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he Church of the Primacy of Saint Peter is a simple Franciscan chapel with remains of the original church from the 4th century. It is located in Tabgha, which is a small village on the northwest side of the Sea of Galilee. This modest chapel is made of grey stone, with a simple tower on one side. It sets along the northwest shoreline of the Sea of Galilee. The walls of the original 4th century church can still be seen at the base of the chapel walls on the west end. The Church of the Primacy of Saint Peter, like the former church, incorporates the Mensa Christi (table of Jesus) in its interior. This is the spot followers believe Jesus served the fish breakfast at the reinstatement of Peter.
30 Apr 2018
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when we travel for village ,the fisher guy get amazing fish we ever seen our life ,watch this video,if you know about the fish name pls comment below .we like to know about new thing, like,share $ subscribe channel to see more volg , thank you
30 Apr 2018
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This appears to be a case of Stockholm Syndrome and that too on a fish. Truly, hard to believe! The fish slips out of the hands and returns back. But, whatever goes into the fish's mind, you have a reason to laugh.
9 May 2018
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Jaffa is known to be the fishing port adjacent to Tel Aviv. Church of St. Peter, which, for more than 100 years, was the first glimpse pilgrims traveling by sea caught of the Holy Land. It is by far the tallest and most notable building in Old Jaffa, which means that like their predecessors, contemporary pilgrims traveling by bus across Israel are likely to know they've arrived in Jaffa when they see it. Built in the 17th century over the ruins of a medieval fortress, the Franciscan church here was destroyed more than once in the 18th century. The current building was dedicated in 1894. Its interior design was meant to mimic a European cathedral with stained glass windows, marble walls and high ceilings.
11 May 2018
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Dawn O'Brian of The Fish 95.5 KAIM shouts out to all who listen to her duiring the morning show Monday through Friday - 6am to 10am.
10 Feb 2009
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Pray For The Fish-Human Video- Was Done At Fine Arts Nationals in Charlotte NC 2008
30 Aug 2010
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Do Yoga With Me. *******www.doyogawithme****/ Baddha means bound; ardha is half, matsya is fish and indra is ruler. This deep twist with a bind is a fantastic stretch for the spine, hips, legs and shoulders. Ensure that your pelvis acts as an anchor so that your spine can lift and lengthen to its fullest capacity. Breathe deeply and avoid stiffening the body.
3 Mar 2009
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funny fishing
31 Oct 2010
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Flying The Fish is a documentary style film, and a visual feast soaring over rarely seen geography and geology of Southern Africa and its vast uninhabited areas. It tests the bonds of friendship as the team face the dangers associated with unpredictable weather, solving unanticipated mechanical problems, and sleeping and surviving in the great open spaces of Africa.
20 Mar 2007
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sa the new Shamu Show Believe at Sea World ride the fish
22 Jul 2007
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sa the new Shamu Show Believe at Sea World ride the fish part 2 nada! que ver!
22 Jul 2007
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sa the new Shamu Show Believe at Sea World dance with the fish part 1
22 Jul 2007
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