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This is the second part of the intro to Thug, my son's Tagoo lizard. Chris gives a brief explanation of how to care for and feed for a tagoo.
30 May 2008
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*************/2011/12/7/naughty-or-nice/ Nothing goes better with your favourite tunes than a cracking set of headphones -- which is why Orange is giving away a pair of Angle & Curve headphones worth £60 with every new pay as you go handset from £30. And in the spirit of Christmas we're also giving away a pair every day between now and Christmas Eve. Just login to Facebook so Tim Westwood can see how naughty or nice* you have been this year. *All the times you liked a friend's post in 2011, even if it's one of their terrible jokes!
9 Dec 2011
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Do you remember the joy of opening a full piggy bank? Unfortunately, it appears that many Americans find a lot more joy in spending than saving. The U.S. Commerce Department reported in February that Americans' savings rates continue to decline dramatically to negative levels not seen since the Great Depression. Statistics indicate that young Americans rank second in bankruptcy demographics and spend nearly 24 percent of household income on debt payments. It is time Americans meet Benjamin Bankes, the icon of Feed the Pig, a national public service campaign of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants AICPA and Ad Council. Benjamin serves as a reminder of savings for the campaign's target audience, 25 to 34 year olds, known as Career Builders. He inspires them to reignite the savings habit by taking small, easy steps to take control of their finances. National Pig Day may last one day, but the savings messages of the Feed the Pig campaign are critical throughout the year. Today is the perfect time to begin taking small but meaningful steps to save money and learn to control your finances. Here is how Open a 401k. Check to see if your employer matches a percentage of your contribution. A matching contribution is essentially free money. Bank your raise or at least a portion of it. If you don't get used to having the extra money, you won't miss it. If you're carrying student loans, make repaying them a priority over discretionary consumer spending. Consider raising the deductible on your insurance policy. For example, if it is $100, increase it to $200. It will have an impact on your premium payments. Be energy efficient. Turn down the thermostat, and turn off the lights. Always pay your credit card bill in full each month to avoid interest charges. Choose credit cards with cash back rewards and no annual fees. Consider cutting up a credit card. Dust off your library card. Watch DVDs and get books for free. Many libraries offer free Internet access. Kick the habit. Smoking is hard on the wallet and your health. If you are ready to experience the joy of a full piggy bank once again, visit FeedthePig**** for free financial information, tools and calculators help you take control of your finances. CPA spokespeople are available to reporters to discuss savings tips and other financial literacy topics.
2 Mar 2007
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Revealing, shocking video shows reporter talking about collapse with WTC 7 still standing in background, Google removes clip . An astounding video uncovered from the archives today shows the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11. The incredible footage shows BBC reporter Jane Standley talking about the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building while it remains standing in the live shot behind her head. (as you are looking at the video..Building 7 is on the right side of her head.) Minutes before the actual collapse of the building is due, the feed to the reporter mysteriously dies. To be clear, the Salomon Brothers Building is just a different name for Building 7 or WTC 7. Skip forward to around the 14:30 minute mark. More on 9/11/01: *******www.apfn****/apfn/WTC.htm
2 Mar 2007
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Three Brother's video to get money from their parents! Based in the style of the Feed The Children infomercials on T.V.. Hilarious!
23 Mar 2007
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No EVDO connection. No cell phone single. We've set up camp where the Skagit River runs into the Cascade River, surrounded on all sides by mountains ranging from 4,000 to 8,900 feet in elevation. It's very beautiful. People in town (Marblemount) say that we are 'in for a treat' tomorrow - I'm looking forward to it. But I'm getting ahead of myself - I mentioned in my last post I was excited about uploading the first few 'official' shots (I say 'official' because we've been capturing tons with the two mp4 cameras and our Nokia), yesterday we stopped at a laundry mat in Concrete where I managed to import a few minutes here and there, and export them straight to quicktime-movies. This 1st clip is one of the many takes we captures with the sun setting behind the camp-site. It was very cloudy and grey all day but around 8:30 the sun came down under the clouds enough to just light everything up. I'm so happy with this 2nd clip - we had set up in the morning to get their 'taking off' moment, and on the 35 kit (HDV35), the guys had their zoom-lens (200). But Amanda had packed her SLR camera and one of the lens she has for it is a very long lens (a 300), we swapped it out and it looks just amazing. Unbelievably sharp depth of field. We stopped by a field yesterday to shoot some tall grass with the mountains in the background - and I couldn't believe how many 'layers' of field we could shift through. The great news is it's turned out to be much, much easier to film on-the-fly with the 45 kit mounted to the FX1. At first we were planning to only break it out for interviews. But Olivier is finding it very simple to focus and move at the same time - which I love, it's just one more 'look' we can play with for the film. I also can't believe how much I'm loving the mp4 and Nokia footage, it gives a less 'cinematic / grandiose' feel to the shot and makes it more personal. I've uploading some of it here, here and here... and one more here. We've been slowly and carefully breaking out our 16mm, we only have 30 minutes of stock for the entire two months (if anyone has any 100 foot daylight spools they'd like to donate, please let me know, we could use it). But... *deep breath* I do have some bad news. It was news that, I could tell, was very hard for Jay to come talk to us about. Amanda was curled up in her tent, and the four of us guys were at the picnic table looking at rushes and talking about whatever, when Jay let us know the situation with his knee. I've never actually talked about it here on the site, so this will require a quick catch-up: Jay is a snowboarder, actually a very good one. In the 2005 he took the bronze in the world championship. Yea, I know, he's good. But he's had knee trouble for years, gone through 5 major surgeries, and at the moment is actually completely missing his ACL. Both Larry & Jay have been training, in the mountains, a great deal - so it's hard to say if it's the added weight to the bike that caused the problem, or if it just finally caught up with him. But only 10 miles into the ride this morning and his knee almost brought him to tears, and Jay's a tough enough guy to know that's a problem... especially on a flat day like they had this morning. So, Jay is going to stay behind - Larry is pressing on... alone. He's, understandably, a bit terrified about the following 4,200 miles - but he's also a bit excited about the solitude. It changes things for us, not in a bad way, but we'll adapt with it. As a crew we are still trying to find the best balance for what we are doing - I know it will take some time in this kind of on-the-move environment. For example, Jeff and I had a hell of time today with a simple crane shot - not too sure if any of that footage actually worked out. But I am very sad to see Jay go - I know he was very excited and ready for this ride, I know he's sad to watch Larry ride on without him. But I understand and encourage him not to push himself to the point of ruining his snowboarding career, or even just simply ruining his knee. It's going to be a hard good bye tomorrow morning. Well, it's after midnight, I need to get some sleep. Goodnight for now. (PS) I found out that a lot of the videos I uploaded with Transmit on the road didn't get transfered correctly and have been bouncing out bad files through the feed, sorry for this, I'll only try to upload from now on with a more reliable connection.
9 Dec 2007
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Please visit Dana's website www.CowsWithGuns**** Cows With Guns by Dana Lyons, copyright 1996 Fat and docile, big and dumb They look so stupid, they aren't much fun Cows aren't fun They eat to grow, grow to die Die to be et at the hamburger fry Cows well done Nobody thunk it, nobody knew No one imagined the great cow guru Cows are one He hid in the forest, read books with great zeal He loved Che Guevera, a revolutionary veal Cow Tse Tongue He spoke about justice, but nobody stirred He felt like an outcast, alone in the herd Cow doldrums He mooed we must fight, escape or we'll die Cows gathered around, cause the steaks were so high Bad cow pun But then he was captured, stuffed into a crate Loaded onto a truck, where he rode to his fate Cows are bummed He was a scrawny calf, who looked rather woozy No one suspected he was packing an Uzi Cows with guns They came with a needle to stick in his thigh He kicked for the groin, he pissed in their eye Cow well hung Knocked over a tractor and ran for the door Six gallons of gas flowed out on the floor Run cows run! He picked up a bullhorn and jumped up on the hay We are free roving bovines, we run free today We will fight for bovine freedom And hold our large heads high We will run free with the Buffalo, or die Cows with guns They crashed the gate in a great stampede Tipped over a milk truck, torched all the feed Cows have fun Sixty police cars were piled in a heap Covered in cow pies, covered up deep Much cow dung Black smoke rising, darkening the day Twelve burning McDonalds, have it your way We will fight for bovine freedom And hold our large heads high We will run free with the Buffalo, or die Cows with guns The President said "enough is enough These uppity cattle, its time to get tough" Cow dung flung The newspapers gloated, folks sighed with relief Tomorrow at noon, they would all be ground beef Cows on buns The cows were surrounded, they waited and prayed They mooed their last moos, they chewed their last hay Cows out gunned The order was given to turn cows to whoppers Enforced by the might of ten thousand coppers But on the horizon surrounding the shoppers Came the deafening roar of chickens in choppers We will fight for bovine freedom And hold our large heads high We will run free with the Buffalo, or die Cows with guns Copyright 1996 Lyons Brothers Music (BMI) PO Box 2627, Bellingham, WA 98227 USA All Rights Reserved www.danalyons****
10 Jan 2008
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class assignment: make political ads coz mr. stranahan likes them. so heres 1 i did w/ madison about john mccain n his run 4 the whitehouse. if u wanna make 1, post it 2 www.abigailsteendiary**** n ill put the best 1s on the feed :)
15 Jan 2008
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Working Man as made famous by Rush on Rock Band Expert Guitar. THIS IS MEANT TO SHOW THE CHART NOT A FULL COMBO RUN OF THE SONG. This video was made because Harmonix seems to have stopped making DLC pack trailers for us all to judge the DLCs funness first by. So I'm biting the bullet and downloading most(if not all of) the DLC and giving videos of it. These are not meant to be amazing runs of the song, they simply show the chart. details- recording device- gamebridge played on Xbox 360 Very fun song to play, and two pretty tough solos thrown in for good measure. Songs like this remind me why it's a lot harder to play on a gamebridge. Edit- Hey, neat! I ended up on at least the website portion of G4's "The Feed". That's pretty cool. At least it didn't go on air, that would've been weird.
6 Feb 2009
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www.Big-Brother-Television**** Big Brother starts today! Watch the only live, uncensored, 24/7, reality show ever! Big Brother can only be seen uncensored and 24 hours a day with SuperPass.The start of Big Brother 9 is finally upon us. The houseguests have been in the house for nearly a week at this point, but we’ve seen nothing of them other than rumors. Tonight’s episode will feature the front of the Big Brother house introductions as the houseguests are sent in by groups to hunt down a bed location. Next they’ll be plied with celebratory alcohol intended to loosen those lips and attitudes as they’ll gather in the living room for personal introductions. At this point you can expect the twist of “soulmates” to be revealed to many gasps and shocked faces. Those pairs will be grouped and sent out back for the first HoH competition of the season followed by the inaugural nominations.Don’t get too comfortable though. Our first eviction will be tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Most importantly, the live, uncensored feeds will go live immediately following the East coast premiere that means feeds are on at 10pm EST / 7pm PST. Get signed up now for the feeds so you don’t get blocked out by the rush on their sign-up servers later.Get Super Pass Today!
26 May 2008
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Dale Mull,Food Pantry Manager for the Shawsville Lay Ministerial Association, tells us about why some people need food assistance and how the Southwestern Virginia Second Harvest Food Bank provides over 50% of the food to the feeding programs.
12 Mar 2008
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I realize I missed last week, and I really appreciate you not unsubscribing from the feed, or giving up hope. You knew I'd return, and I brought TOYS! I've got several in my glovebox this show, so grab your coffee and tune in. Apologies for the closeup of my eye for the last part, I didn't realise it had zoomed in.
2 May 2008
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