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The first interview of Bob Lazar about the Area 51 and S-4.
28 Nov 2007
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The first interview of Bob Lazar about the Area 51 and S-4.
28 Nov 2007
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the first interview of nfs undercover
3 Oct 2008
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The First Dude Abides Your Daily Politics Video Blog: Fox News's Greta Van Susteren conducted the first interview of Todd Palin since his wife Sarah was named the Republican vice presidential nominee. She grilled Todd on everything from the story behind the name "First Dude" to how he feels about the name "First Dude."
18 Sep 2008
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The November 16 program, containing the first interview with President-elect Barack Obama and future First Lady Michelle Obama, attracted the news magazine's biggest audience since January 1999
25 Jun 2009
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Allah Rakkha Rahman (born January 6, 1966 as A. S. Dileep Kumar in Chennai, India) is a film composer, record producer and musician. His work has garnered considerable acclaim and a large global fanbase since his career began in the early 1990s. Working in several of India's various state/language film industries, international cinema and theatre, Rahman, in a career spanning over a decade, has sold more than one hundred million records of his film scores and soundtracks world-wide,[1] and sold over two hundred million cassettes[2] making him one of the world's top 25 all-time top selling recording artists. His acclaimed music compositions have led TIME Magazine to declare him the "Mozart of Madras" and several Tamil commentators have given him the title Isai Puyal ( English: Musical Storm). This is the interview made by "surabhi" a dooradarshan program.... This may be the first interview given by Rahman.
3 Mar 2009
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Who has’nt heard about Tap Tap Revenge? It’s pretty much installed on every single iPhone out there and so when I planned my trip to San Francisco (and after having seen this amazing talk from Jess) one of the first Interview I thought was Tapulous. Check our tour of their offices (starting in the streets of Palo Alto, one of the nicest city I’ve ever been) and then the Interview with Jessica Kahn, director of Engineering at Tapulous.
9 Aug 2009
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Kristin Reid gets the first interview with the newest addition to the Canucks blueline, Christian Ehrhoff.
27 Oct 2009
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9 Apr 2010
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This is the first interview after I attended the induction at TWL-Intraining Accrington Lancashire, we have a problem, in fact we have two : A. My contract with the jobseeker agreement is all about work, the New Deal is all about becoming a longer a jobless statistic. B. I cannot sign onto the course under the Data Protection Act The jobcentre itself is used to decieve the unemployed that they must shift from the role of jobseeker and into the title; 'learner'. They use the most grotesque form of blackmail to achieve this, they threaten you at all points with loss of monies, they then carry out this threat under 'guidelines', they say make it mandetory. As a statute it only becomes binding and enforceable once you sign into the new deal, the deception comes in the blackmailing that one must enter into contract with the statute, this is a fraud. But they then break all common law by enforcing the worst punishment on a deception, this is the basis on which this video and those to follow are moving to expose.
6 May 2010
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A short video about how job seekers are finding new and exciting ways to get noticed and to make an emotional connection with potential employers before the first interview.
30 Aug 2010
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The first interview from hip hop artist Mikie D. Music produced by williegreane.
11 Jun 2013
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