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THIS IS A NIGHTIME VIDEO THATS WHY ITS DARK well a baby has been saved and the soldiers look after it whilst returning to the helicopter landing site before they arrive they have an overnight stop on a hill the baby starts crying and fearful that the babys crying may alert the enemy the sgt calms the baby
23 Nov 2009
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A beautiful clear day in my garden in Shropshire United Kingdom, untill they (the orbs)started spraying the sky. Then the helicopters arrived aswell. What is going on in our skys? July 2008
5 Aug 2008
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*******CoastGuardNews**** ALAMEDA, Calif. - The Coast Guard rescued a man and a woman stranded on a pleasure craft at Chipps Island, on Thursday. An Air Station San Francisco HH-65C Dolphin helicopter,located them and hoisted them to the helicopter.
29 Aug 2008
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We all had some time to try this game out, most of you who have tried it will agree with us that is a fun game! Now is the perfect time to release the first Tips video, fly the helicopter, sneak up on your enemies, blow things up and enjoy!
16 Sep 2008
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this is honestly pointless, but rachel does the helicopter:] with appearances by JIMMY and BRAD.
13 Sep 2008
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Helicopter 120 lands on the Helicopter Landing Trainer (HLT), known as the "Baylander."
24 Dec 2008
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Helicopter 120 takes off and departs from the Helicopter Landing Trainer (HLT), known as the "Baylander" in Pensacola Bay, Fla.
16 Jan 2009
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Student pilots practice landings on the Helicopter Landing Trainer (HLT), or "Baylander," on Pensacola Bay.
3 Mar 2009
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Around 11:10 pm Saturday September 27th, 2008, Trooper 2 responded to Waldorf, Maryland. The mission was to transport two car crash victims to Prince George's Hospital Center's trauma unit. After lifting off from the scene with 3 crew members and two patients on board, the pilot contacted the tower at Andrews Air Force Base requesting assistance with an instrument landing due to weather. Two ambulances were dispatched to the airfield to meet the helicopter and complete the patient transports. The helicopter never arrived. According to National Transportation Safety Board member Debbie Hersman, between the time the helicopter left its hanger at Andrews Air Force Base and when it was back in the same area, heading to the hospital, visibility had dropped from about seven miles to four miles. In that same hour, the cloud cover, or ceiling, went from 1300 feet to as low as 200 feet in some spots. An intense search began and the helicopter was found crashed in a heavily wooded area at 2am. Killed in the crash were Pilot Stephen Bunker, Trooper/Medic First Class Mickey Lippy, EMT-B Tonya Mallard of the Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department and Ashley Younger, a 17-year-old who was the second victim from the Waldorf car accident.
3 Oct 2008
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Lt. Robert Medairos, from the Arlington Police, one of the first to arrive to the scene did not see any piece of "a plane". Is he the one driving the car that arrived early to the Pentagon, the one that reaches the place of the supposed "plane impact" and crosses it with no evidence whatsoever of any plane there? See the reaction of the secretive operations agents behind Medairos after he declared he saw no "plane debris", also how one imbecile secretive agent running towards the helicopter loses his phone on the ground... lots of information may be gathered from those secretive agents' phones, was that and many other compromising things something that "the evidence-hiders' under Chertoff were trying to retrieve? more facts
4 Dec 2008
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On January 15th, 2009 US Airways Flight 1549 took off from Laguardia Airport in NY with 155 passengers and crew on board. Here is the footage i shot from my 19th floor apartment on W. 42nd St. Most of this was before the helicopters arrived. Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Jan 2009
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Fifteen oil workers from a Super Puma helicopter which ditched near a North Sea platform off the Scottish coast arrived at a port "in good spirits". They were among 18 people rescued last night after the helicopter plunged into the sea around 125 miles east of Aberdeen while on the way to a BP production platform. Three others with minor injuries were flown to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary before being discharged overnight, and a boat carrying the rest of the passengers and crew docked in Aberdeen at around 5.30am. A spokesman for BP said those on board were in "good shape" and their "spirits were high". The cause of the accident was not yet known, she told Sky News, adding: "We want to pay tribute to the people who helped us in this incident." The Air Accidents Investigation Branch is launching an investigation into what went wrong. Coastguards described the rescue operation as "textbook", despite foggy and misty conditions out at sea. The aircraft, with 16 passengers and two crew on board, went down at about 6.40pm yesterday, around 500m from the BP ETAP production platform. A major search operation involving an RAF Nimrod, RAF Sea King, civilian aircraft and boats was launched as people on the platform raised the alarm. Michael Coull, watch officer with Aberdeen Coastguard, said the aircraft landed upright with all 18 passengers able to be transferred to liferafts. He said that none had been in the water. Three of the passengers were eventually winched to safety by a Bond helicopter which arrived 40 minutes after the accident, while the other 15 were later recovered by a platform lifeboat and transferred to a vessel which made for Aberdeen. Mr Coull said: "As far as we can ascertain this appears to have been a reasonably controlled ditching - there was no contact with the platform at all. "From our point of view everything was carried out in a textbook way, if anything like this can be called textbook."
23 Feb 2009
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