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The clip The Girl's Announcements from P.S. I Love You (2007) Maybe we'll eventually drift towards the shore. What shore? That could take months. Better not take more than nine or else there'll be another person on this boat. What? I wasn't gonna say anything until we got back. I'm having a baby. A baby? Sharon, wow. I know, I know. When are you due? March. Oh, thank God. You can still be in my wedding. What? Ah! I'm getting married. Tom proposed, I said yes... ...and we're planning a New Year's Eve wedding. Aah! Gosh! Congratulations! You okay? Yeah. No. Yeah. No, I mean, it's just... This is just a lot of information to get in one boat. Oh, baby, I'm sorry. I wasn't gonna say anything until we got back. This is your trip. No, no, it's okay. Yeah, no, me too. But, you know, we might die here, so I'm not going down as a spinster. You're getting married. You're having a baby. Oh, my God. What, are you kidding me? What? God. I know.
24 Nov 2011
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