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The clip The Game goes out of control from Slap Shot 2 Breaking the Ice (2002) Miller wins the draw. Pushes it back to Linden. They're bringing it down the ice, but this won't last long. Ice Breakers all over 'em. Skipper Tesh has his eye on him. There's the pass. Trent intercepts. Drives down. Skipper Tesh into position. Fakes a shot. Drops. Tesh picks it up, and right through Gasmer's legs. He's not gonna like that. Miller embarrassed. Gasmer's protesting. It's not gonna do any good. It's still Ice Breakers 1, Super Chiefs 0. You all right? Bastard gutted me like a fish. Let it go. Here come the Ice Breakers. It's a three-on-two rush. Comin' down the ice. Now watch... The old belly-slide trick. Oohh! That's what I call ringin' the old chapel bells. Come on! I don't remember us rehearsing cheap shots. This is fucked. Are we supposed to take this shit? We can't touch 'em. Those are the rules. This deal keeps gettin' better and better. Fucking bullshit. Leo spins backward looking to pass. But not to Skipper. He's busy checking Miller. Shit. Fucker. Miller, don't! Look out, Skipper. Watch out behind you. Skipper is attacked in the mid-ice, first in ten! The crowd going crazy now. Son of a bitch! Stay calm. Don't get angry. Where does it say they fight? It doesn't say it on mine. Give me your page six. You are hockey artists, not wrestlers! Hockey artists! Guys! Guys! Here we go again. Linden!
17 Nov 2011
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