 03:10 A Christmas Story 03:12 Robocop 03:14 Full Metal Jacket 03:15 Do the Right Thing 03:17 The Silence of the Lambs 03:19 Dead Man 03:20 Bad Lieutenant 03:22 Bad Boys 03:23 Dip Huet Seung Hung (The Killer) 03:24 Idi i Smotri 03:25 Goodfellas 03:27 Hanna 03:28 The Great Train Robbery 03:30 La Haine 03:32 Saturday Night Fever 03:35 Stranger Than Fiction 03:38 Super 03:40 Steamboat Bill, Jr. 03:43 Tangled 03:44 Trainspotting 03:47 Rango 03:49 Enter The Void 03:52 The Royal Tenenbaums 03:54 Black Narcissus 03:55 American Beauty 03:57 Lady in the Lake 04:00 The Virgin Suicides 04:02 Rear Window 04:03 À Bout de Souffle 04:04 Little Children 04:05 Nine 1/2 Weeks 04:06 Spellbound 04:07 Splice 04:09 25th Hour 04:10 Cat People 04:11 Strange Days 04:12 Duck Soup 04:14 Annie Hall 04:17 The Kid 04:20 Neverending Story 04:21 Zoolander 04:23 High Fidelity 04:25 JCVD 04:26 Oldeuboi (Oldboy) 04:28 Raging Bull 04:30 Gran Torino 04:30 Ying Xiong (Hero) 04:33 Shoot'em Up 04:35 Jaws 04:36 Addams Family Values 04:37 Escape from LA 04:37 Donnie Darko 04:39 The Darjeeling Limited 04:40 Hugo 04:41 Persona 04:42 The Red Shoes 04:43 Magnolia 04:45 Le notti di Cabiria 04:50 The Truman Show
27 Dec 2013
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