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The clip A Misunderstanding from The Game (1997) with Michael Douglas, Peter Donat Mr. Van Orton... Maria, get hold of Sutherland. Have him meet me at the Ritz Carlton. I'm on my way. What's happening? Follow me, Sam. Ah, Nicholas! It's unexpected. Have you really believed... ...that just because you publish children's books... ...people's gonna care about my reputation? You could have pictures of me... ...wearing nipple rings butt fucking captain kangaroo... ...the only thing they care about is the stock! And whether that stock is up or down... Daddy? It's all right, it's all right. And the fact that you bring Conrad into this juvenile game... unconscionable. Are you finished? No! I'm not finished! I'd like you to meet my attorney, Samuel Sutherland. I think the two of you have got something to talk about. Oh, we've met this morning. I signed the determination contract for Baer/Grant. I accepted your settlement, Nicholas. You were right. I'm going sailing, you know, sailing. You're welcome to join our lunch maybe... ...we can straighten this out. You remember my wife Mary Carol and my daughter-in-law Kaliegh. Please, uh... ...accept my... ...misguided, uh...
21 Nov 2011
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