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A trip in the forest
10 Jun 2007
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Two guys get lost in the forest, with no food in sight. They are both starving, but luckily one of them can make a chicken out of a mat!
27 Jun 2007
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Girls night out with 4 female fronted punk rock bands hosted by TFG & Queen Mother Dre. This flashrock road trip takes you to the Forest Lane Bowling alley. Good Times.
9 Jul 2007
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Accompany the new BMW X5 4.8i as it enjoys a long weekend in New England starting in the city of Boston and finishing in the peaceful countryside of Vermont. To fully appreciate the beauty of New England, photographer Simon Puschmann leaves the roads behind and takes a trip in a hot-air balloon high above the forests of Vermont. This is followed by a traditional Native American barbecue serving trout with fresh vegetables. The friendly police officers who close the roads for filming are also no strangers to life behind the camera. "We make films too," explains one police officer. "But without having to do anything. The camera starts to run automatically as soon as we turn on the blue light."
11 Jul 2007
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Animated short about a monster in the forest with a twist.
6 Aug 2007
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Dirtsurfer in Albion hills track 3 (hairpin at road). Location scout, August 7 2007. Dark at the start (sorry was getting late) through the hardpacked forest/roots. Terrain varies and opens up to a wide fast grassy path to make a run to the exit. Opportunity to do a tracking shot from a wide open path running parallel alongside the rider through the forest.
8 Aug 2007
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0:59 i saw many roe deer in the forest last couple of days, if i had a gun up there(and license and all that other crap) i'd be eating deer for months hahaha i was able to film them and make two small movies, this one is the longest of the two hope u can see them here on meta-adscafe remembers me, i must see disney's bambi again hahaha!
9 Aug 2007
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0:03 i saw many roe deer in the forest last couple of days, if i had a gun over there i'd be eating deer for months hahaha i was able to film them and make two small movies, this one is the shortest of the two hope u can see it here on meta-ad-crap remembers me, i must see disney's bambi again hahaha!
9 Aug 2007
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shooting in the forest
8 Sep 2007
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Peaceful sounds of the forest
11 Sep 2007
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Naruto and his fellow warriors enter the Forest of Death Tower in this clip from Naruto: Path of the Ninja. Coming October 23rd! For more info, visit:
9 Oct 2007
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The Forest Grove apartment community is devoted to your comfort within your home and neighborhood. Its lush forested setting was painstakingly preserved to provide stunning views from within your home, thus maximizing your privacy and maintaining the calming ambience of a resort. Enjoy the rustic village charm of Gig Harbor in total comfort. Forest Grove apartments offers beautiful apartment homes and extraordinary recreation and fitness facilities with those luxurious extras that make life more pleasurable. To view our Apartments for Rent, visit us at
10 Oct 2007
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One of our instrumentals, set against a run through the forest.
11 Oct 2007
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amazing coverage of the forest fire in sandiego
24 Oct 2007
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Conrad, Zack and Jose find a nice little yurt in the forest, while Steve and Lissa camp out in the backyard with the rest of the margarita mix...
25 Oct 2007
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A howling, a terrible howling emanates from the depths of the forest. It's a desolate place, a hidden place, not known to mankind. Now you have heard the howling, this terrible howling, most will run away in agony and never look back, those will never find any trace of this forest again and are only left with this eternal howling in their memories... Those brave enough to enter the forest, will be challenged. The forest is full of thick brushes and fallen trees, deep lakes and the humid atmosphere, with the howling getting louder and louder. He will be watched, he knows he's watched. Only the brave will tresspass... Getting closer and closer, the howling starts to change into loud shouts and short growls, voices can be heard within this chaotic ruckus. Passing through the last thick brush, you suddenly stand above a cliff, looking over a valley. You have never seen something like this! Welcome to the council of the screaming monkeys...
12 Nov 2007
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