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9 Mar 2008
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16 Mar 2008
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Scrubs music video pieced together from the episode "My Lunch" with the song "How To Save A Life" by The Fray The music video is about when patients die from rabies contracted through organ transplants
3 Jul 2008
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Find news on Striking similarities in mars and Venus, Anand wind the Morelia-leniers title, MNS activist chop off arms of a Bihari labourer, IIM-A all prepared for the final placements with Google and Amazon also joining the fray
10 Mar 2008
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14 Mar 2008
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READ THE DESCRIPTION ALL SONGS AND IMPORTANT STUFF LISTED! Hey, So I know this video is pretty long but I really wanted to get as many people in the video as possible. This is a video of Naruto characters and what songs they would have on their ipods, or you could think of it as their theme songs. I tried really hard to match up the songs with the characters. I hope you enjoy and please comment! Ok and for people who don't get why certain people get certain songs: LISTEN TO THE LYRICS!!!!! Don't focus on the song's point in general because you may not always get it. I CHOSE THE SONG BASED ON LYRICS NOT ENERAL POINT. Thanks I hope you understand ^^ Added on, Please note that I KNOW I MESSED UP ITACHIS" SONG! I don't mean to be rude but everyone is telling me, alright already I know I messed up but that's in the past. Thanks for those those who say it nicley and to the others that resort to calling names, get a life I mean seriously, I do this stuff because I enjoy it. Again I don't wan to be rude. Lastly everybody is asking me for the songs so instead of going back in the comments to find the list I'll post it here: Naruto: Grow up by Simple Plan Sasuke Joke: Axel F by Crazy Frog Sasuke: When I grow up by Garbage Sakura: I Am by Hilary Duff Kakashi: Sexy Back bt Justin Timberlake Shikamaru: P.I.M.P by 50 cent Choji: Candyman(Lolipop) by Aqua Ino: Out tonight from RENT Asuma: The way you look to night by Elton John Kiba and Akamaru: Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls and Snoop Dogg Shino: Crawling by Linkin Park Hinata: Miracle by Cascada Kurenei: Can't help Falling in love by The A*Teens Rock Lee: Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting by Tom Jones Neji: The Hell song by Sum 41 Tenten: Upside down by the A*Teens Gai: I want to hold your Hand by the Beatles Gaara: Me against the world by Simple Plan Kankuro: I write sins not tragities by Panic! At the Disco Temari: Trouble by Pink Iruka: How to save a life by The Fray Hayate: Blue(Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65 Anko: Poison by Groove Coverage Tsunade: Here without you by 3 doors down Jiraiya: Pimpin' all over the world by Ludacris Feat. Bobby Valentino Orochimaru: Headstrong by Trapt Kabuto: I'll be there for you by The Rembrandts Kyubi: Who let the dogs out by the Baha men Itachi: Cry by Mandy Moore Hope you enjoyed! ^^
16 May 2010
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1989 television interview of Corey Barksdale at age 17 by WSMV Nashville newscaster. The interview features Corey as a up and coming African-American artist carrying on the tradition of great African-American artist from the Harlem Renaissance era. The tradition of artist such as Aaron Douglas, Palmer Hayden, William H. Johnson, Lois Mailou Jones, Jacob Lawrence, Archibald Motley Jr., etc. Nashville connection to Harlem Renaissance:Aaron Douglas, Fisk University, Carl Van Vechten Gallery. When he died in 1946, Alfred Stieglitz, the great photographer and tireless promoter of modern art, left his estate to his wife, the painter Georgia O'Keeffe. His work as a photographer she shrewdly distributed to the large American museums that could be counted on to secure his reputation. But a sizable part of his art collection O'Keeffe deposited in a less predictable place. At the urging of a friend, the Harlem Renaissance writer Carl Van Vechten, she gave 97 works to Fisk University, the historically black school in Nashville. And she threw in a few of her own. One of those was Radiator Building-- Night, New York, 1927, a painting we now recognize as a key moment in her career. Related Articles Years passed, during which Fisk's endowment dwindled while the art market went into warp drive. In 2005 the school's president, Hazel O'Leary, came up with an idea that could not only pay to renovate the frayed campus gallery where the Stieglitz Collection has languished but also pump millions of dollars into Fisk's general budget. Why not sell off just a bit of that famous art? But when the school moved to bring Radiator Building to market, it triggered what became a lawsuit by the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, N.M., which moved to block the sale on the grounds that it violated the terms of the painter's bequest. In February the museum offered Fisk a deal. It could sell Radiator Building, but only to the museum, and for $7 million, a price much below what it would go for in the current art market. If Fisk said yes, the museum promised not to block the sale of another painting from the collection, a Marsden Hartley, on the open market. Fisk said yes.
28 Jun 2009
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DJ Show The Fray "How To Save A Life" whit MC808
3 Jul 2008
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   Ave Maria! Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger returns to his regular postings of Standing Fast after a small hiatus due to numerous other commitments such as the Fall Encampment and Doug Barry Boot Camp at the friary in CT, the Coredemption Conference in Indiana, and getting involved in the fray over the Plan B controversy in CT.The inspiration for this entry is a post he made on MaryVictrix. The popular notion of the Knights Templar is imbued with the mystique of hidden secrets and grand conspiracy. And while the Vatican has released a document that pretty much absolve the order of the many accusations made against them, modern conspiracy theorists still hang on to their pet fantasies. The real virtues of the Knights Templar are far more simple, and much more profound. Ave Maria!
18 Jul 2008
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21 Aug 2008
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28 Sep 2008
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*******supanovasuperstars**** I have been wondering whether to take part in Dennis Karganilla's Goldmine 90 day challenge with so much happening in my life both in a business sense and personally. However having taken part in one of Dennis webinars last night I’ve decided to enter the fray. So here is my first post which has come on a day when I’ve had a rare bit of personal space and an opportunity to reflect on where I’m going. I won't be doing a Vlog every day but my commitment to the challenge is now beyond question. OK time now to think about what I want from the 90 day challenge. Take Care, Louisa
21 Sep 2008
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