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The new video from We Are The Fury featuring Fargo and Natalie from Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency!! Debut Album Venus In Stores 5/22.
15 May 2007
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The Fury was a school project in 2005, and we had loads of fun doing it. Many thanks to Adi Cot, Andrei Rusan, Laura Tuhut, Mihaela Ciotina, Daniel Morar, Lucia Chergizan, the IRIS Photo Club and Art Cafe Timisoara. Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Sep 2009
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Are you looking for a quality and convenient basketabll goal? Worry no more because First Team offers various basketball goals like the Fury portable basketball goals that is designed to cater the demands of kids and adults when it comes to playing basktball. Visit site today for more info. First Team, Inc. 902 Corey Rd. Hutchinson, KS 67501 *******www.firstteaminc****/ 1-888-884-6677
16 Apr 2013
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The Fury MCs are a hip hop duo from Virginia comprised of artists Jerome (Rome) Clarke III, and Andre (Dre) Talford. The group was assembled in 2014. The duo combine powerful lyrics and versatile deliveries to forge a polished style of their own.
1 Feb 2017
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Tyhoon hits the philippines on sept.
12 Oct 2006
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Me and my guild running ICC10man
22 Mar 2010
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29 Dec 2010
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Not time lapsed. Cut scenes. Music: Firewind - Fire & The Fury/Burn in Hell/Insanity/Firewind Raging
30 Apr 2007
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Chat with the director of Glastonbury the movie, filth and the fury and The future isn't written.
24 Dec 2007
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Trying to recapture the fury of my youth.
27 Apr 2008
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29 Jul 2008
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In battle, you have to keep your cool, or all is lost. An amazing combination of performance and cooling, the Vortex delivers! With a huge 250mm blue LED fan in the front and a MASSIVE 360mm blue LED fan on the full-mesh side, this case quietly blasts your system with a cool, performance enhancing, component preserving airstream. Unleash the fury of the Vortex and bring an icy doom to your opponents!
17 Sep 2008
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This little crayon tagger unleashes the Fury on his bedroom wall, and Mommy is not pleased. www.furyisunleashed****
7 Jan 2009
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OK... We Admit It, We're BIG Fans! Most of the world has seen him fly -- but often in the guise of some other person... whether it be James Bond or The Phantom. The man behind the stick for some of aero-movie-dom's most famous scenes is none other than JW "Corkey" Fornof... one of the best pilots in the biz and a helluva nice guy. Better yet, he claims to be ANN's biggest fan... and with that particular approbation (one he hasn't been bashful about voicing -- Thanks!), it seemed only natural that he become the subject of an Aero-TV feature. Fornof is more than James Bond's 'stand-in pilot.' Corkey is a living/flying legend... for all the right reasons. Corkey flew with his father, J.W. "Bill" Fornof, in a world famous two ship air show with matching bronze Bearcats for a number of years (until Bill's tragic loss in 1971). Their airshow business was based in Houma and involvced routines built around the flying of the T6, Mustang and his favorite warbird, the rotund but formidable Bearcat. He has over 17,000 hours in over 287 different types of aircraft and has worked as a test pilot, corporate pilot, and formed the first civilian jet demonstration team. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the Motion Picture Pilots Association -- among others. He has planned, organized and flown some of the most thrilling aviation stunts in movies -- movies with immediately familiar names -- like License to Kill, Face Off, Moonraker, The Phantom, or Six Days and Seven Nights. And to add to these distinctions, he's flown for over 100 commercials and even done his thing on MTV. These days, though, Corkey is living a love affair while extolling the virtues of the little sporty two place plane that will not die... Roy Lopresti's exquisite "Fury." Corkey loves this thing, noting that, "The LoPrestiFury flies like a little fighter. It does everything my Mustang would do except 500 kts... This is one sweet ride. Roy LoPresti was right on when he designed this plane. The Fury is perfect for aerobatics or cross country flying". The Lopresti gang knew what they were doing when they drafted Corkey to be the Aerial Ambassador for their dream-plane. The Lopresti camp rightly notes that, "If you're going to show off a fast, sexy, high performance aircraft, it helps to have a secret agent as your pilot. The Fury possesses the thrilling excitement of air combat or an aerobatic WWII fighter. It's precision and perfection allows smooth rolls and figure 8s. One can glide cross-country in this leather-seated beauty listening to tunes of your choice through the Bluetooth Headset and 'Intuition' Ipod system." So, for now, Corkey tours the aviation world with the Fury, stopping at air shows and aviation establishments all over the country -- and taking on the occasional film job. The Fury program benefits immensely from his demonstrations and spokesmanship... while demonstrating the charms of the single engine, retractable two seat sport aircraft designed by LoPresti Speed Merchants and destined for serial production. Roy's dream lives on, courtesy of his son, Curt, who has is realizing his father's dream by pushing to manufacture and market the Fury in the not too distant future. This 222 mph airplane sports a bubble canopy, sticks, economical operating costs, aerobatic performance and a sweet soul that offers excellent handling. ANN and Aero-TV look forward to meeting the first of the new generation of Fury owner/pilots -- ASAP. Join Aero-TV and Corkey Fornof In A Bit Of Aviation History (Part 2) FMI: www***rkeyfornof****, www.loprestifury****, ***********/name/nm0286544/,****,****/aerotvnetwork, *******twitter****/AeroNews Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.
21 Oct 2011
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the power project the furies , background song: the furies theme 1, piano version . (piano music remix by me) Story: an epic hero become a furies' slave in exchange for eternal life. he is forced to do 10 impossible tasks to become an immortal god. all rights to the story and characters belong to me fblan001.deviantart**** for more information visit my website at fblan001.deviantart****
19 Feb 2009
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video portfolio for my manga the furies if you're into anime or manga go to fblan001.deviantart**** i'm seeking a publisher for my manga, if you're interested in sponsoring us please email me at
19 Feb 2009
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