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How to trade the hanging man candlestick pattern.
9 Jul 2009
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Krane, a ruthless old comrade of Grisham's, takes control of Santa Helena when Montoya is away plans to rob the Don's. Grisham is helpless and only The Queen and the Don's wives can help but they don't trust The Queen. Marta tries solve the situation by killing Krane. Stars Anthony De Longis Emile Abossolo M'Bo In 1817, a young Spanish aristocrat, Tessa Alvarado (Tessie Santiago), returns to Spanish California after the death of her father and finds her home in ruins, her father's manservant reduced to stealing. The town where she was born is run by a militaristic governor who abuses his power, resulting in the miscarriage of justice and the poor living conditions of his subjects. Upset about the state of her birth place and the murder of her father, Tessa's path is revealed to her in a mysterious dream where her father comes to her and talks of his murder, his hidden gold, and of his "Avenging Angel". She will take up arms to protect the people from the town's governor and to avenge her father's death. Tessa will do this in disguise behind a mask, becoming that "Avenging Angel", The Queen of Swords.
20 Feb 2012
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17 Jul 2017
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